How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in West Virginia?

You can apply for a medical cannabis card in West Virginia using our online platform. We have eliminated the additional steps of appointments and unnecessary delays to help you get started in a simple and convenient way.

Application Form

1. Register Online

Register on our website and fill out our application form. Provide us with the necessary details so our marijuana doctors can review your application and conduct the medical evaluation accordingly.

Online Medical Evaluation

2. Online Medical Evaluation

Have an online evaluation with one of our marijuana doctors. The doctor will review your medical condition and determine if you qualify as per the requirements of the West Virginia medical marijuana program.

Receive Recommendation

3. Receive Recommendation

Receive the PDF of your recommendation via email after doctor’s approval. You can use it to apply for a medical cannabis card with the state medical marijuana program.

Register with the state

4. Register With the State

Complete your online application on the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis website. Submit the necessary documents along with the recommendation from Online Medical Card and pay the state fee. You will receive the digital copy of your medical cannabis card by email within 30-60 days.

Note : Medical marijuana card is issued by the state and not Online Medical Card. The state fee is paid to the state and is separate from your doctor’s consultation fee. Online Medical Card collects your doctor’s consultation fee only. To save time, find answers to all your queries related to medical marijuana card registration here.

Get Approved by Professionals Today and Access Medical Cannabis in West Virginia Legally

Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in West Virginia Today

If you wish to use medical marijuana in West Virginia, you need to become a registered medical marijuana patient in the state. The first step in this process is to visit a pro-cannabis clinic or connect with marijuana doctors via a telemedicine platform like Online Medical Card.
Our team of trained professionals and licensed marijuana doctors ensure that the process is wrapped up quickly and smoothly, without any hiccups.

You don’t have to make any appointments or drive to a clinic. Connect with marijuana doctors from remote locations and get approved. Follow this up by registering with the state’s cannabis program to receive your weed card. This weed card is your ticket to consuming cannabis as a medical alternative to traditional medication, without worrying about any legal trouble.

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Requirements for a WV Medical Cannabis Card

After the Medical Cannabis Act of West Virginia was passed in April 2017, access to medical marijuana became easier in the state. However, all medical patients must fulfill the requirements of the state in order to qualify for a medical cannabis card in WV. These include:

  • A patient must be of legal age (18 years or older).
  • A patient must be a resident of the state and present a valid proof of the same (Driver’s license, State issued ID card, etc.)
  • A minor patient must have a legal caregiver.
  • Must suffer from a medical condition approved by the West Virginia Board of Medicine.

Only licensed marijuana doctors have the discretion to qualify a patient for a medical cannabis card in West Virginia. The healthcare provider is responsible to conduct the evaluation and determine if a patient can benefit from using medical marijuana.

You Are Covered By Our Money Back Guarantee

If your medical marijuana recommendation issued by Online Medical Card is not accepted by the state, simply call us at (877) 216-3688 or email us at [email protected] to obtain a full refund.

Please Note: Refund will not be initiated if the request is placed after the consultation and doctor's approval.

You can verify our doctor’s license at the Medical Board of California’s website here:

License: 3728, G55156


Qualifying Medical Conditions in West Virginia

The West Virginia Board of Medicine has listed a few medical conditions for which cannabis can be deemed as an effective form of treatment. Our marijuana doctors evaluate whether you fit into these criteria before recommending cannabis to you. The list includes the following conditions:

If you are suffering from one of the medical conditions mentioned above, you can consult a medical marijuana doctor and get approved for the same.

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card WV

With a WV medical marijuana card, patients can access multiple benefits in the state.

Legal Security

Medical patients with a legit medical weed card are legally allowed to possess cannabis in the state. You also get the leverage to travel with cannabis within state boundaries without restrictions.

Easy Access

With a medical card, you can access all state dispensaries and buy cannabis products without any restrictions or any other paperwork. Access high potency products easily.


West Virginia does not have a reciprocity program. However, patients with a West Virginia medical cannabis card can buy and use cannabis in other states with an established reciprocity program.

Quality Products

You can purchase high quality and tested cannabis products from state dispensaries with a weed card. You can shop for different cannabis products including oils, pills, tinctures, edibles, flowers, etc.

Better Health

Medical cannabis can help manage several medical conditions and their symptoms. Get the legal right to use cannabis for your medical condition and take advantage of all the health benefits associated with the herb.


Minors can use medical marijuana in West Virginia but they must have a registered caregiver who will be responsible for administering and buying the medication on their behalf.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our services or medical marijuana in West Virginia? Find answers to your queries here.

A West Virginia medical marijuana card is valid for 1 year only. After expiration, all patients must get their weed card renewed to continue using the advantages of having a medical weed card.

In order to renew your West Virginia medical weed card, follow these steps-
Visit and register for a renewal.

  • Have a quick online consultation.
  • Get approved and receive your renewed recommendation.
  • Register with the state for renewal.

Medical patients can possess a 30-day supply of cannabis. The amount is subject to the recommendation of the physician.

No, you cannot grow cannabis in West Virginia legally. Cultivation of cannabis even for medical users is not sanctioned by the state.