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Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online

Simple Steps for Applying MMJ Card Online

Here is how you can apply an MMJ Card Online through our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine portal. We house a team of board-certified health professionals who are dedicated to helping every individual seeking our help.


1. Pre-Qualification Form

Begin by filling a simple application form. All your information is secured in accordance with HIPAA guidelines

Online Evaluation

2. Online Evaluation

Have a face-to-face consultation with our medical marijuana doctor from your desktop or mobile phone via call

Receive Recommendation

3. Receive Recommendation

After the doctor’s approval, receive your MMJ recommendation through email within minutes.

Make the smart choice!

Here is How a Medical Card can Benefit You

Medical marijuana is your key to a better life. Apply for a medical card today and experience the benefits that follow.

Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed Savings!

Tax relaxations and special discounts make MMJ products cheaper than recreational products. You can save an average of 28% more compared to recreational users and as much as 35% in some cities in California.

Higher Grow & Carry Limits

Higher Grow & Carry Limits

With a legit medical cannabis card, you can cultivate up to 100 square feet of medical cannabis in your home. The possession limit for MMJ users is 8 ounces which is 8 times higher compared to recreational cannabis.

Range of Products

Range of Products

Unlike recreational cannabis, medical marijuana does not have a potency limit. Using an MMJ card, you can purchase high THC cannabis strains and other potent cannabis products according to your need.

Increased Access

Increased Access

While recreational dispensaries are still getting legalized in several parts of California, over 1000 medical dispensaries are already open to consumers in the state. Have wide access and get more price options, locations, strain and products with a medical card.

Legal Security

Legal Security

A medical card also provides legal protection, especially when driving or flying with medical cannabis. Get your MMJ Card today and never worry about a possible arrest.

Age Restriction

Age Restriction

In the state of California, recreational cannabis is available only to people above the age of 21. Contrary to this, medical cannabis can be used by patients aged 18 and above with a recommendation from our professional doctors.

Want to save 25% or more on Cannabis?

Be smart! Don’t wait and get your MMJ card today to save money on your medical bills.

Here are the Benefits of Getting a 420 Card Online



Complete your 420 evaluations from your home in less than 15 minutes.



Receive your recommendation or on your email instantly and also get your hard copy delivered to your home.

100% Legit

100% Legit

Connect with a team of board-certified medical marijuana doctors via telemedicine.


Choose The Plan That Fits You

It’s never been easier to obtain your medical marijuana card.

PDF MMJ Recommendation For New Patients

  • 24*7 Verification & Support
  • Instant Access to Cannabis
  • Instant PDF Copy via email
  • Access to all the Dispensaries in CA
  • Legal Protection
  • Secure Payment
  • Hard Copy with Embossed Seal on It
  • Grow Up to 99 plants

Medical Marijuana Grower’s License

REGULARLY $249 $199
  • 24*7 Verification & Support
  • Instant Access to Cannabis
  • Instant PDF Copy via email
  • Access to all the Dispensaries in CA
  • Legal Protection
  • Secure Payment
  • Hard Copy with Embossed Seal on It
  • Grow Up to 99 plants
+$20 Extra For Plastic Photo ID Card
Is it Useful?

Benefits of an MMJ Plastic ID Card

By paying an extra fee of $20, you can apply for an additional plastic ID card. It is a smaller and more convenient official MMJ documentation that is also accepted by all cops and dispensaries in California. An MMJ ID card is easy to procure and carry compared to a doctor’s recommendation. It adds convenience to your daily life by allowing you to drive and travel with cannabis and buy or carry more than an ounce of cannabis products in CA without legal issues.

Getting a plastic MMJ card is safe as all your private information is secure according to the HIPAA compliance and doctor-patient confidentiality law.


You Are Covered By Our Money Back Guarantee


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply call us at (888) 988-8420 or email us at [email protected] to obtain a full refund.

You can verify our doctor's license at the Medical Board of California's website here:

License: 138744, 70082

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What Separates us From The Rest?

Medical cannabis has proven to be an effective medical aid in healthcare and medicine. As a team of professional 420 doctors, we strive to help people receive the full spectrum of medical benefits of cannabis.


HIPAA Compliance

All your information is 100% safe and secure according to the HIPAA guidelines.


100% Money-Back-Guarantee

Get a full refund if you fail to qualify for the medical marijuana program.



Get expert guidance from our team of highly qualified and licensed 420 doctors.

Quick Process

Quick Process

Our process is easy, quick, and hassle-free. It involves only three simple steps.


