France Prepares to Begin Medical Marijuana Trials in 2021
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Can 420 Card Holders Get Free Cannabis With COVID-19 Vaccination?

At the moment, the frontline healthcare workers and critical patients are prioritized for vaccinations. But, when it’s made available for the public, you should get your COVID-19 shot. And if you live in Washington DC or Michigan, you are in luck to get free cannabis too.

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How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Legally Grow in California With a Cannabis Card?

Over the years, cannabis has come forward as a miracle drug that has the capability to treat a wide array of ailments. With its advent as a medication, millions of people around the world have begun cannabis treatment to manage their health conditions.

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Is marijuana safe and effective as medicine?
Can A Cannabis Card Help Replace Pharmaceuticals?

Well, the answer to this can never be a simple yes or no. Cannabis cards help people access this great therapeutic herb, one which has shown to have endless medical applications but for any prescription …

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Can I Grow 99 Plants In California?
The Relationship Between Marijuana and Dopamine (Facts Explained)

Have you ever wondered what causes the wonderful feeling that makes you believe everything in the world is possible? The answer is not simple, but scientifically speaking, marijuana increases the level of dopamine for a …

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99 Plant Grow License San Francisco
Does Cannabis Help Manage Endometriosis?

Women who bear the pain of endometriosis will explain how difficult the condition is to manage. Although relatively unknown, endometriosis affects 10-20% of women of childbearing age. In our country alone, about 7 million women …

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How to get a license to grow marijuana
A New Study Reveals CBD Does Not Impair Driving, Here’s What a Cannabis Doctor Thinks

The issue with cannabis and driving has long troubled people who live in a state that has legalized cannabis. They often wonder whether a substance such as CBD with non-psychoactive properties can lead them into …

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Should You Combine Cannabis and Psychedelics?
The Rise of Psychedelics: Should You Combine Cannabis and Psychedelics?

As cannabis legalization has been becoming more widespread, the acceptability of a large number of other naturally occurring psychedelics has also been becoming more prevalent. A quick search through the internet will show you people …

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Colorado Cultivation License and Marijuana Laws
Synthetic Cannabinoids – Why You Should Avoid Them In Cannabis?

Today, cannabis is one of the most natural drugs available. That is probably why people prefer the herb over other forms of medications. Whether looking to consume it for an all-natural alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals …

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Estimated Cost of Production for Legalized Cannabis
Medical Marijuana Commission of Georgia Finally Opens Applications For Medical Cannabis Production

The state of Georgia has started accepting applications for the license of medical cannabis production. It was a step that was long overdue for medical patients in the state.    Georgia had joined the list …

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