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Your Guide To Start Saving Big On Medical Cannabis With An MMIC
Rejoice, California. Prohibition has finally come to an end, allowing users 21 and older to  Read More
5 Must Visit Cities In California For Cannabis Lovers This New Year’s Eve
The year 2018 would prove to be a landmark year for California, the home of the American cannabis culture. The new year would see some major laws would come into effect and nothing will ever be the same again. In just 3 days, the golden state would m
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How only a medical marijuana card can help you get “high” this New Year
With less than two weeks left before New Year's eve, it seems that some Californian cities are yet to introduce retail marijuana dispensaries. So, if you have decided to enjoy recreational cannabis in 2018, think again. But first, please read this a
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Best Cannabis Solution in the Counties which have Banned Recreational MMJ Sales
With an estimated revenue of $5 billion, California is set to emerge as the nation’s biggest cannabis market. With the conclusion of California’s waiting game on recreational marijuana sales legalization, the golden state will help millions get l
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California Unveils Latest Cannabis Rules from January 1, 2018
On Thursday, Bureau of Cannabis Control finally released the long awaited list of regulations that would regulate the golden state’s upcoming marijuana industry. The 276 paged document consists major rules, ranging
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Having a Medical Marijuana Card Can Help Californians Save a lot on Taxes in 2018
Back in November, when Californians approved Proposition 64, the economic and legal benefits of legalizing recreational cannabis were eagerly anticipated, but not the high prices.The legalization of recreational cannabis last year was a huge win
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6 Ingenious Ways to Incorporate Medical Cannabis into Your Life

Bored of normal ways to consume cannabis?

Do you crave more creative ways to ingest your favorite medicinal plant? Here are a few ways for you to jump onto the bandwagon and start experimenting with this versatile little pl
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How Cannabis Can Help Breast Cancer Patients
Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women. There are more than 3.1 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S., according to Read More