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Obtaining medical marijuana recommendations in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, or other Pennsylvanian cities has been streamlined. Get your recommendation for medical marijuana delivered right to your email in minutes.

Process to Obtain Your Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

It is a four steps simple process to get your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania:

Begin your journey

Fill out an online form on our website with basic information. It will take a few minutes to complete the form.

Talk to our experts

Get in touch with a doctor for an online consultation or phone consultation. He will evaluate your health issue for approval.

Get approval from our doctor

Your healthcare provider will submit your certification to the state of Pennsylvania once it has been authorized.

Wait for State Approval

When the State of Pennsylvania authorizes your application, you will receive an email informing you to return to the state website and pay the $50 state fee.

Legal Status

Medical Program

Possession Limits

Medical patients


30 day supply 23.7 oz/90-day period

Recreational users


State Taxes

Medical patients


Recreational users




Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Recommendation in Pennsylvania

A medical marijuana recommendation comes with several benefits, here are some of them:

Legal Cultivation
According to Pennsylvania laws, the home cultivation of cannabis is not legal. An MMJ recommendation allows you to grow, possess and use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Access to Dispensaries
With an MMJ card you can visit any of the dispensaries in Pennsylvania that are licensed by the state.

Minimal Price and Taxes
A person who holds a medical marijuana card saves a lot on the state taxes and fees as compared to the recreational users.

Premium quality Medical Cannabis
With a medical marijuana recommendation a patient can have access to high-quality medical marijuana.

Additional Benefits
An MMJ recommendation comes with various other benefits like increase in possession limits as compared to recreational medical marijuana users.

HIPAA Compliant Doctors For Legal Cannabis States

At Online Medical Card, your wellness journey and privacy protection are our utmost priorities. We’re proud to offer top-tier medical cannabis consultations in Pennsylvania, all facilitated by our team of HIPAA-compliant doctors. This adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act means your personal health information is handled with the highest level of security and confidentiality.

Our physicians are not only versed in Pennsylvania’s specific medical cannabis laws and regulations but also committed to providing accessible, private, and efficient telemedicine services.
Choose Online Medical Card for your medical cannabis needs in Pennsylvania. Trust in our qualified, HIPAA-compliant doctors to guide your health and wellness journey with the utmost respect for your privacy.

Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Possession Laws

  • Medical marijuana is legal for patients and caregivers in Pennsylvania.
  • The Medical Marijuana Program allows registered patients with certain conditions to use marijuana.
  • Recreational marijuana use remains illegal statewide.
  • Some cities have decriminalized marijuana, reducing possession to a civil violation.

Requirements to be a Caregiver In Pennsylvania

To be qualified as a child caregiver in Pennsylvania, it is necessary to satisfy these criteria:

  • An individual must be 21 years of age or older.
  • A person must be a resident of Pennsylvania, and has a valid driving license or identity card with the address at which it is currently registered.
  • There should be no criminal history of the person.
  • In the last five years, an individual may not be convicted of a criminal offense like selling or possessing drugs, controlled or narcotics substances.
  • A person should be registered and have an MMJ card that will allow them to pick up medical marijuana from a Pennsylvania dispensary.

Quick Steps to Qualify for Medical Cannabis in Pennsylvania

  • Confirm your Pennsylvania residency and age (18 or older).
  • Arrange a consultation with one of our experienced physicians, either online or via a phone call.
  • If approved, receive your recommendation via email within minutes.

99% of Patients Recommend Online Medical Card

Available Medical Cannabis Products in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania dispensaries offer a wide range of medical marijuana products, including pills, oils, dried flowers, tinctures, creams, gels, topicals, and dry leaves for vaporization. The state has plans to introduce legislation that will permit the sale of medical cannabis edibles.

Age Requirements in Pennsylvania

You should be a resident of Pennsylvania and be 18 years old to get a medical marijuana recommendation. A patient under 18 with a severe medical condition can register under a caregiver.

Medical Cannabis for Caregivers and Minors in Pennsylvania

While minors in Pennsylvania cannot be issued medical marijuana recommendations, they can access medical marijuana with the help of caregivers. Caregivers are duly authorized individuals who have the responsibility to procure and administer medical marijuana products for their designated patients.

Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Cultivation Laws

In Pennsylvania, marijuana cultivators are required to secure a cultivation license or a medical marijuana grower/processor permit before growing marijuana. Home cultivation of marijuana is illegal in Pennsylvania, even for medical marijuana patients.

