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How CBD Can Help Control Your Allergies?

Allergies make everyone totally miserable whether it be a runny nose, constant sneezing, or some skin reaction, they can be really brutal. Having said that, allergies are very common, there are high chances that you have some sort of an allergy, be it seasonal, chronic, or just reactive. Worst part?

Beat Your Halloween Blues With This Ultimate CBD Product

Beat Your Halloween Blues With This Ultimate CBD Product

Saying goodbye to Halloween isn’t always fun for everyone. All the excitement and sugar rush can leave you feeling tired and exhausted. Read more to see what our doctors have to say about trying this unique CBD product to throw away your blues with this colorful infographic. After all, its time to start getting ready […]

Auto-flowering Cannabis – What you Need to Learn?

Of late, the world of marijuana growing has been set abuzz with the increasing popularity of auto-flowering cannabis. This kind of marijuana strain is the product of crossbreeding between a “standard” marijuana plant and ruderalis plants. The aim is to give the resultant strain the best of both plants – the ruderalis plants’ autoflower genetics […]