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CBD Oil for Allergies – A Lower-Risk Anti-Allergy Treatment
Runny nose, swollen and itchy eyes, constant sneezing, or some kind of skin reaction, these symptoms of allergies can make anyone feel totally miserable. Allergies can be really brutal and make you very uncomfortable.Having said that, allergies a
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Beat Your Halloween Blues With This Ultimate CBD Product
Saying goodbye to Halloween isn’t always fun for everyone. All the excitement and sugar rush can leave you feeling tired and exhausted. Read more to see what our doctors have to say about trying this unique Read More
Auto-flowering Cannabis – What you Need to Learn?

Of late, the world of marijuana growing has been set abuzz with the increasing popularity of auto-flowering cannabis. This kind of marijuana strain

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Canada Cannabis Legalization: A Milestone in the history of Canada’s Progressive Policy
October 17 saw a historical event that literally left the whole world thinking:If they can, why not us?Canada became the second coun
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5 Amazing CBD Products You Can’t-Miss On The OMC Store This Fall
Here comes the fall of 2018, and we can begin to rejoice with a festive spirit. Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to start buying your treats. For medical cannabis consumers, the good news is that our online store now provides patie
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7 Surprising Uses of Hemp You’ve Never Known Before
Hemp is the seed part of the cannabis sativa plant and has been under cultivation in the world for over 10,000 years. It is an easy-to- Read More
How to get a medical marijuana card in California in 2019?
Marijuana legalization is opening doors for different types of consumers. Be it recreational or medical user.But, with the legalization of cannabis in California, many are in doubt regarding the importance of having a
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It is a Celebration of the Holy Smoke, it’s Marijuana Day

Marijuana Day:

It is 4/20, a remarkable day for cannabis users when thousands of people from across the world come together to enjoy their favorite Marijuana. Major rallies are held all over the country, espe

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Cannabis Market and Research Trends of 2018
With widespread acceptance and consequent usage of recreational and medical marijuana, there is a novel marketplace that mi
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