How to Use Your Nevada Marijuana Card at a Cannabis Dispensary?

How to Use Your Nevada Marijuana Card at a Cannabis Dispensary? - April 05, 2022

All patients who wish to use cannabis for its medicinal properties must begin by getting a Nevada medical marijuana card. It is a necessary step that allows medical patients to consult a professional and get the best advice to begin medical cannabis treatment.

However, those who have recently started cannabis treatment options or are considering to use the herb for their health issues are not generally aware of the importance of a medical marijuana card or how to use it at a cannabis dispensary in Nevada.

So, let us help you get some clarity. Here’s a quick overview on how to use a medical marijuana card at a dispensary in Nevada.

Always Carry Your Medical Marijuana Card With You

Carry Your Nevada Medical Marijuana Card to the Dispensary

If you have a medical marijuana card in Nevada, make sure to always carry it with you. It is like an identity proof for medical cannabis patients. It allows you to buy, use and possess medical cannabis in the state without any fear of arrest or inquiries.

So, even when visiting a cannabis dispensary, you must have your medical card with you. Nevada medical dispensaries only entertain registered medical marijuana patients. Your medical card is your proof of registration and allows you to enter and purchase cannabis at a dispensary.

You can use your card to choose from a wide range of products and buy the one you need without any questioning glares.

Ensure That It Is Not Expired

Medical marijuana cards expire. If it has been more than a year or two since you got your card, just check the expiration date on it before heading out to buy cannabis products. Because medical cannabis dispensaries in Nevada will not accept a medical card that is expired.

A medical marijuana card in Nevada is valid for a period of one year or two years only. For clarity, the state issued cards clearly mention the expiration date on the front face. It is important for patients to get their card renewed to continue visiting a dispensary.

For renewal, a patient must consult a doctor for a new recommendation and also submit a renewal application to the Nevada Medical Marijuana Cardholder Registry.

Show Your Card to the Budtender

When visiting a cannabis dispensary in Nevada, make sure to show your medical marijuana card to the budtender. This will help you have easy access, be legally protected and also enjoy reciprocity in states where it is applicable. Let’s look into these points in detail.

Easy Access

Despite the continuous debate of whether cannabis should be used as a medicine or not, there are no restrictions for medical marijuana patients in Nevada with a valid card. You have the legal right to enter a dispensary and buy the cannabis products you need for your better health.

Along with easy access to all the dispensaries of the state, you can also easily purchase a wide variety of high potency products that can help improve your medical condition. If you are not in a state to visit a dispensary near you, you have the liberty to order online and get your medicine delivered to your doorstep.

NOTE: You can possess 2.5 ounces of cannabis at a time and purchase a 2.5 ounces of cannabis every week or as recommended by the doctor.

Legal Protection

A medical marijuana card in Nevada is necessary for legal protection. If you are found in possession of more than 1 ounce of cannabis without a card, you may can face jail time or a hefty fine.

If you have a valid medical card, no legal authority will question you for using, buying or possessing medical cannabis (as long as it is as per the state laws and within state boundaries).


Medical marijuana reciprocity is the law adopted by different states that accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards and allow visiting patients to buy or possess cannabis within their boundaries.

Nevada is one of the many states that allow out of state patients to buy and possess cannabis in the state. Similarly, if you have a legit Nevada medical marijuana card, you can use it in states with dedicated reciprocity programs. It will help you buy or possess cannabis or get a temporary medical card in a different state.

So, in states like Michigan and Maine, you can show your Nevada medical card at the local dispensaries and buy medical cannabis as per the state laws.

Get a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card

If you don’t have a medical marijuana card yet, you can easily get one today. You can apply now and complete the evaluation process online. It’s convenient and hassle free.

Here’s how you can apply for an Nevada medical marijuana card:

  • Visit Online Medical Card and register.
  • Fill the prequalification form.
  • Consult a doctor via video call.
  • Upon approval, receive your doctor’s letter by email.

Telemedicine is a great way to get same day approvals. And the best part is that if you fail to qualify, you will get a 100% refund. Online platforms are HIPAA compliant and ensure a safe exchange of information. So, if you wish to visit a cannabis dispensary in Nevada, apply for an online consultation today.

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