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California Introduces A Bill To Allow 420 Doctor Evaluations For Your Pets
Who knew a plant that people or government prohibited for human consumption could gradually make a way into pet health care as well.Surprised!!Well, that’s what California is looking forward to in the next few months. One of the Senators re
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Love Cannabis? Choose the Eco-Friendly Cannabis Lifestyle!
Are we heading towards sustainable development? If you step outside and stress on the thought of existence, you’ll get your answer. Pollution is a menacing problem which needs strict attention.

Now, How is That Related to Cannabis Cult

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California Sober is a Thing and it’s Worth all the Hype!
Planning to quit drugs? Cool!! There’s a new buzzword in town. Any guesses? I’ll throw a hint…SHHH!!! It’s related to cannabis!Umm…so, got it?The trendsetter I’m talkin’ about is ‘CALIFORNIA SOBER’. Heard of it before? Of co
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How to Not Miss Out on First Time Patient Dispensary Deals in 2019
Have you just gotten your first medical marijuana card? Do you want to make sure that you never miss out on first time patient dispensary deals?Nothing can be more exciti
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Celebrate Mother’s Day By Gifting Your Mom a 420 Evaluation This Year
Every mother’s day goes by with the same old clothes and jewelry gifts. Why not do something different for her this year.Struggling with ideas?Don’t worry! I have some gift ideas lined up for you.Does your mother suffer from a medical
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Microdosing with medical marijuana: Less is more!
What’s your benchmark of cannabis consumption? I am sure it’s THC!Well, that’s understandable. The high is the prime reason why people swear by medical marijuana. To be honest, it actually feels great while being pitched up high in the clou
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How to Act at a Cannabis Store
A dispensary is definitely not a new term but it is a word that you probably hear more often recently. Living in a world where it is opening up to cannabis use, a dispensary serves the need for medicinal or recreational users of marijuana. Some state
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Can You Get Evicted If Caught Smoking Cannabis In California?
Do you smoke cannabis? If yes, where do you smoke it?Most often, the answer would be within a private area where you are not in view of the general public.But what if your landlord does not allow smoking cannabis in the building? Can you get
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California Senate approves the bill extending temporary cannabis licenses
Planning to cultivate cannabis? Emerging news will come as a breath of fresh air for you. Ever since cannabis became legal in California, it has induced a wave of new changes. The industry is continuously booming and i
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