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How To Get A Cannabis Card In Arkansas

Cannabis legalization has come in waves across the whole country. One state to come out the other end with legalized cannabis is Arkansas, where a cannabis card can help you gain access to marijuana.

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A 420 Doctors Guide To Taking A Tolerance Break

Tolerance refers to the amount of marijuana you need to consume before feeling the desired effects. Medical marijuana do patients often see that with prolonged use of cannabis you need to up the dosage to feel the same effects that they otherwise were able to achieve without much trouble or product.

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Cannabis Legalization Finds Its Moment Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus destroyed millions of things. But it turns out, it cannot put an end to the existence of cannabis. Cannabis sales continue to soar. People still stock up on cannabis and patients are seeking a medical marijuana doctor to get a card. Also, with people hunkered within the four walls of their house, cannabis …

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How Much THC Is Too Much? Let’s Find Out!

The availability of highly potent strains is always good news. These days, every cannabis dispensary has products containing 20% of THC content. And there was a time when it was quite difficult to find cannabis strains or products with THC content over 20 percent. Also, it is safe to say that highly potent cannabis products …

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How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In California?

So you decided to use medical cannabis? Good for you! Now you can finally experience the medical potential of cannabis that everyone’s talking about. But you may be wondering, how do you begin?    There are two options that you can choose from. You can either visit a nearby dispensary and make your first purchase. …

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Finding Ways To Cope With Coronavirus Anxiety? Here’s How Cannabis Can Help

Cannabis sales still continue to surge. Surprisingly, it’s something the pandemic could not defeat. While people practice social distancing, sunbath on the beach, sanitize the house. Some have elected to consume marijuana to deal with the situation. Also, given the fact that there are more than 3 million medical marijuana users in the US. Perhaps …

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Exercising More During The Pandemic? Here’s How Cannabis Can Help

Several things have changed since the pandemic confined everyone within the four walls of their homes. People have learned to navigate through uncharted waters. Lockdown restrictions have eased and everyone is trying to get back to a normal routine. More vitally, people are more focused on strengthening their immunity than they were ever before. In …

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What’s Up with Nationwide Cannabis Legalization in the Year 2021?

The legalization of the cannabis plant at the federal level has been a topic of debate for the past many years. A lot of people are in favor of it. And many against. However, given the popularity of the plant nowadays, we are seeing a very clear way for the herb to become legal at …

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An In-Depth Look At Medical Marijuana Amid COVID-19

Life has taken quite a special turn, primarily due to coronavirus. A leading question on people’s minds is that “Does cannabis have the capability to make coronavirus better or worse?” Now, all of us wish the answer was as simple as getting a cannabis card, taking a cannabis strain and testing it against coronavirus. That …

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