Pick a Doctor Who is Right For You

You look around or just hop onto OMC, where you will be connected with a cannabis doctor who will help you get your recommendation for your condition.

Plus as recent times go, all our services are conducted online. This way you are not in harm’s way while getting your medical marijuana card. It is important that your cannabis doctor educates you when you come in for a medical marijuana card. When you have a face to face consultation with our cannabis doctors, you can be sure that all your questions will be answered. From new products to different ways of cannabis consumption, you will be able to ask all these questions to your cannabis doctor.

The process of finding a cannabis doctor does not have to be so daunting. Begin your journey with us and experience the convenience of getting an MMJ card in California.

Beware of Marijuana Doctor Fraud

A marijuana doctor needs to uphold the same level of care as any physician or a doctor in charge of your health would. Your marijuana doctor is also required to practice medicine in full compliance with the current established practicing standards.

The medical marijuana industry, however, is plagued by fraudulent marijuana doctors who give out invalid recommendations. This means that one needs to be extra careful while getting their recommendation as the wrong doctor could potentially place you in legal jeopardy.


Is Your Doctor Legit?

California Counties will not approve a Medical Marijuana Identification Card if the doctor’s address cannot be verified. PO Boxes are not accepted. Please protect yourself and verify your doctor’s address! With the rising popularity of telemedicine, many doctors are taking consultations online without a medical office. Do your research and choose a reputable medical clinic with an established history and physical location. Make sure that you talk to a real person before you give out your personal information. To avoid problems, look for the following aspects before getting a cannabis card.

  • ✔ Real Physical Clinic w/ Verifiable Address (No P.O. Box)
  • ✔ Call & Speak to a Real Person
  • ✔ Experienced Licensed Physicians Only
  • ✔ 24/7 Customer Support & Live Chat Available
Your MMJ Journey Begins

What to do After Getting a Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

Here is what you can do after getting a medical marijuana recommendation.

Did you receive your medical marijuana card? Congratulations! Now it’s time to put the card to use. Visit one of your nearest state dispensaries and make your first purchase. Choose from a variety of cannabis products and begin your journey towards a healthy life. You can also choose products from online stores and get it delivered. Make sure that the dispensaries or online stores you buy cannabis from is legit. Remember to use your MMJ card before checkout to avail special discounts and enjoy exclusive privileges.


Cannabis, hemp, weed, or plain stash has a fascinating history when it comes to the United States of America. The most talked about and probably the most debated drug of the 20th and 21st century always finds itself featuring among the headlines especially ever since the US decided to make it legal. The history of marijuana begins with hemp. It was so important for America that back in 1619, a law was passed by the states of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania that hemp must be grown in every farm of the colony. Hemp of the time was used to make bags, paper, and even clothes. In time the itchy shirts of hemp started being outnumbered by softer cotton shirts and with the end of the Civil War it slowly started fading out from the shelves. It was in the late 19th century that marijuana started becoming popular as a medicine. It became a main ingredient in many medicinal products and was sold openly in public pharmacies. In the early 1910s, most of the youth of Mexico fled to the US and brought this herb with them. Slowly but surely, cannabis started gaining the needed recognition, and even in the absence of medical marijuana doctors back then, people were getting cured with weed. During the Great Depression, massive unemployment engulfed the country that led to public resentment towards Mexican immigrants. As the drug was largely associated with them, the prejudice and fear of the spanish speaking community became associated with the herb. Marijuana started getting banned by states on the pretext that it crippled the already limping economy of the country. Till 1931, as many as 29 states declared marijuana an illegal substance, and as the last screw in the coffin, 1937’s Marijuana Tax Act was passed. But then in the beginning of 1950s, a revolution rose again. Cannabis became a style statement among the youth and it again got the recognition it deserved.

People often wonder if they require a medical marijuana card when cannabis for adult use is legal (recreational cannabis) in California. Why get a medical marijuana recommendation when an individual can access cannabis legally with any state-approved ID card? The answer to this depends upon your purpose of consuming cannabis. If you are looking to use it for leisure then recreational cannabis suits you well but if you are looking to manage your condition then getting a medical marijuana card serves well. Leaving aside all legalities and differences, the herb is precisely the same. The only difference that you must take into consideration should be the eventual medical benefits of cannabis. Millions of patients across the United States are successfully using medical marijuana to manage their chronic conditions. That is because medical marijuana allows you to access highly potent strains that are useful for your condition. While recreational marijuana is only limited to certain strains which are not very potent.

