Growing Cannabis in California

Cannabis was legalized for medical use in California more than 24 years ago. For the first time, people were allowed to legally grow and use cannabis to manage their conditions. Up to today, California remains among the states where cannabis is grown in large quantities.

Over the past few years, cannabis has been considered as one of the most lucrative businesses in the world with its stock exchange market on a constant rise. In comparison to other states in the country, California’s cannabis regulations are less strict. People are allowed to grow medical cannabis if they meet the requirements. All you need is a medical cannabis recommendation and you can grow your favorite strains in your backyard legally. But this comes with certain restrictions.


Growing Cannabis For Medical Purposes

1. Cost-Effective

Saves money that you were going to spend in a cannabis dispensary.

2. Convenient

No need to go anywhere to purchase your supply of medical cannabis.

3. Quality

Don’t have to worry about the quality of the product you are consuming.

4. Control

You control the type, produce, and quality of the plant you are growing.

5. Supply

Growing your own cannabis means you will never run out of your medication.

6. Modifications

You get to make the modifications you desire to achieve the effects you need.

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Growing Cannabis with a Medical Cannabis Recommendation

If you live in California, all you need a medical cannabis recommendation from a licensed medical health professional to grow the herb legally in the state for medical use. To obtain the recommendation, you must be 18 years or older. Also, you must be suffering from conditions mentioned as per California’s medical marijuana program.

You can apply online and get the recommendation within just a few minutes. We have a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform that helps you get a recommendation from the comforts of your home. We house a team of licensed 420 doctors who evaluate the patient’s condition and if they feel he qualifies for the state medical marijuana program, the patient receives the recommendation through email within minutes. After you obtain the recommendation, you are allowed to possess and grow medical cannabis in the state of California.

Licensed Doctors

You will be evaluated by board-certified 420 doctors.


Telemedicine Platform

Consult doctors through HIPAA compliant online portal.


Hassle-Free Process

Your grower’s license is just three simple steps away.


Safe & Secure

All your personal information is kept safe and secure.

Grower’s License

Do You Need a Grower’s License?

Growing cannabis seems like a lot of hassle. But all that is worth it when you get the final product. Not only do you save a lot of money but also you get to grow and modify the plant the way you want to. Try! Growing can be a very relaxing and rewarding hobby.

Growing your own cannabis allows you to save a lot of money that you would have spent at a dispensary. Better yet, growing cannabis at home, you rely less on dispensaries and take control of your own supply. Also, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your product. At the end of the day, it is undeniable that consuming homegrown cannabis comes with a range of benefits and all you need is a grower’s license.

Get your license
Growers Recommendation

How to Get a Growers Recommendation?

A grower’s recommendation allows a person to grow more than the initial 6 or 12 immature plants in California for personal use. You can get a medical marijuana grower’s license in 3 simple steps through our telemedicine portal. If approved by our licensed 420 doctors, you will receive the recommendation through email within minutes.

The process is similar to that of getting a medical cannabis recommendation. Apply online and you will be evaluated by a licensed doctor via video call. After you receive the recommendation, you can go ahead and purchase the seedlings for your cannabis plants. The law states that you can grow up to 99 plants with the grower’s license but remember you are only allowed to grow cannabis for medical use only. Yes, the law allows you to grow up to 99 plants but it involves certain restrictions. As you cannot consume 99 plants and the recommendation states that it is for personal use only, so before setting up your canna garden with these many plants, make sure you don’t grow more than you need. Because if you do that, you may face criminal prosecution.

Recreational User Vs Medical User

Growing Cannabis as Recreational User Vs Medical User

Recreational cannabis became legal in the state of California in 2016. Although, the herb became legally available to be purchased for recreational use in 2018. After this legalization, people started wondering if they still required a recommendation. Although growing laws differ from city to city, medical cannabis patients are allowed to grow up to six mature plants. Or else, they can grow up to 12 immature medical cannabis plants per residency.

This number further increases if you get a grower’s license. However, recreational users above the age of 21 are only allowed to grow up to 5 recreational cannabis plants per residency. If a person surpasses this limit, he may face criminal prosecution. That is why it is essential to understand cannabis grow rules if you don’t want to end up in jail.

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