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The Best Cannabis Grinders For Sale In 2022 - June 02, 2022

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Whether you’re new to weed grinders or if you are a cannabis connoisseur looking for the next best cannabis grinder, King Palm offers a quality selection for any occasion.

King Palm originally began as a natural palm leaf pre-roll cone company and recently started engineering smoking accessories to fill a gap in the market. Ongoing legalization around the world continues revealing demand for 100% natural, elegant, tasty, and convenient smoking add-ons to enhance your smoke session. 

With companies like King Palm listening to what the market actually wants, they set off on their mission to create the highest quality rose cones, filter tips, flavored filter tips, palm wraps, XXL leaf tubes, and much more.

Today, we’re going to take a look at King Palm’s newest addition to their smoking accessory collection, weed grinders, as well as answer frequently asked questions about buying and operating marijuana grinders!

Weed Grinders Available For Sale At King Palm

King Palm understands the need for cannabis grinders of all shapes, sizes, and functionalities to quickly meet your smoking needs.

Their affordable weed grinder product inventory is made of durable materials to maximize your long-term and effective use.

Here are five quality weed grinders for sale and ready to ship to your front door.

1) Mini Electric Dry Herb Grinder

Mini Electric Dry Herb Grinder: King Palm’s electric marijuana grinder is a growing favorite among seasoned cannabis consumers. Its convenient, fast grinding capabilities, at the push of a button, are hard to resist as your next go-to grinder.

Price: $25.00

Notable Features: Portable. Even though it’s an electric cannabis grinder, it’s not much bigger than your standard grinder. Fits snugly in your pocket.

Dimensions: 0.083 lbs (1.328 oz).

Material: Metal grinding components with a hard, durable plastic body.

Grind Type: Able to quickly grind medium to large-sized chunks and can also blend your herb into a fine powder.

What We Like: A lot smaller and more portable than you’d initially think. Lightweight, effective, and fast grind. Airtight seal for easy on-the-go use and daily herb storage.

What We Don’t Like: Grinds your weed a little too fast.

2)  Mars Metal Cannabis Grinder (6 Color Collection)

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Mars Metal Cannabis Grinder (6 Color Collection): Do you love mars and space!? If you answered yes, this is the perfect grinder for you.

Price: $30.00

Notable Features: Limited Edition Occupy Mars special release for space fans! Unique box and six remarkable grinder designs with smoking spacewalking astronauts, hotboxing a UFO, toking with aliens, and more.

Dimensions: 0.3 lbs (4.8 oz) & 63mm diameter.

Material: Lightweight aluminum.

Grind Type: Medium to fine grind. Kief collection trap at the bottom.

What We Like: Each color has a unique astronaut logo design. Standard effective four-piece grinder with magnetic top. Comes with cleaning utensils for easy maintenance.

What We Don’t Like: Limited release.
3) XL Metal Weed Grinder (2 Piece)

King Palm’s largest grinder is available for those with substantial requirements.

Price: $35.00

Notable Features: Grinds up to 3.5 grams (1/8th oz).

Dimensions: 1 lbs (16 oz) & 100mm diameter.

Material: Anodized aluminum with a ceramic coating for durability.

Grind Type: Medium to chunky grind.

What We Like: Giant grinder is perfect for group smoke sessions for XXL pre-rolls cones and leaf tubes.

What We Don’t Like: Doesn’t easily fit in your pocket.
4) Aluminum Non-Stick Marijuana Grinder (4 Piece)


An official standard, easy-to-use grinder best for your pocket and day-to-day use for any occasion.

Price: $30.00

Notable Features: Easy to use, small, portable, lightweight, smooth non-stick design.

Dimensions: 0.3 lbs (4.8 oz)

Material: Aluminum.

Grind Type: Chunky and fine.

What We Like: Effortless standard durable weed grinder with three chambers to get the most out of your herb.

What We Don’t Like: Plain black design. No other color or design options.

5) Metal Grinder Card

King Palm

A handy premium grinder easily fits in any pocket for easy access for a chunky grind on the go.

Price: $5.00

Notable Features: Discreet and compact.

Dimensions: 0.05 lbs (0.8 oz) and 3.5” x 2.0” standard business card size.

Material: Aluminum.

Grind Type: Chunky.

What We Like: Most portable grinder available. Perfect for easy grinding, scooping, slicing, etc. A multi-functional grinder.

What We Don’t Like: More challenging to master. Doesn’t neatly contain your cannabis like your typical cylindrical grinder.