Indeed, you are allowed to purchase recreational or medicinal cannabis as long as you are in the legal state boundaries, but with great power comes great responsibility. When you are purchasing, the first thing you need to do is to check the license of the dispensary (online or physical no matter), there are a lot of fake ones, so you must keep that in mind too. Meanwhile, the Medical Marijuana Card gives you the power to buy medical cannabis, but it does not mean that you can buy it off any corner. Dispensaries get exclusive licenses that authorize them to keep and sell cannabis (recreational and medicinal) for commercial purposes. As a cannabis customer, you must clear with the rules and regulations before making a purchase. See, if the dispensary you have chosen to buy your product is a reputed one, the staff should guide you to your ideal strain. But, as this business is still new, finding knowledgeable staff must be a challenging job for the dispensaries as well. Recently, the University of Sciences in Philadelphia announced the first-ever Masters in Business degree with the cannabis subject in the center. The change has begun, but it is still emerging.

Driving with cannabis laws in the State of California is somewhat similar to what state laws are for driving with alcohol. The California Vehicle Code 23222 (b) VC, which came into effect from January 1st, 2018 dictates that a person older than 21 years, can possess and drive with it. There are some tabs on driving with cannabis too; justifiably, you cannot drive with loose cannabis in your vehicle. The offender of carrying loose cannabis in any vehicle is punishable to a fine of not more than $100. The container carrying your marijuana must have a proper seal and that seal should not have been tempered. As for the carrying limit, adults can drive with, up to 1 ounce of cannabis and 8 grams of hashish. Also, the California police cannot put California Vehicle Code 23222 (b) VC into effect against persons hauling medical marijuana. California’s medical marijuana laws protect patients who are traveling with 420 medicine.

Now you can fly with your medical marijuana too, just like a blunt comb, a cotton roll, and other safe things. As per new laws circulated by Los Angeles International Airport, you can carry MMJ in your carry-on bag. These laws dictate that you can fly with as much as 28.5 grams of marijuana and eight grams of concentrated cannabis for personal use. But what confuses the people more than any other thing is the differentiation between the State and Federal laws; at the federal level it is still illegal to possess marijuana of any kind, and the crazy doesn’t stop here. The federal laws control air space. So, it means when you are at the airport of a state where weed is legal, recreational or medicinal and carrying under the legal limit, you cannot be arrested. Nonetheless, once the plane is in the air, they can arrest you. Another confusion here is that the carrier is also subject to arrest if s/he is flying to a state where cannabis is illegal.

Why Should You Get an MMJ Card in a Recreational State?


Marijuana was legalized in California for medical use in 1996. It was only after 20 years, in 2016 that recreational cannabis (adult-use cannabis) was also legalized in the state. This left a lot of people wondering whether they should get a medical marijuana recommendation or not when they can buy recreational cannabis legally in California with any state-issued ID card. The answer is yes.

Getting a medical marijuana recommendation still makes sense because it lets you enjoy several privileges that recreational users don’t have access to. For instance, medical cannabis is cheaper than recreational cannabis because of tax reductions and discounts available only for medical patients.

The possession limits vary for both categories. Where medical users can purchase and possess up to 8 ounces of cannabis at a time, recreational users have a limit of one ounce. Not just that, medical users get access to more variety and quality of strains than recreational users. So, yes even though recreational cannabis is legal, if you have a medical marijuana condition getting an MMJ card is your best bet.

What to Expect From an MMJ Dispensary?

You might feel apprehensive while entering a dispensary for the first time. But, you can expect security and easiness at a state-licensed store. Just remember to carry your recommendation letter when you visit an MMJ dispensary, The dispensary will enter your details in their system and you can look through the menu until your name is called.

Walk through the store and decide on the products you wish to purchase. If you have any queries, the budtender will help you through the products, their quality, content and type. Once you decide on the cannabis product you want to buy, the budtender will help you complete the transaction. You can also find stores that deliver right at your doorstep using websites like Yelp or Weedmaps.

There was a time when getting cannabis was a hassle. But, not anymore. From being regarded as an immoral part of the society to now getting legalized for medical use, today, getting marijuana for medical use is legal and as easy as buying groceries. The number of dispensaries is ever-increasing and ease of access to these dispensaries is also improving with each passing day. A medical marijuana recommendation will grant you access to a marijuana dispensary in your area licensed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.


Perks of Having a Medical Marijuana Card


If you think living in a state with legal recreational cannabis allows you to use cannabis the way you want, you are living a dream. The state authorities have imposed many restrictions on recreational users. For instance, you will be allowed to consume cannabis only if you are above 21 years and can possess only a specific amount. But, with a medical card, you can leverage on these limitations. You can start with your cannabis journey at 18 years. And you can consume high THC cannabis strains at lower costs.

