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How only a medical marijuana card can help you get “high” this New Year - December 20, 2017

With less than two weeks left before New Year’s eve, it seems that some Californian cities are yet to introduce retail marijuana dispensaries. So, if you have decided to enjoy recreational cannabis in 2018, think again.
But first, please read this article carefully as for why medical-card is a better option for you to get “high” January 2018 onward.

On paper, California’s adult-use cannabis retail stores should be open on January 1, 2018. But it seems most cities are yet to prepare to open dispensaries for adult-use cannabis.
Though, there a few cities which are expected to start adult-use cannabis dispensaries on January 1, 2018, still such dispensaries would be limited in number.
If you have any plans for the coming new year to enjoy the first legalized recreational-use cannabis, we’ve compiled a list of cities that are ready to open dispensaries in the Golden State.
Los Angeles:  Though L.A. allows retail cannabis stores, the stores won’t be licensed by January 1. So please do not wait until January 1 for recreational marijuana sales.
San Francisco: This city also allows retail cannabis stores, but they most likely won’t be licensed by January 1.
Fresno: Please opt for a medical marijuana card as soon as possible, because this city does not permit retail cannabis stores.
Long Beach:  As Long Beach is currently licensing medical cannabis dispensaries, it does not allow adult-use retail stores. For recreational-use cannabis in this city, users would have to wait until Jun 2018.
Bakersfield:  Again, sorry! Retail cannabis stores are prohibited in Bakersfield.
Anaheim: Anaheim does not allow retail cannabis stores in the city.
Santa Ana: Although the city allows retail cannabis stores, but they might not be licensed until January 1. Maybe the city will go to first openings in the later week or so.
Riverside:  The city prohibits all cannabis businesses.
Stockton: Medical users in Stockton can’t complain of any dirge in their cannabis consumption since the city has already approved four medical cannabis dispensaries, but is yet to allow retail adult-use stores. So get your medical-card soon and enjoy your legal right to medical cannabis.
San Bernardino:  The city has legalized both medical and adult-use cannabis, but retail stores would probably not open in January.
Modesto:  The city council has recently voted to allow almost 10 retail cannabis stores. It is still unclear whether the city will be ready to open up retail cannabis stores on January 1.
San Diego:  The people of this city have a reason to wait desperately for marijuana sales to commence in their hometown. Retail Stores are expected to be open on  January 1.
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