A PA medical cannabis card is valid for 1 year. Every patient receives an email 30 days prior to the expiration date mentioned on the weed card to remind the cardholder to get a renewal. A medical marijuana recommendation is one that is provided by a certified physician. The validity of a doctor’s recommendation is generally for a period of 12 months since the date of issuance. It is advised to get an annual renewal if you wish to continue using medical marijuana in the state legally.

It is very important, when you apply for medical cannabis cards online, to make sure that it's really a legitimate service. In order to make sure that a doctor is duly qualified, here are the following steps:

  • To see the license number, and if your doctor won't give you some details, look for it as a red flag.
  • Please check the State Administration's website for a license number.
  • Make sure that you talk to legit marijuana doctors during your consultation.
  • A valid address, no P.O. box required, must be provided by the doctor or clinic. HIPAA requirements must be met in an online clinic.

Getting a renewal online is just as simple and easy as getting a new recommendation. Begin by checking the date of expiry on the cannabis card. Make sure to contact us 30 days prior to your expiry date. You can renew your Pennsylvania Weed card by following these steps.

  • Select the renewal plan on the website.
  • Fill the form and check your details.
  • Complete your online consultation.
  • Receive your renewed recommendation by email on the same day.

Even if you got your recommendation from a different clinic or doctor, you can apply for a renewal with us.

Yes, online medical clinics are legit. They work as per the legal laws of the state and have the authority to provide medical marijuana recommendations in Pennsylvania. All online clinics and marijuana doctors also work from a physical location with a proper clinic and also provide walk-in consultations. Telemedicine is just a more convenient and safe way to connect with those who need remote services due to need or preference. Many scammers hide behind the claims of providing online medical marijuana recommendations. To avoid falling into such traps, look for the following in an online clinic:

  • It should be HIPAA compliant.
  • It must have a verified physical location with an established history.
  • The online clinic should have a BBB A+ rating.
  • It must have a 24x7 customer service.

It’s best to remember that getting an MMJ recommendation from licensed marijuana doctors is not the final step. To legally buy cannabis in the state, you must apply for a Pennsylvania cannabis card by registering with the state.

Certified physicians or marijuana doctors decide the amount of dosage you need and your 20 day supply as per the requirements of your medical condition. However, you can only use a certain type of cannabis product in the state. Pennsylvania laws do not allow smokable forms of marijuana for medical use. A qualified patient can only use topicals like lotions and ointments, ingestible forms such as pills and tinctures and other forms that can be vaporized or nebulized.

No, if you have a cannabis card in Pennsylvania, you cannot grow cannabis for recreational or medical purposes. Personal cannabis cultivation is not permitted by the state.

All medical patients with a valid medical cannabis card can possess no more than a 30-day supply of cannabis at a time.

Yes, you can get a medical weed card for anxiety in PA. The state approved generalized anxiety disorder as a medical condition eligible for a medical weed card back in 2019.

No, you cannot get a medical cannabis card for insomnia in PA. It was rejected as a qualifying medical condition by the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Advisory Board in the quarterly news conference.

Most insurance companies do not cover medical marijuana within their policies since it is federally illegal. You can always contact your insurance company for more information about the same.

A consultation for a Pennsylvania recommendation costs $149 with Online Medical Card. It covers your evaluation and a doctor’s recommendation valid for 1 year. This cost does not include the cost of getting a state approved medical weed card.

In Pennsylvania, there are over 100 legal cannabis dispensaries. You can use our search function to find a dispensary in your area. With a medical cannabis card, you can try a variety of strains and potencies at these dispensaries that provide multiple, different benefits.

You need more than just a recommendation to buy cannabis in Pennsylvania. Once you have received your recommendation, you will have to register with the state marijuana program to get your medical 420 card. Once your weed card is issued, you can use it to buy cannabis from any dispensary.

A consultation with us lasts no more than 20 minutes. Our marijuana doctors are always ready for consultation which helps us keep the wait time to a minimum. However, patients are free to carry on with the consultation process if their doubts are not cleared.

If all the medical information provided by you is accurate and your medical condition is one of the medical conditions approved by the state, the doctor will approve your application instantly. In any case, you will learn if you are qualified or not no later than 24 hours.

Our marijuana doctors generally approve a patient’s application within 24 hours. But, in case you are not approved or are unable to connect with a doctor in time, you will be intimated via text message on your provided phone number. You can call in our customer executives and reschedule a consultation or receive a 100% refund.

You can find all the information about Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program on their official website -

No, a $20 medical marijuana card is not available in Pennsylvania. Be aware of the $20 card scams or scammers who commit to providing a $20 card in Pennsylvania.


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