Medical marijuana cardholders are exempted from paying the ‘sales and use” tax. That saves you a maximum of 15% on taxes. You can also possess 8 times more than recreational users and extend your growing limits with an MMJ card. In other words, you have a lot to gain with a medical marijuana card in California.

Earlier people used to refrain from getting a medical marijuana recommendation because of the process being too complicated, expensive, and inconvenient. But all that changed with telemedicine entering the fray. It helped develop a process that makes getting a medical marijuana recommendation simple and easy. You can connect with your health professional via video call, get a card and have access to quality MMJ products to manage your condition. So, if you believe medical marijuana can help manage your condition, there no reason to wait.

Side Effects of Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana is a medicine. So, like any pharmaceutical drug it also has a few side effects associated with it such as an overdose. You can overdose on medical marijuana but it’s highly unlikely to be a fatal scenario. However, the fear of a fatal overdose and the misconception that it might lead you to other drugs could be a reason why patients opt-out of using cannabis as a medical aid. Eating the right amount will help you to avoid consuming more than your body can handle. Hence, no more issues of paranoia, attacks, or dysphoria.

It is important to understand that the effects of cannabis are dose-dependent. The best option for first-timers is to go ‘slow and low’ to experience the best effects of medical marijuana.

Today, cannabis is one of the most popular forms of medication in California. And that is probably because of its effectiveness in managing several conditions and their symptoms. Not just that, medical marijuana is often preferred over conventional medications such as opioids. Where conventional medicines are addictive and may even cause severe side effects, medical marijuana is neither addictive nor causes side effects. Medical cannabis also proves to be equally effective if not better than conventional medications. However, if you still have any concerns regarding medical marijuana treatment, you can contact us. Our medical health professionals are always available to assist you.


Is Recreational And Medical Cannabis Essentially Same?


Everyone is familiar with the term marijuana. Not hundreds but thousands of tweets, posts, and messages are shared every day arguing about its positive and negative effects. However, the point of difference is primarily between medical and recreational cannabis. Whether you go for medical or recreational marijuana, the product is essentially from the same plant. The difference is in the chemical makeup of the wide range of cannabis strains.

No two strains can be the same. Let’s take an example of OG Kush and Bubble Kush. Both belong to the same family but produce different effects. The former has relaxing and calming effects while the latter one can get you really high. It totally depends on the type of effects you are looking for. If you are into marijuana for fun or recreation, go for cannabis strains with high THC content. However, if you are looking for medical effects, choosing strains with potentially higher therapeutic value will work in your favor.

The rules and regulations regarding medical and recreational cannabis are different. Recreational cannabis is subjected to a potency limit which allows access to only a limited variety of cannabis products. You won’t be able to access high potency strains without a medical marijuana card. So, in that sense they are different. If you have a medical condition and require cannabis treatment, getting a medical marijuana recommendation is essential especially if you have a condition that requires potent cannabis strains.

You Don’t Need a Prescription, You Need a Recommendation

You might find recreational cannabis as an easy way out. But, it can’t help you get medications that are accessible to medical patients only. So, get a doctor’s recommendation and find medical relief using cannabis. As cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug, no doctor can formally prescribe it as a medication. Having a medical card will help you unlock a lot of potential benefits for yourself.

If you wish to get a medical marijuana card, consulting with any practicing physician in California will help. Just make sure that they are licensed and approved by the state to write medical marijuana recommendations. They will evaluate your medical condition to determine whether to issue a medical recommendation or not. But, some of the doctors are not comfortable to inform you about marijuana products or their dosage. If you are in a similar situation, you must visit someone who specializes in medical marijuana evaluations and treatment. We can help you with that. Our team of licensed health professionals will guide you through the process. Our unmatched expertise and years of experience will be useful to you.

Most people often confuse recommendations with prescriptions. But even though it is a recommendation, purchasing medical marijuana with an MMJ card is completely legal. A recommendation basically means that the physician feels medical cannabis could help manage your condition. It is because of medical marijuana’s federal status that it is not a prescription but a recommendation.


Grow Your Own Cannabis

Medical cannabis is a widely accepted form of medication in California. And deservedly so! It has proven to be effective in the treatment of several mental and physical disabilities. With a medical marijuana card, you can easily access cannabis in the state and also grow your own cannabis plants at home. A growers license gives you the ability to increase your growing limit and have up to 100 square feet of cannabis plants at your home. The only condition is that the homegrown cannabis is only meant for personal use.

