3 Trends That May Transform The Cannabis Industry in 2021
License to Grow 99 Marijuana Plants in San Diego
First City-Sanctioned Cannabis Trade Association in the Works in San Diego

San Diego has come forward with the plan of creating a cannabis trade association for all the legal cannabis dispensaries in the city. The modeling of the association is meant to be based on the …

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Is marijuana medicine?
What does A Marijuana Doctor Have To Say About Contact High?

Do you know about the concept of passive smokers? It’s basically the idea that if you are inhaling the smoke of the nearby smokers, you are part of the chain too. It is also popularly …

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420 massachusetts
Massachusetts’ Approval for Home Delivery of Adult-use Cannabis Face Threat of Lawsuit by Dispensaries

Massachusetts, 1st December 2020: After sleeping on it for a long time, the Massachusetts lawmakers approved the home delivery of adult use of cannabis in the city on Monday. It is a big step in …

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Cannabis (marijuana)
5 Ways to Spend Your Socially-Distanced Holiday Season With Cannabis

No one would have imagined living in a time where meeting or hugging people would become a forbidden ritual. That’s how the pandemic has changed the world. And to put the icing on the cake …

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MMJ in Minnesota
Minnesota Adds Two More Medical Cannabis Qualifying Conditions to the State List

The Minnesota Department of Health (MHD) added two more medical conditions to the list that help patients qualify for medical cannabis use. The state medical cannabis program will allow patients with these two conditions to …

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Does Cannabis Cause Memory defeciate
Does Cannabis Cause Memory Loss?

Cannabis is one of the most widely discussed topics of this century. In the last couple of months, four more states legalized adult-use cannabis. It is safe to say that the popularity of the herb …

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Medical cannabis card
Commission on Narcotic Drugs Removes Cannabis From the Schedule IV Category

After considering a series of recommendations regarding marijuana from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Commission of Narcotics Drugs (CND) finally pulled marijuana from the Schedule IV category of the 1961 Single Convention on 3rd …

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Medical cannabis card In USA
Federal Marijuana Legalization – The Historic Congressional Vote This Week

As recently as on election day, two conservative states made history with their cannabis legalization measures. That means more than a third of the American population lives in the states where adult-use cannabis is legal.  …

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Medical cannabis card In US
Marijuana Legalized In Four States. Here’s Why You Still Need a Cannabis Card

Montana, New Jersey, Arizona, and South Dakota are the newest in the list of states where recreational cannabis is legal now. The other states include Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, …

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