How to Get an Oklahoma Marijuana Card?

oklahoma medical marijuanas card

1Register Online

Register online and fill in a simple and quick patient questionnaire. All details provided by you will be shared directly with the doctor for review. Make sure to be detailed and accurate with your answers for proper evaluation.

You don’t need to schedule an appointment. Submit the application form, pay the doctor’s consultation fee and have a medical evaluation.

2Have a Medical Evaluation

Complete your consultation online via video or phone call. All details are shared through a HIPAA-compliant platform to maintain confidentiality. The medical marijuana doctor in Oklahoma will review your medical condition carefully and determine if you fulfill the state’s requirements during the consultation.

The doctor will sign your physician recommendation form and deem you qualified to use medical cannabis after the evaluation.

Oklahoma medical marijuana card online

3Receive Recommendation

Once approved by the Oklahoma marijuana doctor, you will receive a PDF of your physician recommendation form via email.

Use the physician recommendation form sent to you by Online Medical Card to apply for a marijuana card with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. After you complete the online application and pay the state fee, the state will review your application and send you your medical card after approval. Make sure to complete the application within 30 days of getting approved by Online Medical Card.

Please note
: A marijuana card is issued to you by the state and not by Online Medical Card. The state fee is paid to the state and is separate from your doctor’s consultation fee. Online Medical Card collects your doctor’s consultation fee only.

To save time, find answers to all your queries related to cannabis card registration here.

Benefits of Choosing Online Medical Card in Oklahoma

Remote Consultation

Get in touch with the best doctors in Oklahoma from the comfort and safety of your home via our HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform.

Quick Approvals

Consult a licensed physician within a few minutes and get approved online. Receive a PDF of your recommendation via email after approval.

Money Back Guarantee

You are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. If you fail to qualify or do not receive your recommendation, we will give you a full refund without any questions.

Easy Renewals

In addition to new recommendations, we offer quick and easy renewals. Visit us 30 days prior to your card expiration date and we will get you a quick renewal.

Minimum Wait Time

We offer on-demand consultations. Fill out your application form and consult a doctor right away. We ensure that you don’t have to wait long for your appointment.

24/7 Customer Service

Find solutions to all your doubts and queries. We have a responsive customer service team that is available to assist you 24×7.

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Wondering Where to Start?

Watch this video guide to learn how to complete the application process in Oklahoma.

About Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Laws

In June 2018, Oklahoma became the 30th state in the country to legalize cannabis for medical use in the state. The law legally allowed people suffering from medical conditions to consume the herb legally in the state with a cannabis card from a licensed health professional. Two months after the legalization of medical marijuana, the health department of Oklahoma started accepting applications from caregivers, cannabis businessmen, and patients. The state allows cannabis cardholders to possess and grow limited amounts of marijuana. If you have a medical cannabis card in Oklahoma, you are only allowed to purchase from a regulated dispensary.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) manages the Oklahoma State Department of Health. OMMA administers regulations and rules regarding marijuana in the state. It maintains a registry of all the physicians, caregivers, testing labs, dispensaries, patients, and transporters. In case you want to check the license number of the health professional or wondering about the legitimacy of the clinic, this website will help.

Although recreational cannabis remains illegal in the state, there have been efforts by cannabis advocates to legalize it for adult-use in the state. No fewer than 3 petition drives were underway to legalize adult-use marijuana in Oklahoma in 2020. But due to coronavirus, all the measures and the petitions were curtailed. This may seem like a setback to all the marijuana connoisseurs, however the efforts are a positive sign that people in Oklahoma may soon get access to marijuana for adult-use as well.

Until the legalization of medical cannabis in the state, all patients require a valid medical card to buy, use and possess the herb.

Qualifying Conditions in Oklahoma

Oklahoma medical marijuana laws approve a list of medical conditions that qualify for recommended use of medical cannabis. The list includes:

The approval for a marijuana card is not limited to the list of conditions mentioned here. It is upto the discretion of the doctor to ultimately determine if you qualify as per the requirements of Oklahoma or not.

Process of Becoming an Oklahoma Marijuana Patient

Once you have been approved by a licensed physician and received your recommendation, you need to apply for a cannabis card with the state here.

You will require the following documents to complete the application:

  • Proof of Identity: Here you can use your driver’s license, Oklahoma tribal identification card, U.S. passport, or any other photo identification issued by the U.S. government.
  • Proof of Oklahoma Residency: Here you can use Oklahoma voter ID card, Oklahoma driver’s license, residential agreement for a property in the state, residential property deed, utility bill of the month just before your application (except cell phone or internet bills).
  • A colored digital photo of your face.
  • In case you are applying for a discounted application fee of $20, you must submit your Sooner Care or Medicare card or proof of veteran status.
  • The Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form must be dated within 30 days of submitting the application.