Growing your own cannabis will save you a lot of money. The difference in costs of growing your own and buying cannabis is substantial. Also, with the development of new techniques and technology, growing cannabis has become easier than ever. You can choose to grow any strain and have an unlimited supply of your medication. In addition to this, you have control over the growing environment and conditions as well. You get to choose the growing medium, growing conditions like light and temperature and pesticides and fertilizers for your harvest. Based on your preference you can grow cannabis indoors or outdoors. You also get access to parts of the cannabis plant like stems, seeds, and leaves that are trimmed away before being sold. So, if growing interests you, getting a medical marijuana grower license will enable you to grow your own cannabis. And we can help you get the license in a simple and hassle-free process.

Qualifying Conditions For Medical Cannabis in California

Medical marijuana is legal in California for anyone with a medical marijuana recommendation. To get a recommendation you must have a qualifying medical condition. The state of California lists a set of conditions that qualify for a medical marijuana card. These include Anorexia, Chronic Pain, Glaucoma, Arthritis, AIDS, Cachexia, Severe Nausea, Cancer, Seizures, Migraine, Persistent Muscle Spasms, including spasms with Multiple Sclerosis, and any other chronic medical symptoms that:

  • If not, alleviated may cause severe discomfort and harm to the patient’s mental and physical health.
  • Limits the person’s ability to conduct significant life functions as mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

If your medical condition can get better with cannabis, we can help you get medical marijuana treatment. Our medical health professionals are always available to assist you in every manner possible.

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Recommendation

Getting a medical marijuana recommendation is easy and convenient in California. But if you are on the fence about getting a medical marijuana card, here are some benefits of having a medical marijuana recommendation that can help you make a decision.

Possession Limit and Cultivation Limit: As per proposition 64, individuals with a medical marijuana recommendation can possess and grow more cannabis than recreational users. Where recreational users can buy up to an ounce of cannabis, medical patients are allowed to purchase up to 8 ounces. Medical cannabis patients can cultivate up to 99 cannabis plants in their home according to the requirement of their medical condition.

Age Restriction: An individual has to be 21 or older to purchase cannabis legally from California dispensaries. But with a medical marijuana card, people aged 18 years or above can also have easy access to legal cannabis.

Cost-Effective: Medical marijuana users save money with cannabis as they are exempted from paying sales and use tax on every cannabis purchase. Under the cannabis laws that came into effect in 2018, California levies heavy taxes on concentrates, flowers and other cannabis products at both municipal and state levels. These tax rates can vary from 25% to 45% depending upon the jurisdiction. But with an MMJ Card, a medical cannabis consumer can save money by avoiding these extra charges .

Access to Dispensaries: Despite the legalization of adult-use cannabis, there are a lot more medical cannabis dispensaries than recreational ones. In places with only medical dispensaries, you require an MMJ card to enter and make a purchase. It leaves a large chunk of dispensaries out of reach of recreational cannabis users. So, a medical marijuana recommendation is the best way to access over 1000 dispensaries across California.

Quality MMJ Products: A medical marijuana recommendation is important to access quality medical marijuana products. While recreational users get only a limited access to MMJ products due to potency restrictions and numerous other government limitations, MMJ users can use their medical cards to purchase potent products from any dispensary without restrictions or legal issues.

Looking For a Trusted Clinic?

If you believe medical marijuana can help manage your condition, we can help you get access to legal medical marijuana. At Online Medical Card, we believe in providing quality services in a simple and convenient way. We are a team of health professionals who care about your health and well-being. We work round the clock to ensure you are satisfied with our services. Online Medical Card is well-renowned for their licensed compassionate physicians and medical health professionals. Our team of cannabis doctors have been working in this field since 2001 and have experience of over 250,000 evaluations. So, you can lay your trust in us.

The aim of Online Medical Card is to provide the highest standard of care to every patient seeking help. If you need a medical marijuana recommendation for managing your mental or physical condition, our licensed medical health professionals will evaluate your condition and issue a legitimate medical marijuana recommendation if you qualify. Our goal is to help people get better and have a life of happiness and health. So, if you are looking for a trusted clinic, we can help you get a medical marijuana recommendation in a hassle-free manner .

Medical Cannabis - An Effective Medicine

Medical marijuana has been used for medical purposes since ancient times. Today, the medical potential of cannabis has resurfaced and the green herb has grown into a widely used medication. Several scientific studies prove that cannabis has the potential to help people with physical as well as mental conditions. So, gone are the days where cannabis was considered an immoral part of society. Today, it is legally used by medical patients across California for medical purposes ranging from Cancer and PTSD to anorexia and chronic pain. All you need is a recommendation from a licensed medical health professional and you too can manage your medical condition with cannabis.

