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New California Bill to Curb Illegal Cannabis Shops’ Ads on Weedmaps and Others
Since the year medical marijuana becomes legal in California, the state is struggling to curb the black market. There's a wide range of i
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New To Cannabis World? Use Pre-rolled Joints To Get Relief
Cannabis has been around for a long time now. And the good news is it’s now legal in most states. People with medical conditions can legally buy and consume it to get relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety and more. And many people are! It’s
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Comedian Chelsea Handler Announces Investment in a Major Cannabis Content Company
Currently, the cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate. As per a new report by Read More
Cerebral Palsy is Now Added in Michigan’s MMJ Qualifying Conditions’ List
According to the Cerebral Palsy Facts and Statistics by, about 764,000
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How Medical Marijuana Helps Elderly Feel Better?
Medical marijuana provides unlimited health benefits but has yet to be completely accepted by the medical community. There has been an ongoing debate over the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana. While many states in the United States have l
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Why Jim and Jam of Medical Cannabis Need To Be Together?
I am sure everybody would be aware of the iconic American classic Sandwich- Peanut butter and jelly.  Now, imagine what would it be like if you would have to eat them separately? Nah! The taste sucks! Wha
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Cannabis and Driving – Is it Legal if You Have Cannabis Recommendation in California?
Now that medical cannabis is legal in the state of California, many individuals have been able to alleviate the symptoms of their medical cond
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MMJ Doctors in San Diego Recommend Cannabis for Muscle Spasms
After a hard workout session, having a tight cramp in the arm or other area is common. Sometimes muscle spasms are chronic and may range from uncomfortable to painful. There’re certain disorders and diseases that cause muscle spasms. And, many t
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Hottest Cannabis Industry Jobs In California!
“Hey! What’s hot right now?” “Are you in California?” “Yes!! Why?” “Coz if you’re in Cali, no matter what the scene is, there is one thing which is always hot!! CANNABIS!! The cannabis industry is in an ever blooming
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