Patients will have to pay a $100 application fee (non-refundable) to complete the application. Exemptions are levied to those with valid proof of Medicaid, Medicare, and 100% Disabled Veteran Status.

Process of Becoming a Caregiver in OK

All adult and minor MMJ patients in Oklahoma can have a designated caregiver as per the law. In either case, the caregiver must submit an Adult Patient Caregiver Designation Form or the Minor Caregiver Designation Form with the state here. The requirements to become a legal caregiver in Oklahoma are as follows:

  • Must be a resident of the state.
  • Must submit a proof of residency and identification.
  • Caregiver must be a legal guardian or parent of the minor or designated by either of them.
  • Adults can have a maximum of 1 caregiver and minors are allowed to have two (including their legal guardians/parents).
  • A caregiver is responsible for the purchase, application and administration of cannabis for the patient.
  • Must provide a physician’s recommendation that states the need for a legal caregiver for the patient.

In case you do not have a driver’s license, the proof of residency can be shown with a rental agreement, residential deed, and utility bill. Also, identity can be shown with any government-issued ID card, tribal card, or passport.

Caregivers can use their email to log in. There are no application fees levied to register as a caregiver with the state.

Possession Limits in Oklahoma

In order to possess marijuana in OK, you must be a state-certified and registered patient with the Oklahoma Medical marijuana authority. Legally you are allowed to possess 3 ounces of marijuana while traveling, up to 8 ounces at your residence, 72 ounces of edible marijuana, 1 ounce of concentrate, 6 mature and 6 immature plants.

Anyones found with 1.5 ounces or less of medical cannabis without a valid doctor’s recommendation can face fines up to $400.

Growing and Cultivation Laws

Registered patients or designated caregivers are authorized by law to cultivate cannabis for medical use. The cultivation limit as per the Oklahoma medical marijuana laws are:

  • 6 mature plants
  • 6 seedlings or,
  • 12 plants with no more than 6 mature plants at a time.

Driving With Marijuana in Oklahoma

It is illegal in Oklahoma to drive in the consumption of cannabis. If the driver is found with any detectable amount of THC in saliva, blood, or urine, the driver may be penalized. The Oklahoma state deems that every driver has given consent to submit to a chemical test in order to determine the number of drugs or alcohol in their system.

The first offense is considered a misdemeanor with a $1000 fine, 10 days to 1 year in jail, and compulsory partaking in a drug assessment program at their own expense. The second offense within 10 years of the first includes a penalty of $2500 and 1-5 years in jail. The second felony conviction includes 240 hours of community service, $5000 fine, and a drug assessment program at their own expense. A subsequent felony conviction involves a $5000 fine, 480 hours of community service, 1-10 years in jail, and 1 year of supervision and probation at their own expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering the most commonly asked questions about MMJ evaluations and medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

A marijuana card or recommendation allows patients to access marijuana for medical use legally in Oklahoma. In other words, patients require an Oklahoma medical marijuana card issues by the state to access cannabis. A licensed physician must evaluate your medical condition and approve you for an MMJ card in OK.

This process of evaluation helps the health professional understand the patient’s health condition and if the patient will benefit from using marijuana to manage their condition. Only if the doctor feels that cannabis will be effective for the condition and the patient meets the criteria of a marijuana patient as allowed by the state of Oklahoma will the doctor approve the recommendation.

Essentially, the marijuana card provides patients with legal authority to use cannabis and certain other privileges. These include several benefits such as greater cultivation and possession, exemption from tax, and a wider choice of products. In Oklahoma, only medical cannabis is allowed while recreational cannabis is still illegal. That means people can only access the herb with the medical cannabis card in Oklahoma.

A consultation with Online Medical Card costs $129 only. This includes a video consultation with a licensed physician and a signed physician recommendation form sent to the patient’s provided email as a PDF.

Most people wonder if it is legal to purchase cannabis without an Oklahoma medical card. Unlike states such as California, where both recreational and medical cannabis are legal, Oklahoma only allows cannabis to be used for medicinal purposes. In other words, you can only access cannabis in Oklahoma to manage your condition.

And for that you require a signed physician recommendation form from a licensed medical health professional. If you feel you qualify for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program and have a condition that will benefit from marijuana, apply for a consultation today and get approved to access quality medical marijuana products.

Marijuana was legalized in the state of Oklahoma in June 2018. There have been several measures since then to legalize marijuana for adult-use also, In 2020 only, several efforts were made but due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the petitions were withdrawn. This may seem like a big setback to all the marijuana advocates, but this only proves that people want to legalize adult-use cannabis. Hopefully, once normal life resumes more such efforts are made.