Here are some of the key therapeutic properties of cannabis that make it an effective medicine.


California’s Compassionate Use Act in 1996 legalized cannabis for medical use in the state. Since then, medical marijuana proved beneficial for several medical situations including pain management. At a time when the negative consequences of the liberalization of opioids and other conventional pain medications are prominent, medical marijuana proved to be savior for patients suffering from chronic as well as mild pain.

Medical marijuana is most commonly used to manage pain. Several studies and research have reflected medical marijuana’s efficiency for the treatment of pain. The use of cannabis for neuropathic pain, spasticity due to multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain are supported by scientific as well as anecdotal evidence. In one such research, six trials were conducted on 325 patients to examine the effects of cannabis on chronic pain. The results suggested that cannabinoids or marijuana is effective for conditions that cause chronic pain. If you have a condition where you experience pain or suffer from chronic pain, medical marijuana could be the solution you are looking for.


When WBCs (white blood cells) detect a foreign substance in the body, the immune system gets into action to eliminate the intruder from the body. This process involves an inflammatory response around the affected area. In some cases, the inflammation can occur in the absence of viruses or foreign substances in the body. That means your own cells start working against your body often resulting in inflammation and pain. In either case, medical marijuana can help ease the situation. The chemicals found in cannabis affect the body’s immune system and help manage inflammation and the pain related to it. The two primary cannabinoids - CBD and THC are associated with reducing inflammation. Not just that, they even demonstrate efficacy in reducing the release and production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease and arthritis can benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis. Research suggests that CBD proves to be most effective in combating the condition. So if you are looking for strains to manage inflammation, consider getting CBD-rich products.

Neurological Conditions

Evidence shows that the interest in cannabis, especially CBD, for the treatment of neurological conditions like anxiety and depression has increased in the past few years. Celebrities like Kristen Bell and Jennifer Aniston have shown public support to CBD as a reliever of anxiety and depression. Though the research on cannabis is scarce because of it’s illegal status in the federal laws, several prominent studies reflect on medical marijuana’s proficiency in the management of neurological conditions.

Various research and studies show that the active chemicals in cannabis called cannabinoids relieve neurological symptoms like ADHD, anxiety, and depression. It clearly presents how medical marijuana could revolutionize the healthcare industry. More than 40 million people suffer from mental conditions in the US and most of them live without getting treatment. If you are one of them, getting a medical marijuana recommendation is the best bet towards better health. We have a team of licensed medical health professionals who will evaluate your condition and help you access legal cannabis conveniently. Our simple three step process allows you to get 420 evaluations from the comforts of your home.

Revolutionizing Medical Marijuana In California

You require a medical marijuana recommendation to access cannabis for medical use in California. It is a written recommendation from a licensed medical health professional which states that cannabis could be an effective solution to the patient’s medical condition. It gives you the legal right to use cannabis for medical reasons across California. While receiving your doctor’s recommendation, make sure it has the following.

  • The recommendation letter must include the letterhead of the health professional along with other details about the doctor.
  • License number of the doctor.
  • Verified address of the doctor or the clinic.

A medical marijuana recommendation can only be provided by a medical professional who has the authorization to conduct the evaluation and write the recommendation. The doctors conduct a 420 evaluation to review your medical history and present medical condition and determine if you are eligible for an MMJ card or not. With development in the cannabis industry, the process has become easier, convenient and affordable for the patients. Using telemedicine, patients can avoid visiting a physical clinic and apply for their recommendation from the comforts of their home.

The entire process includes three simple steps- register, complete 420 evaluations and receive your recommendation. Register and fill out a simple prequalification form. Upon submission, you will be connected with a cannabis doctor via video call for 420 evaluations. You will receive the recommendation through email within minutes of qualifying the evaluation. For any concerns regarding the process or medical marijuana, we offer dedicated customer care service that is happy to assist you in every way possible.


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Avoid The Crowds, Long Waits And Hassle

MMJ mmj

Are You a Good Fit For The Medical Marijuana Program?

Finding a doctor is probably the most essential thing to do if you are looking to benefit from medical marijuana. But, it may get confusing finding a doctor you can trust. At Online Medical Card, we have reduced your effort of finding a doctor into a simple, three step process.

Check Your State's Qualifying Conditions

Every state has its own list of qualifying conditions. Some states are slightly more lenient than others. California is one of them. If you contact a doctor via Online Medical Card you can be sure that you will be connected with a legit cannabis doctor.

