Medical Marijuana Doctors in California - December 25, 2022

Through Online Medical Card, receiving a Medical Marijuana card in California is now easier than ever. The process is simple to connect with a marijuana doctor in California online. Firstly, to legally possess Marijuana in the state of California, there is a process that can be followed online. This process begins with an online application. To do so requires that the potential MMJ card registers on the Online Medical Card website. 

Through this application, the Medical Card recipient will provide any details that are necessary, as well as complete an online payment. This is necessary in order to proceed to a medical evaluation for the potential medical marijuana patient. This information will be kept secure and confidential as the doctor must adhere to HIPAA guidelines which guarantee the safety of patient information. 

Step 1: Consultation with Marijuana Doctor

First, the potential patient must have a consultation with a marijuana doctor. This can be done via phone or video call using our service. The evaluation will be conducted with a California state-certified doctor. This doctor will assess the previously completed application to decide if the medical condition provided qualifies for a medical marijuana card, or the doctor will determine that the applicant does not qualify. For a potential patient to qualify, they must be of legal age which is 18 years old. Next, they must adhere to the requirements of California’s Health and Safety Codes. Qualifying conditions for Medical Marijuana in California are the following: Cancer, Cachexia, Chronic Pain, Glaucoma, Migraines, HIV/AIDS, Anorexia, Arthritis, Severe Nausea, Muscle Spasms, and Seizures. Other qualifications include that the condition or symptoms hinders the applicant’s ability to complete day-to-day activities. These may include moving, sleeping, eating, and other vital functions of daily life. The last way for a condition to qualify is if the applicant’s condition puts the applicant’s safety at risk whether this is their physical or mental safety.  

21 Years Old Age limit For Recreational and 18 for Medical

For California state law recreational cannabis has an age limit of twenty-one years old. This differs from Medical Marijuana patients in that they can legally possess and use marijuana at eighteen years of age. In Addition, cardholders benefit from a form of legal security. Medical Marijuana cardholders can both purchase and cultivate cannabis without any legal repercussions. Along with these other benefits, Medical Marijuana patients may benefit from tax exemptions. California state marijuana laws state that medical cannabis consumers may be exempt from paying a sales tax. This is also true for use tax when a Medical Marijuana cardholder is buying cannabis from legal dispensaries.

Application Approval

In addition, if the doctor qualifies the applicant based on California state laws, the applicant will receive a PDF of a signed recommendation. This PDF will be sent via email. After receiving this recommendation, the cardholder can now legally purchase medical cannabis that is of the legal limit, from a nearby dispensary. It is important to note that the cardholder must pay two separate fees. Since the card is issued by the state of California there is a state fee that must be paid, in addition to the doctor’s consultation fee.

Step 2: Validate Medical Marijuana Doctor’s Recommendation To Dispensaries To Increase Your Buying Limit

Patients are allowed to buy more THC products than recreational users. To get verified at a dispensary, you must be either an adult that is twenty-one years or older, or an eighteen-year-old who has a physician’s recommendation. Retailers then verify individuals through one of the following: a Government issued photo ID, for example a driver’s license, a Military photo ID card, or a passport. 

Step 3 Buy Cannabis At Dispensaries

After getting approved, it’s important to learn about the limits of purchasable medical cannabis.

Possession Laws in California for Medical and Recreational Users

Possession laws for the state of California are as follows, for recreational use there is a limit of one ounce of Cannabis. However, for medical cardholders, the legal limit of possession is up to eight ounces of cannabis. Next, is the lower age limit. 

Cannabis Possession Limits

 The weight allowed for a medical user is about eight ounces, whereas the limit is one ounce for recreational users. cardholders receive access to a variety of cannabis products from around a thousand unique dispensaries throughout the state of California. Lastly, Medical Marijuana users have more relaxed limitations regarding cannabis. Cannabis patients have more flexible potency limits, as well as cultivation limits. This means that patients have more legal protection while growing their own cannabis. They can also travel with medical cannabis, which is a right that is not afforded towards recreational users. 

Cannabis Plant Limit for MMJ Patients 

Medical cannabis users are allowed to cultivate six mature and six immature plants. Additionally, there are certain rights afforded towards someone with a doctors recommendation for cannabis when it comes to the cultivation of cannabis. In California, the law states that a Medical Marijuana patient may legally grow cannabis from the comfort of their own home. 

This is what the baseline limit is, but through the approval of a doctor a patient may be able to increase this limit up to ninety-nine plants in total. In California, it is also legal for adults twenty-one and older who are recreational consumers, to grow at home. 

99 Plant Medical Cannabis License

With a growers license in California, it’s possible to grow ninety-nine plants through a doctor’s approval. If a doctor deems the patient’s condition to be worthy of more cultivation, they can grant a patient a license to do so. Another limitation to the cultivation of Cannabis at home is that the law in California prohibits growing for commercial purposes. This means that the patient must be the one using what is grown, and instead are prohibited from selling what is grown from their home.

Renewal of an MMJ Card

We offer a fast and convenient way to renew your California MMJ card online. Another consultation is required from a doctor once your MMJ card expires. Renewing a Medical Marijuana Card is a simple process. The first step requires reaching out to the county in California. There is a fee that will not exceed $100, as that’s the limit allowed for the county to charge. 


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