Please Note: Due to higher than usual medical marijuana card applications, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is prioritizing applications for renewals. For this reason, you may experience some delay in receiving your Maryland medical marijuana card. However, this will not affect the delivery of your Online Medical Card recommendation.

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Get seamless and efficient 420 evaluations conducted in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, and other cities in Washington by our certified medical marijuana doctors.

Obtain Your MMJ Recommendation in Washington in Only 4 Easy Steps

Obtaining your MMJ recommendation with us is a breeze. To expedite your medical recommendation application, follow these simple steps:

Complete the Simple Form

Accurately fill out a brief form with your personal and health information. Rest assured, your data will be kept secure and handled following HIPAA guidelines.

Connect with our Licensed Cannabis Doctor

You'll be connected with one of our qualified doctors who will assess your health condition. If you meet the criteria for MMJ based on qualifying conditions, they will review your medical history.

Get Approved for Medical Marijuana

Your provider will complete your medical cannabis authorization form and print it on tamper-resistant paper once it has been approved.

Register with the Washington State

To obtain an MMJ ID card, you must first register with the Washington State Department of Health (DoH). A physical card is not required; however, those who register have greater possession and cultivation limits.

Legal Status

Medical & Recreational

Possession Limits

Medical patients


3 oz poss. limit 3 oz purchase limit

Recreational users


1 oz poss. limit 1 oz purchase limit

State Taxes

Medical patients


Recreational users




Benefits of Possessing a Medical Marijuana Card

Age Requirement Adjustment

Possession and Cultivation Privileges

Expansive Product Options

Access to All State Dispensaries


Legal Security


100% money back guarantee

Doctors in Legal Cannabis States Ensuring HIPAA Compliance

Your privacy and well-being are the top priorities for We take great pride in providing our patients in Washington with expert medical cannabis consultations, handled by our staff of physicians who closely follow HIPAA guidelines.

In addition to their extensive experience, our doctors are well-versed in Washington’s particular medical cannabis regulations. This guarantees you get advice that is appropriate for your needs and is based on fact. Our dedication is to deliver telemedicine services that are easily accessible, private, and effective.

You can confidently choose for your medical cannabis needs in Washington. Throughout your journey toward health and wellness, you can rely on our skilled and HIPAA-compliant physicians to support you while always putting your privacy first.

Understanding Washington's Legal Framework

  • In Washington, cannabis is legal for any adult over the age of 21.
  • Patients may cultivate up to four plants in their own homes, and up to 15 for each household if they are registered by the State.
  • The state's dispensaries are open to patients and caregivers.
  • Washington does not accept medical cannabis cards from other states.

Advantages of Possessing a Physical Medical Cannabis Card in Washington

  • Exclusive Access to “Patients Only” Dispensaries.
  • Expanded Choice of Potent Cannabis Products.
  • Access to Cannabis Coaching Services.
  • Reciprocity Recognition with Other Medical Marijuana State Programs.

Simple Requirements to Qualify for Medical Cannabis in Washington

  • Age requirement:  A minimum of 18 years old is required.
  • Residency:  You must be a Washington state resident and have a legitimate form of state-issued identification.
  • Medical Certification:  A licensed medical marijuana practitioner must certify you to use medical marijuana.

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Caregivers in Washington

Caregivers in Washington, referred to as designated providers, play a crucial role in assisting patients with various aspects of the medical cannabis program. They can aid patients in enrolling in the state database, acquiring a marijuana card, and either purchasing or cultivating cannabis.

Generally, a patient is required to identify someone to act as their designated provider unless the patient is physically or mentally incapable of doing so.

Healthcare providers will issue two recommendations: one for the patient and another for the designated provider. Both the patient and designated provider must sign both recommendations.

In cases where a patient cannot sign or is too young to do so, their designated provider, often a parent or legal guardian, will sign on behalf of the patient. It’s important to note that a designated provider is allowed to assist only one medical marijuana patient at a time.

Cannabis Cultivation Guidelines

  • Qualifying patients possessing medical marijuana recommendation but without a card can cultivate up to four plants in their residence.
  • Individuals registered in the medical database and holding a recognition card are permitted to grow between six to 15 plants, based on their doctor’s recommendation.

It is essential to note that cultivating without a grower’s license is prohibited under state law.


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