Benefits Of Medical Marijuana You Should Know - September 28, 2022

Marijuana as a plant contains over 100 different compounds or otherwise known as
cannabinoids, with each having different effects on the body. Marijuana has evolved from
being a drug abused by people and ultimately destroyed by the government and other

Medical Marijuana comes from the medical use of Marijuana plants to treat health conditions
and relieve some symptoms. Marijuana has been used as a medical herb for centuries until
the early 1900s when several countries started to put measures to curtail its consumption
due to the abuse.

THC And CBD In Marijuana

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC and Cannabidiol (CBD), are the two major
compounds found in Marijuana. It should be noted that both perform different functions.
CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in Marijuana and is thought to be the main
compound responsible for the medical benefits of Marijuana. One CBD oil extract product for
epilepsy that is currently undergoing clinical trials is Epidiolex. This proves how medicine is
slowly embracing the medical benefits of CBD.

THC, on the other hand, is the compound in Marijuana that is solely responsible for the
feeling of being "high" most people feel. Aside from the high effects of THC, it is also used in
some drugs approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) for the vomiting and
nausea experienced by those receiving chemotherapy. The substances in these drugs are
called the synthetics of THC.

There are lots of medical Marijuana products that include different ranges of THC and CBD,
with experts saying that one serving of these medications should contain about 10mg of

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Health Benefits Of Marijuana

The health benefits of Marijuana are still under examination in several labs around the world.
Some have results proving the health benefits of Marijuana; others didn’t find any health
benefits, while some were declared inconclusive.

It is understood that the benefits derived from medical Marijuana are tied to the
Endocannabinoid system in the body. This is because it is responsible for the modulation of
the immune system, promotes neuroplasticity, and modulates cognitive and emotional

functions. The cognitive and emotional functions include the feeling of hunger (appetite),
digestive functions, motivation, and learning.

Is It Legal To Use Medical Marijuana?

About 23 states in the US have legalized the use of medical Marijuana with other underlying
restrictions that are unique to each state. You should note that the legality of medical
Marijuana is not from the federal level; each state binds. It is best to ensure that the use of
medical Marijuana is legalized in your state before you go shopping for one.

In states where medical Marijuana is legalized, a medical card, amongst other documents, is
issued to allow the purchase and consumption of medical Marijuana without getting into
the trouble with officials. Before the medical card is issued, a medical recommendation,
authorization, or prescription from your physician certifying that you need medical Marijuana
for your health condition is required.

Where To Buy Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is available in shops, often referred to as dispensaries. There you can
find medical Marijuana in different forms like oil extracts, edibles, or as a substance inhaled.
You would need a medical Marijuana card to be able to purchase medical Marijuana in
dispensaries. The means and steps of getting medical Marijuana are varied by the state you
live in. You would need a recommendation from a licensed physician to place a request for a
medical Marijuana card.

Benefits Of Medical Marijuana For You

Medical Marijuana

The level of medical research carried out on medical Marijuana is limited due to the ban it
faces at the federal level. So getting to know the disease helps one at a time is tedious.
However, regardless of the huge backlash medical Marijuana faces by the general public,
some diseases getgeneratednia

The team-up between THC and CBD has been closely related to sound sleep in its users.
The effect may be short-term, but it sure has eased the stress of sleeplessness experienced
by those who use it.

People who suffer from sleep apnea, sclerosis, and anxiety have given medical Marijuana a
try, and it sure has helped them get better rest.

It is necessary to note that using THC for sleep can be tricky because too much of it can
keep you awake. A larger percentage of people who have tried medical Marijuana for sleep
have said it worked well.

Chronic Pain

The relief that comes from the use of medical Marijuana cannot be underestimated. There
has been an increasing number of people choosing cannabis in the form of medicine to help
ease their severe pains.

People who experience peripheral neuropathy from nerve pains that come with diabetes,
cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, joint, and muscle problems, and pains from chemotherapy
sessions, amongst others, use medical marijuana. There have been great reports from these
people who have felt better after use.

Cancer Pains

The side effects of cancer treatments include loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss, and
vomiting, and Marijuana has been closely associated with easing them. This does not mean
that medical Marijuana cures cancer; it only just helps you feel less of the pains that come
with chemotherapy sessions.

PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression

Another benefit of medical Marijuana is shown to lift a sore mood or soothe tension and
anxiety. Many people who buy medical Marijuana in dispensaries have acknowledged how
much it helps ease anxiety.

Treating PTSD with Medical Marijuana has grown increasingly popular and seems to be
what it is mostly used for. THC and CBD, as compounds in medical Marijuana, may help
soften triggered bad memories.
There have been reports about people with PTSD having better sleep and deeper
nightmares after using medical Marijuana, so it does offer such benefits.

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Other Health Conditions

There are several health conditions that medical Marijuana is used for; this, however, is more
common among older adults. These include:

● Alzheimer,s Disease Symptoms
● Parkinson Disease
● Glaucoma
● Dementia
● Migraines
● Fibromyalgia


The potency of medical Marijuana is dependent on the form in which it is consumed and the cannabis
plant strain.
Before going into medical Marijuana for any treatment, consult with your doctor and get the
medications from a certified source.

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