So, it is illegal to possess or consume cannabis without a valid medical card in Oklahoma. This involves infractions with fines up to $400. Offenders with possession up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis are classified as a misdemeanor offense and are punishable by fines. In case you are caught with more than 1.5 ounces of marijuana, you will be subjected to criminal charges. In addition, the possession of drug paraphernalia also remains illegal in the state, and a person having no medical marijuana card may even face jail time. However a medical marijuana card protects people against prosecution.

Oklahoma has no certain list of qualifying conditions that enrolls a person in the state medical marijuana program. It is upon the physician’s discretion to approve application for  marijuana according to the patient’s condition. So, if you are wondering if your condition qualifies for a Oklahoma marijuana card, stop worrying. Consult a licensed doctor to know if you qualify or not. However there are certain criteria that you must fulfill before you get yourself registered in the Oklahoma medical marijuana program.

Here’s How to Qualify for an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card

  • The patient must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must possess a valid proof of Oklahoma residency.
  • The physician must believe that marijuana will help manage the patient’s condition.
  • Must have a physician recommendation and photo ID proof.

Let us help you with what are the benefits of getting a cannabis card online. A recommendation will allow you to legally purchase, possess, and grow cannabis in the state without any hassles. It allows people to manage their condition using the wide array of marijuana products and strains.

Today, marijuana has become key to managing symptoms of several medical health conditions. It can help you recover faster and more effectively than other traditional medications. And that is probably why it has become a staple form of medication in Oklahoma. Since medical marijuana’s legalization in 2018, more than three hundred thousand patients have taken marijuana cards and used marijuana to manage their condition. This recommendation allows patients to access the wide array of cannabis products available in the market today. Today, you can smoke, vape, eat, and even apply cannabis. A marijuana card in Oklahoma from a licensed physician will authorize you legally to purchase your favorite marijuana product. In case you have any concerns related to medical marijuana, our medical health professionals are always available to help you.

The medical cannabis possession limit it Oklahoma is up to 3 ounces of usable marijuana on the body, eight ounces at home, one ounce of concentrates, 72 ounce of edibles, and cultivate their own cannabis limited to 6 mature plants and seedlings.

Medical cannabis may be legal in the state but that does not mean that you can possess and purchase as much as you desire. The state has drafted certain possession limitations in the state. In case a person is found violating these regulations, they may face fines and even legal trouble. Also, possession of non-medical grade cannabis in Oklahoma is considered as a misdemeanor. If a person is caught in possession of cannabis without a valid medical marijuana card in Oklahoma, he may face large amounts of fines.

No, you cannot get a $20 medical card online in Oklahoma. Any online clinic or doctor claiming to provide online consultations or medical marijuana recommendations for a dirt-cheap price of $20 is not legit.

Steer clear from such cheap services as they bait you into paying them in exchange for no recommendation. They may also provide you a letter that is not accepted during registration with the state marijuana program

Places to Visit in Oklahoma After Receiving Your Marijuana Card

Oklahoma, the state in the Great Plains has a lot of unexplored places that you must visit. Once your application has been approved and you’ve received your marijuana card, you can take some time to explore the expansiveness of Oklahoma and its rich culture. You can begin by navigating the city and then slowly getting into the suburbs. Here are a few places that you can begin with.

Great Salt Plains State Park

The Great Salt Plains State Park is a perfect getaway with friends and family. The Great Salt Plains Lake and the nearby landscape offer a great view and quaint trails for trek lovers. Visitors can enjoy activities such as biking, horse riding, swimming and boating. Those with a knack for fishing will love the variety of fishes in the lake ranging from catfish and sand bass to saugeye and striped bass. You can also have a one of a kind experience and dig up selenite crystals here.

Oklahoma City

For those who love to explore modern life, Oklahoma city is the best option. The capital city is bustling with western charm and has plenty of spots to visit. Every corner has renowned eateries, restaurants and top notch museums. Botanical gardens and the city zoo are some other interesting attractions. The best of all are the big league spots such as the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Basketball team.


The second largest city of Oklahoma, Tulsa is the place for those looking for a holiday experience. Every corner reeks of rich culture and heritage. Walk to the Gilcrease Museum or get an Instagram worthy shot at one of the art decos in the city. For a more lively experience, drive down Route 66 and encounter concerts, sporting events, delicious eateries, shopping malls and so much more.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is a reserve with hundreds of different species of birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and more. You can spot a white tailed deer, black tailed prairie dog or even a nine-banded armadillo if you are in luck. Visit with your family and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

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