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How to Get a Medical Cannabis License in Ohio

At, we've simplified the process to get your Ohio Medical Marijuana License. Here are three easy steps to gain access to legal medical cannabis:

Fill Out a Simple Form

Provide basic information in our user-friendly form to get started.

Consult with a Doctor Online or by Phone

Connect with our certified doctors for a quick and convenient consultation.

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Medical Cannabis License Benefits in Ohio

Having access to medical cannabis in Ohio comes with incredible benefits. Here are the top five advantages of holding a medical marijuana license:

Legal Cultivation of Medical Cannabis:
Registered patients can legally grow their own medical cannabis at home.

Gain entry to state-approved dispensaries, where you can find a wide variety of lab-tested THC products for sale.

Availability of Edibles:
Enjoy the convenience of accessing medical cannabis in various forms, including edibles.

Safe and Tested Products:
Purchase cannabis products that have undergone quality testing for your peace of mind.

Expert Medical Guidance:
Receive proper medical guidance and support from certified physicians and patient support teams.

HIPAA Compliant Doctors For Legal Cannabis States

At, we place the utmost importance on your health journey and privacy. We’re proud to offer comprehensive medical cannabis consultations for Ohio residents, all facilitated by our HIPAA-compliant doctors.
Our physicians are not only experienced but also highly familiar with Ohio’s specific medical cannabis laws, ensuring you receive informed, compliant advice. They’re dedicated to providing accessible, confidential, and efficient telemedicine services.
Choose for your medical cannabis needs in Ohio. Trust in our competent, HIPAA-compliant physicians to guide your path to health and wellness, while prioritizing your privacy.

Medical Cannabis Possession Laws in Ohio

  • 2.83 grams (1/10 ounce) of dried plant material per day
  • 110 milligrams (mg) of THC in edibles, capsules, tinctures, or other orally consumable cannabis products per day
  • 295 mg of THC in lotions, creams, ointments, and patches per day
  • 590 mg of THC in oil for vaporization per day
  • Nine ounces of marijuana plant material every 90 days
  • Ten ounces of marijuana plant material every 90 days for patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses

Quick Steps to Qualify for Medical Cannabis in Ohio

At, we make qualifying for a medical cannabis license in Ohio fast and easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Meet Age Requirement: Ensure you are at least 18 years old or have a registered caregiver who is at least 21 years old.
  • Get a Recommendation: Obtain a recommendation from an Ohio-licensed physician certified from the State Medical Board of Ohio.
  • Have an Approved Medical Condition: Experience any of the qualifying medical cases for medical cannabis in Ohio.
  • Reside in Ohio: Your primary residence must have an Ohio address.

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What Kind of Medical Cannabis Products are Available for Sale in Ohio Dispensaries?

Ohio dispensaries offer a variety of medical marijuana products, including oils, tinctures, capsules, edibles, patches, lotions, creams, ointments, and plant material for vaporization. However, smoking or combustion of medical marijuana is not permitted in Ohio, making vaporization the preferred method.

How old do you need to be to get a medical cannabis license in Ohio?

To qualify for an Ohio Medical Marijuana License, individuals must be 18 years of age or older. However, if the patient is under 18, they can have a registered caregiver who is over 21 years old.

Medical Cannabis Caregivers and Minors

In Ohio, caregivers play a crucial role in assisting registered patients, including minors, with their medical marijuana needs. Caregivers are authorized to purchase, possess, transport, and administer marijuana products on behalf of registered patients. For minors below the age of 18, a parent or legal representative must serve as their caregiver, and both patients and caregivers must be registered with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

Medical Cannabis Cultivation Laws in Ohio

In Ohio, the cultivation of marijuana for personal use is illegal, even with a medical license. The Ohio Department of Commerce licenses and monitors medical marijuana cultivators, with specific limits on the cultivation area. Penalties for cultivating cannabis illegally range from misdemeanors to felony offenses, depending on the amount of cannabis involved.

We hope this information helps you understand the process of obtaining an Ohio Medical Marijuana License and the benefits it brings. At, we are committed to providing a seamless experience, connecting you with certified doctors for your consultation needs. Your health and privacy are our top priorities as we assist you in accessing legal medical cannabis in Ohio. For more information, feel free to explore our resources and get started on your journey towards improved well-being and relief.


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