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High Times Enters the Cannabis Retail Market With Multi-Million Dollar Deal For 10 Dispensaries in California

California, 29th November 2020: High Times, one of the most popular names in the cannabis world, sets forth to mark their name in the cannabis retail market by announcing their acquirement of several dispensaries in …

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Lawsuit Challenging Cannabis Home Delivery Dismissed

Fresno County Superior Court Judge Rosemary McGuire dismissed a lawsuit that sought to challenge state rule allowing cannabis home deliveries across the state even into cities that banned the herb’s sales.    Certain local governments …

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Thanksgiving 2020: Home Safety Edition

This year is an opportunity to think out of the box and celebrate a safe Thanksgiving. While many people will be looking forward to celebrating a virtual dinner, some will miss large gatherings due to …

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Cannabis Billboards Along Major California Highways Must Come Down, Judge Rules

Cannabis Billboards Along Major California Highways Must Come Down, Judge Rules

Recently, a billboard in San Luis Obispo County sparked a lawsuit to bring down billboards with cannabis advertisements along major California highways. The lawsuit was filed by Matthew Farmer, a construction contractor in the county. …

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Reinstating Stay at Home Order in LA Met With Backlash by Small Businesses and the Cannabis Industry

Reinstating Stay at Home Order in Los Angeles Met With Backlash by Small Businesses and the Cannabis Industry

California, 24th November 2020: In view of the rising number of fresh COVID-19 cases, the LA county announced on Sunday that they would prohibit dining at restaurants to minimize the spread of the virus. For …

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Medical Cannabis in US

How to Access Medical Cannabis With Your 420 Med Card Right Now?

COVID-19 has changed the normal way of functioning for everybody in the world. So, it should not come as a surprise that Medical Cannabis also has questions surrounding it. Especially for people with a 420 …

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Are You Getting The CBD You Pay For?

There’s no doubt that CBD has amazing medicinal properties. Thus, without making you high, it can help reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation, etc. Aiming at managing your symptoms, you ask a medical marijuana doctor to suggest …

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Less is More: A Cannabis Doctor Weighs in on The Importance of Microdosing

Telling people that you use cannabis often receives a response that connects you with the idea of ‘getting high’. It’s a common misconception among people who aren’t familiar with the other side of the coin. …

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Cannabis Doctor Stance on Legalization: What Does a Biden-Win Mean for the Marijuana Industry?

What happens if Joe Biden is elected as the US President? For years his stance on drugs has been quite stern, and for those of you who don’t remember, Biden was not a supporter of …

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How to store Marijuana

A Cannabis Doctor’s Guide To Storing Your Marijuana

If you are new to storing cannabis, it’s important to understand the basics. That’s because of the lack of proper storage practices can have a negative impact on the quality of buds. In fact, a …

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How to store Weed

Arizona Just Legalized Marijuana. Do You Still Need a 420 Med Card?

The initiative to legalize cannabis moved further as three states including Arizona legalized recreational cannabis on 3rd November 2020. The voters in New Jersey, Montana, Dakota, and Arizona unanimously passed the laws associated with recreational marijuana. Now, recreational cannabis is legal across a wide no. of states in the western region.

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doc for MMJ

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding an MMJ Doctor Online [2020 Guide]

Cannabis might have gained notoriety as a recreational herb but the truth is that its medicinal value has always outweighed any recreational usage that it might have. Today we are going to help you figure out the answers to all your questions about finding and interacting with an MMJ doctor online. 

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Got A 420 Card? Try Out These Cannabis Subscription Boxes This Halloween.

It’s officially Halloween season! Carved out pumpkins, colorful lights and spooky house decorations are back but not really with a bang. COVID-19 has canceled a lot of plans for us since its advent and Halloween …

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Marijuana Strains

Marijuana Strains That You Should Pick Up This Halloween

2020 has been quite a roller coaster ride. Nothing has really gone according to plan. Actually, we went from January, February, March straight to now with Halloween right around the corner. So, considering most of us …

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