Obtain Your Medical Records

Your cannabis doctor will need to have access to your medical records just like any other ordinary physician. When you do find a cannabis doctor- you can either ask your primary physician to send in your information or in our case fill out a basic prequalification form that will hold all these details.


Frequently Asked Questions

When Californian voters approved Proposition 64, their main motivation was simple: Allowing Californians to be part of the state’s emerging medical cannabis movement and receive complete legal protection for their cannabis use. But the implementation of recreational marijuana policy was not so simple. From January 2018, individuals 21 years and older were allowed to purchase cannabis legally. But there’s a catch. Not every citizen was able to buy it. The truth is that most cities are still not prepared to introduce the much-anticipated laws since the Bureau of Cannabis Control is still in the midst of developing an online system for businesses to apply for operating licenses.

Here’s how to apply for 420 medical card online:

  1. Find a medical marijuana service that offers telemedicine consultations such as
  2. Provide your patient information and medical history to the doctor.
  3. Submit proof of identity.
  4. Speak to the doctor about your conditions. The doctor will advise you on how to use cannabis for your condition.
  5. Receive your MMJ recommendation via email or text.

Do you want to know If Online Medical Card is Legit?

Yes, Online Medical Card is legit. It is a BBB A+ accredited clinic based in Santa Ana, California. It provides recommendations through an HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform. Through this process, patients get face-to-face evaluations from licensed health professionals without even having to step outside their houses.

Apart from the fact that recreational users in cities such as San Francisco are most likely to be unable to buy cannabis from January next year, medical cannabis users with a medical cannabis card can continue their MMJ use without a snag. On top of this, owning a medical card has numerous advantages over recreational users.

With a medical marijuana card, MMJ users can receive the following benefits.
  1. 25% tax savings on their marijuana expenditure.
  2. Eight times the possession limit as compared to recreational users who are constrained by the one-ounce limit.
  3. Growing limit of up to 100 square feet of marijuana plants.
  4. Better access to cannabis products, price options as compared to recreational marijuana users.
  5. Lower age limit for using cannabis ie. 18 years.
  6. Legal protection in carrying medical cannabis on flights within California.
  7. Entitlement to receive cannabis gifts and product giveaways from dispensaries exclusive to medical cannabis card holders.

California’s cannabis regulations mandate users to get a medical cannabis recommendation from a licensed physician before they can start using medical cannabis. In our quest to bridge the gap between patients and medical cannabis, we firmly believe that anyone who is medically qualified to use cannabis must have complete, legal access to it.

Qualifying conditions to become a medical marijuana consumer in California include: Cancer, Anorexia, AIDS, Severe pain, Spasticity, Cachexia, Muscle spasms including those associated with multiple sclerosis, Seizures, including, but not limited to, those associated with epilepsy, Glaucoma, Arthritis, Migraine, any other chronic or persistent medical symptom that substantially limits the ability of the person to conduct one or more major life activities (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) or, if not alleviated, may cause serious harm to the patient’s safety or physical or mental health. For a complete list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis, please refer to California Proposition 215, with revised Senate Bill 420.

While recreational users can only grow up to 6 plants per individual, medical marijuana patients can grow up to 100 sq. feet of cannabis plants. Additionally, medical marijuana card holders can possess eight times the amount of marijuana (8 ounces) as compared to recreational users who can only possess one ounce.

The California Supreme Court has allowed employers to reject applicants and fire employees who test positive for cannabis, regardless of their medical or recreational status. However, some employers can make certain exceptions if they present a valid medical marijuana card recommendation.

At OnlineMedicalCard, our team of dedicated professionals strives hard to ensure swift, reliable and efficient services to our clients. Our doctors are at your service seven days a week to give you the medical attention you and your loved ones deserve. Although we do accept walk-ins, clients who choose to use our online application process can get an online medical marijuana card evaluation from our doctors from Monday to Sunday, between 9 AM to 10 PM.

While applying for a medical marijuana card with us, stay assured of patient confidentiality and privacy. We maintain our records under strict HIPAA regulations, thus ensuring that your sensitive information is not accessible to a third party.

Every state has its own marijuana rules which includes medical marijuana reciprocity. If a state follows reciprocity, they will accept the medical card of California and other states. Besides the counties and cities of California, the medical marijuana recommendation issued by OnlineMedicalCard is accepted in Nevada as well.

Homeland Security’s Transit Security Administration considers air travel with cannabis as illegal. But medical marijuana users can be exempted from this constraint when traveling to cannabis-friendly airports such as San Francisco and Oakland. Furthermore, even though all counties are legally required to permit a minimum state limit, the maximum amount of cannabis MMJ users can carry differs from one state to another. We advise you to check the concerned airport’s marijuana policy and always keep your medical card with you.

