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How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System? - September 13, 2019

How often do you consume cannabis edibles? I do it twice a week! Well, I must tell you that after smoking and vaping, consuming edibles is one of the most popular ways to ingest cannabis. The high is pretty different too. It’s intense and long-lasting.

Surely, the popularity of edibles banks on the effects it produces. Also, it’s a perfect option for people who are not comfortable with smoking. So, we do have options for cannabis dosing. Smoking, vaping, dabbing and of course, our center of focus here—Edibles!

Understanding THC

Yes, you heard that right! When you smoke cannabis, the active compounds THC and CBD, get absorbed into the bloodstream. In fact, it’s the quickest way to feel the effects of cannabis. Now, if you undergo a drug test, would it detect the presence of THC?

Yes, it would! THC stays in your system for days after smoking. Well, how is this happening? That’s because THC dissolves in fats and stays in the system. So, when you consume cannabis, it’s not flushed out immediately. It dissolves in the fat cells and is stored until you burn the fat.

As you know, the metabolism of fat is relatively slow. So, THC takes time to exit your system. If you have a healthy metabolism, the mechanism will be quicker. There are other factors that influence this too. These include the fat content in the body, the rate of cannabis consumption and the mode of intake.

So, which one lasts longer? Smoking or eating edibles?

Well, the answer is edibles. When you consume cannabis edibles, the active compounds stay in your system for a longer duration. There are different ways of testing the THC presence. These include the urine test, saliva test, hair follicle test, and blood test.

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

Typically, when someone smokes cannabis, it stays in the system for about 3-4 days. The duration depends on the rate of metabolism and other related factors. Now, if you eat an edible, the duration can go up to 15 days. So yeah, there is clearly a difference

You need to understand that when you ingest cannabis, the mechanism of absorption varies depending upon the method you choose. Like it’s pretty different in the case of smoking. The same goes for consuming edibles too.

When you inhale or smoke cannabis, THC gets absorbed in the lungs. It goes directly into the bloodstream. Then, it reaches the brain and produces a high. All of this happens pretty quickly. It exits the body through waste and some of it is stored in the fat cells.

The scenario is pretty different in the case of marijuana edibles. When you eat a cannabis edible, it goes directly into the stomach and then gets absorbed in the blood. This process is relatively slower than in the case of smoking.

Also, when you eat an edible, THC goes to the liver from the stomach. The liver secretes bile which facilitates fat absorption. So, as a result, your body absorbs more THC than expected. The effects are understandably more intense than in the case of smoking.

Do Edibles Show up on Drug Test?

If the edibles contain THC, then they will show up on a drug test. Ingesting THC is no different than smoking it. In both cases, THC enters your system. As a matter of fact, when you ingest an edible THC stays in your system for a much longer time because of the way the body processes them. So an edibles drug test detects THC for a much longer time. Here is a timeline for how much time THC can be detected in your system

  • Blood: 3-4 Hours
  • Urine: 3-30 Days
  • Saliva: 24-72 Hours
  • Hair: Upto 90 Days

Ideally, you should contact a 420 doctor who can guide you towards taking a safe dose. He can provide you with a medical cannabis card if you qualify. With that, you get the legal right to access cannabis products from the dispensary.

Cannabis Edibles are pretty effective. If you take the right dose, you can surely reap loads of benefits.

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