FAQ About Weed Grinders

Ready to learn more about cannabis grinders?

Below, we’ll look at the most common questions new and advanced users are asking about grinders and the critical criteria you might want to consider when purchasing your next marijuana grinder.

What Is A Weed Grinder?

A cannabis grinder is a pocket-sized tool for taking fresh, plump buds to gently break down your weed to more manageable desirable pieces.

Each type of grinder has different features capable of breaking down the flower into the fragment size best suited to fit your smoking device.

Whether you need a finer powder or a larger chunky grind type, King Palm provides every option to meet your needs.

Is A Weed Grinder Worth It?

Marijuana grinders are an essential tool for those consuming cannabis on a regular basis.

What makes a weed grinder a necessary part of your daily toolbox is it speeds up the process of getting to your first inhale while simultaneously boosting the overall quality experience.

Instead of using your fingers to manually break up your large buds into smaller smokable-sized pieces, pot grinders deliver reliable, uniform cannabis.

Not only do grinders keep your fingers cleaner, but you also waste less because the standard grinder helps contain your weed into one space.

In addition to cleanliness, smoking cannabis that’s received an even grind is more efficient; you end up using less weed, your smoking devices are less likely to get clogged by uneven-sized nugs, and much more.

Overall, weed grinders make rolling and packing much more pleasant because it takes a lot of the work out of the process while delivering you a higher quality smoking experience.

What Makes A Good Marijuana Grinder?

Good grinders start with high-quality, durable material with sharp teeth that are able to cut through herbs of all shapes, sizes, and densities without any problem.

Weed grinders made with strong materials, such as aluminum and metal, have extremely sharp teeth and require a bit of care when using, especially the electric cannabis grinder.

Other important factors to look for in a top-shelf grinder are the number of chambers that separate the different sizes of the ground herb.

The most popular is the three-chambered (4-piece) grinder. With the top chamber taking in the large buds, the middle chamber provides the medium-sized grind, and the bottom chamber holds the potent fine powdered kief.

Overall, a good weed grinder boils down to your smoke preference.

Electric grinders are great for quickly finely ground-up herbs.

XL grinders are great for social gatherings and large blunts.

Standard four-piece grinders are perfect for your daily smoking.

And the card grinder is essential to have sitting around in your pocket for when you forget your usual grinder or if you want a chunkier grind.

What Size Dry Herb Grinder Should I Get?

If this is your first time buying a weed grinder, we recommend starting with your regular-sized standard four-piece grinder.

Most smokers find the standard grinder to be a perfect tool for their everyday needs.

More advanced consumers like to explore different sizes for individual reasons.

Depending on what you need, you might want a different size of grinder for special occasions.

The primary advantage of a larger grinder is that you can grind a lot more cannabis than your smaller-sized options.

Not only can you grind larger quantities with an XL grinder, but you can also simply grind a sizable bud and use your grinder as your storage container for easy access to the perfectly ground herb.

Smaller pocket-sized grinders are great to try out to find a travel-sized option that works for you.

What Is The Best Material For A Weed Grinder?

High-grade light-weight aluminum is the preferred material for weed grinders if you’re looking for a long-lasting model.

Even though hard plastic grinders are cheaper, you tend to get what you pay for.

Cheaper plastic cannabis grinders break easy and aren’t more cost-effective in the long run because you have to keep replacing them.

If you’re aiming to have a quality grinder that will last, high-quality metal grinders are your best option.

How Long Should A Grinder Last?

While there’s not a strict time frame for when it’s time to replace or upgrade your grinder, it mostly depends on how frequently you use it.

Some smokers have grinders that last for years, while others find themselves needing to replace them more often.

Higher-quality grinders tend to last much longer than your cheaper ones made with poor materials.

A few signs it’s time to get a new grinder.

  • Uneven herb grind
  • Sticky residue building up
  • Not sealing all the way
  • Gets stuck when grinding

The best way to extend the life of your grinder involves getting a quality grinder from the beginning, cleaning it at least once a month, not dropping it, etc.

Where To Buy A Marijuana Grinder?

The best place to buy a marijuana grinder is via their online head shop because you can quickly browse through a large selection while evaluating and considering your needs.

King Palm’s online shop offers an extensive collection of high-quality weed grinders to suit any smoker’s habits.

With a premium weed grinder from King Palm, you can get your marijuana ground up more quickly, so you can JUST SMOKE IT after packing your 100% all-natural King Palm leaf tubes or pre-rolled cones.

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