The Most Popular Online Smoke Shop

The Most Popular Online Smoke Shop - June 08, 2022

World of Bongs is the stuff of stoners’ dreams. With millions of followers across Facebook and Instagram, they have proven themselves to be one of the highest-rated, online head shops on the scene today, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly pipe, a heady dab rig, or something as simple as rolling papers.

Featuring a mind blowing variety of cannabis smoking accessories, they are an authorized retailer of the most popular and innovative brands in the cannabis industry, such as RAW, Marley Natural, Moose Labs, Puffco, Gypsy Labs, and so many more.

As their massive followings on social media can attest, this online smoke shop is gaining a ton of popularity because of their 420 smoking accessories for sale.

But this online head shop doesn’t limit themselves to the major movers and shakers in the industry. Unlike a lot of major online retailers, they strive to promote independent glass artists and introduce them to their audience by featuring them across their social media channels and partnering up with these small-business owners for limited-run collaborations. In turn, they have built a supportive and uplifting community, and have proven their integrity in the cannabis industry.

Glass Bongs

glass bongs


Glass bongs are one of the most iconic smoking devices. And not just because they are cool to look at! Filtering smoke through the water allows for a smoother, cleaner hit and provides the user with an optimal experience. Picking the right bong all comes down to personal preferences, and this online smoke shop features many different varieties to satisfy even the pickiest smoker.

First on the list is the classic Straight Tube bongs. From easy-to-use compact pieces to handcrafted collaborations with independent artists, you can find one at any price point. If you’re in the mood for something a little fancier, Carburetor bongs give the smoker the option to intensify their hit by covering or uncovering the carb, a small hole in the middle of the piece. Next up are multi-chamber bongs. These pieces feature – you guessed it – multiple chambers which move the smoke through the cooling process twice, providing an even smoother and more cooling experience. Of course, no head shop would be complete without a bubbler, or as they are officially known, a Percolator bong. The percolator acts as a filter, diffusing the smoke before it reaches the water. This provides the smoothest, cleanest toke possible.

This online head shop also sells gravity bongs which have become immensely popular in recent years. While these bongs used to be the kind of thing teenagers built themselves out of plastic bottles, there are now state-of-the-art pieces, such as the Stündenglass™ gravity bong, which deliver the highest concentration of THC while requiring the smallest amount of herb.

No matter what kind of piece you’re looking for, World of Bongs has got you covered.
Bong Mouthpiece
Bong mouthpiece


Mouthpieces provide two really important benefits. First, if you regularly share your bong with friends, it will reduce the spread of germs. Second of all, they can help filter your smoke even further. The team at Moose Labs created the MouthPeace and MouthPeace filters to remove resin, toxins, and tar and provide the cleanest hit possible.

Bong Cleaners

bong cleaners for sale

Keeping your bong clean is a key part of giving you the best experience, which is why this online smoke shop offers a whole slew of excellent products to get the job done. Think of all the residue hanging around after a smoke sesh. You don’t want to be inhaling all of that later on! From brushes and swab sticks that can easily reach those nitty-gritty areas to all-natural cleaning solutions from awesome brands like Formula 420 that are specifically made to remove gross buildup.

Glass Dab Rigs

As Glass Dab Rigs have grown more and more popular, more and more types of dab rigs have become available, making what used to be seen as a more intimidating method of smoking easier and more accessible for everybody.

Dab rigs are just that – tools for taking hits of THC concentrate – and there are a variety of different kinds out there. Mini rigs are usually smaller than 7 inches tall. And though they are small, they are mighty, often featuring multiple pipes or additional percolators to cool and filter your hit. Portable dab rigs are usually electric. These guys allow you to control the temperature and come with convenient, rechargeable batteries. Plus, they can be broken down easily and packed into a case for safe-keeping when you’re on the go. Recycler rigs “recycle” the smoke through the percolator multiple times, giving you the smoothest dab. Nectar collectors, or “honey straws”, don’t just sound cool. These little devices are portable dab straws, making it easy to enjoy your concentrates just about anywhere. After heating up the tip, you simply bring it to the concentrate and inhale.

Weed Pipes

 Weed Pipes are a tried-and-true classic in the cannabis community. While glass remains the most popular choice, you can also find wood, ceramic, metal, and even acrylic options.

The most popular is, of course, the spoon pipe. Typically made from glass, they feature a spoon-like area where your flower is placed and a small carb on the side. They come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Sherlock pipes have an iconic look, featuring an elegant stem that curls upwards toward the mouthpiece. Although they were typically used for tobacco back in the day, the cannabis community has refashioned these to make them easy to use when smoking herbs.

Chillums are as simple and as portable as you can get. These pipes are small and tubular and actually date back centuries. Their closest relative is the one-hitter or “dugouts”, which are very thin and cylindrical and hold enough flowers for just one hit.

Glass Blunt Pipe

The glass blunt pipe is made up of a cylindrical body with one open end and a mouthpiece on the other. These handy little gadgets are a great choice for blunt lovers who are over smoking tobacco leaf! They hold as much herb as their rolled counterparts and the auger system inside the pipe keeps the flower separated from the mouthpiece and can be twisted to dump excess ash.

420 Smoking accessories

With the movement towards cannabis legalization spreading throughout the United States and becoming more common in many countries overseas, the market for smoking accessories has exploded and improvements to the tried-and-true classic accessories are being made every day. This online smoke shop is a proud carrier of RAW’s hemp wick, which is a great alternative to butane lighters and pesky matches, as well as their famous rolling papers which may be the most famous smoking accessory in the world.

There are also many new and innovative technologies being introduced like kief catchers and the pre-roll machine by Banana Bros. This nifty gadget grinds your weed and rolls your joints in a matter of seconds!

From stash jars to groovy rolling trays to clever dab tools, there is no shortage of products to improve the quality of your smoke sesh and make the experience as easy and enjoyable as can be.

Rolling Papers

RAW is one of the most iconic brands in the cannabis industry, and for good reason! Their famous papers were introduced in 1995 and have been the preferred choice of many cannabis tokers since. This online head shop carries their original papers, made from plants and plant stock, as well as their pure hemp and raw black papers.

Another classic is Zig Zag. These guys have been around since the 1800’s, so you know they know what they’re doing! Zig Zag papers are made from unbleached, unrefined hemp and are perfect for joints of any size.

They are also a proud retailer of ROWLL. This is a newer company that provides all-in-one rolling kits complete with a grinder, rolling tray, funnel, and unbleached rolling papers and filter tips, so you can confidently roll the perfect doobie every time!

Cannabis Grinders

A good Cannabis Grinder is an essential tool for every cannabis connoisseur. Instead of wasting time and sacrificing the quality of your flower trying to break up your buds by hand, get yourself a high-quality grinder that will grind, store, and collect your flower and kief all on its own. This online smoke shop offers basic options as well as an assortment of fun and unique designs to spruce up the experience.

 Best Mystery Weed Box For Sale
Each box is assembled by a member of their team and features all sorts of cool stuff – from the classic vapes, papers, and glass every stoner knows and loves, to fun gadgets and tools to introduce you to something new.

You can choose between several sizes, valued at $25 to $200, and even subscribe to a regular delivery. And many happy customers are delighted to discover surprise grand prize items tucked into their boxes too! The Mystery Box is a great way to keep your own collection refreshed and also makes for an awesome gift for a friend or loved one. Don’t forget to renew your online medical marijuana card before it expires, or get one for the first time with us today if you live in a state with a program.

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