If you are looking to manage your condition with medical cannabis, you do require a medical card to access MMJ products legally in California. Using telemedicine, you can get your medical cannabis recommendation online from licensed medical health professionals without any hassles.

It costs about $50 to get a medical card in California from a trusted MMJ clinic such as the online medical card. You will be evaluated by licensed health professionals through a HIPAA compliant telemedicine portal. They also provide a 100% money-back guarantee in case you fail to qualify.

It is fairly simple to get a medical card in California. It involves three simple steps.

Here’s how you can get a medical card in California.

  1. Fill out an application form.
  2. You will be evaluated by licensed health professionals via a video call.
  3. If approved, you will receive the recommendation through email within minutes.

It costs $75-100 to get a medical card in Colorado. The process is quite simple. Register on the medical marijuana state website. Then get a recommendation from a licensed physician through telemedicine. Upload your recommendation on the website. Pay the fee and wait for the approval.

No, a tourist cannot get a recommendation in California as you need to possess a proof of residence during the evaluation process. Even while purchasing medical cannabis from a dispensary, you need to possess a state-issued ID proof. So, you won’t be able to access medical cannabis in California.

If you feel medical cannabis can help manage your condition, you can apply for a medical card online through telemedicine. Here you will be evaluated by a licensed health professional. If they feel you qualify for the medical marijuana program, you will receive the recommendation through email within minutes.

Once you have submitted your recommendation from a licensed health professional to the Florida Department of Health, it will take about a week or two to get their approval. And once you do, you will be able to access medical cannabis in Florida without any hassles.

No, you cannot. Even if you possess a medical recommendation, the state of California does not allow you to smoke in a car. Even if you have an open cannabis container in a car, you may face legal trouble. So, consume cannabis in your private place if you do not want to land in trouble.

No, the state of California does not allow a person to smoke cannabis in a car. Although the rule suggests a person must not drive in the influence of cannabis, if you are in a car with an open container of cannabis, you may land up in legal trouble. Refrain from doing the same.

No, smoking cigarettes and cannabis are prohibited in public in California. If caught smoking, penalties vary with fines about $100 for the first offence. The rules may vary according to the city but essentially a person is not allowed to smoke cigarettes in public places.

Yes, if the licensed medical health professional feels medical cannabis can help manage your ADHD, you can get a medical card in Colorado. So, apply for a medical card in Colorado and get 420 evaluations online using telemedicine without any hassles.

At this time, there is no specific database that is available to employers for finding out if you have a medical cannabis recommendation. Most jobs today conduct background checks on their employees, so it is better to be prepared beforehand.

No, having a medical cannabis recommendation has nothing to do with your insurance. Having a cannabis recommendation to manage your condition won’t affect your health insurance. Keep in mind that cannabis is not covered in insurance as it is not an FDA approved drug.

Yes, if you are 21 or over, you can go into a dispensary and purchase recreational cannabis legally without a card in Michigan. But there are limits to how much cannabis you can purchase. Anyone with more than 2.5 ounces of cannabis can face a fine of $100.

Unlike states where recreational cannabis is legal, you cannot go into a dispensary without a card in Oklahoma. If you want to consume cannabis to manage your condition, you need a medical cannabis recommendation from a licensed health professional. Once you have the recommendation, you can shop for your favorite products hassle-free.

You can get your medical card in California online through telemedicine. It involves three simple steps.

  1. Fill out a simple application form.
  2. You will be evaluated from licensed medical health professionals via a HIPAA compliant telemedicine portal.
  3. If approved, you will receive the recommendation through email within minutes.

Yes, a person suffering from anxiety can apply for a medical cannabis recommendation in Florida. During evaluations, the medical health professional will evaluate your condition and if he feels you qualify for the program, you will be approved and legally entitled to purchase medical cannabis without any hassles.

Yes, if the evaluating medical health professional feels medical cannabis can help manage your anxiety, you can get a medical card. Apply for a recommendation through telemedicine and receive it via email within minutes. Once you get the recommendation, you can shop for your favorite MMJ products without any hassles.

MMJ recommendation costs about $100 in Oklahoma. If you feel medical cannabis can help manage your condition, you can apply for a medical card with us today. Our telemedicine portal allows you to get recommended online from licensed medical health professionals within minutes.

No, smoking in a parked car may lead to legal trouble. The law of California does not allow a person to drive in the influence of cannabis. Even when the car is parked, if you don’t want to risk getting arrested, refrain from smoking in the car in California.