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Acquire a Connecticut Medical Marijuana Recommendation For $179

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Our straightforward process makes it simpler to obtain legal access to medical marijuana if you live in Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, or any other Connecticut city.

Steps to Obtain a Medical Cannabis Certification in Connecticut

Fill out a basic form

Start by providing your basic personal and health details on our secure online platform.

Consult a Doctor

Schedule a digital or phone consultation with a licensed medical professional to discuss your health conditions.

Get Approved

Once approved, your medical cannabis recommendation will be emailed to you instantly.

Legal Status



Possession Limits

Medical patients


1 oz

Recreational users


1.5 oz

State Taxes

Medical patients


Recreational users




Medical Cannabis Card Benefits in Connecticut

Acquiring a medical cannabis certification in Connecticut comes with a range of benefits. Here's a quick overview of what you stand to gain:

Grow Your Medicine

Access Dispensaries

Tested Products

Edibles and More

Legal Safety

HIPAA Compliant Doctors For Legal Cannabis States

At, we prioritize your health journey and privacy. We’re proud to offer specialized medical cannabis consultations to Connecticut residents, provided by our team of physicians who strictly follow HIPAA regulations.
Our doctors are not only experienced but also well-informed about Connecticut’s specific medical cannabis laws. This ensures that you receive insightful, compliant advice. They are dedicated to offering accessible, private, and efficient telemedicine services.
Choose for your medical cannabis needs in Connecticut. Rely on our knowledgeable, HIPAA-compliant doctors to guide you on your health and wellness journey, keeping your privacy as our topmost concern.

Medical Cannabis Possession Laws in Connecticut

  • Carrying up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana or 5 ounces at home or locked in a vehicle's trunk or glove box is permitted.
  • Adults aged 21 and over can use marijuana legally.
  • Medical marijuana has been legal since 2012.
  • Registered patients with qualifying conditions can buy and use medical marijuana.

Benefits of having a medical cannabis card in Connecticut include:

  • Lower taxes on medical marijuana products.
  • Lower legal consumption age (18 years old with a medical card, compared to 21 years old for recreational use).
  • Potentially greater possession limits based on doctor’s recommendations.
  • Priority access to a wider range of products for medical patients.
  • Access to high-potency weed products.

To qualify for a medical marijuana registration certificate in Connecticut, patients must:

  • Be diagnosed by a physician with a debilitating medical condition specified in the law.
  • Be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Connecticut.
  • Not be an inmate in a Department of Corrections institution or facility.

Upon approval by the Department, both the patient and caregiver (if needed) receive a card, and immunity becomes active. Cards are renewed annually with a new certification from the physician.

Easy Steps to Qualify for Medical Cannabis in Connecticut

Start a dialogue with your healthcare provider to ascertain if medical cannabis is suitable for your condition. After your healthcare provider endorses you, you can commence the process to obtain your medical cannabis certification.

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The Legal Age for Medical Cannabis in Connecticut

The minimum age to apply for a medical cannabis certification in Connecticut is 18 years. For those under 18, a designated caregiver can apply on their behalf.

Caregivers, Minors, and Medical Cannabis in Connecticut

Caregivers play a crucial role in Connecticut’s medical marijuana program. They assist registered patients in obtaining medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries and administer it as needed. Minors and adults unable to personally visit dispensaries can designate caregivers to aid them.

Cultivating Medical Cannabis in Connecticut

From July 1, 2023, certified patients and designated caregivers registered with the medical cannabis program are legally allowed to grow medical cannabis at their private residence in Connecticut.


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