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L.A. Kush “Red Box” Indica Strain Review - November 16, 2021

Since the market is packed with products up to the brim, it is difficult for people to choose one product. The influx of new products is so great that we are entirely dependent on reviews to figure out which might be most suitable for us.

If you are on the lookout for a good or a rather effective Indica strain, we have just the one for you. L.A. Kush “Red Box” Indica Strain is often regarded by many as one of the best in the market. This review, hence, covers all relevant information from the packaging of the product to the potency of this strain. The effectiveness of the desired results and its price point will obviously play a key role in the success of this product. For the benefit of the customers, we decided to try out and review this Red Box Indica Strain – L.A. Kush.

L.A. Kush Red Box Indica Strain Product Specifications

This L.A. Kush Red Box Indica Strain comes in a variety of sizes of 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 14 grams, and 28 grams. This gives the customer, especially a beginner, a lot of choice in the matter. The lineage of the L.A. Kush flower strain is unclear, the closest identification as per the brand is a cross between Hardcore OG and King Skywalker.

The percentage of THC lies between the range of 19-21% in the whole flower. And as per the label on the side of the box, it consists of 8.04 mg of Delta-9 THC and 250 mg of THC per gram of the strain and it has little to no traces of CBD. Considering the chemical profile, microdosing is important for consumers considering to use the L.A. Kush strain.

Packaging and Product Design

Good packaging affects the buying behavior of a consumer. The packaging is not just judged on the way it appeals to the eye of the customer but also how it accurately represents the image of the company.

The Cherry red color of this box from L.A. Kush strain is quite eye-catching. You can easily hold the whole box within the palms of your hand due to its small dimensions. The smooth and glossy cover of this box only holds the name of the brand which lends a rather sophisticated look to the product. The box is recyclable and the jar inside the box is of glass instead of plastic. Which directly reflects the brand’s conscious efforts to save the environment. Additionally, a glass jar makes the cannabis storage process rather easier.

The only form of labeling on the box showcases:

  • A government warning
  • The net weight specifications
  • The ‘Indica strain’ indication
  • A label from the testing lab which has the concentration of THC, date of manufacturing, expiration date, etc.

Proper labeling adds credibility to the product as a whole. The only thing that we feel is lacking is more information on the type of strain that it is. The unclear lineage is a bit of a mystery that should get uncovered at the very first glance for the customer.

Potency & Effectiveness

A cannabis strain is good only when the potency is high and the desired effect is strongly felt by the user. As soon as you open the jar of the L.A. Kush “Red Box” Indica Strain, the overpowering aroma is sure to hit your nostrils. This directly tells heaps about the potency of the product. Since the aroma is so inviting and potent, the user wants to try it as soon as possible.

The immediate effect after the first few puffs of this flower strain is so soothing and relaxing that you would want to relax back on your couch. The mood upliftment effects that the smoking of this light strain causes in the user is honestly impressive. The deep woody scent of it is often described by the user as piney or grassy. The aroma does slightly have hints of lavender and mint which only add to the whole experience.

One thing that a user must always keep in mind is that the elevated THC content will lead to a strong feeling of ‘high’. After only a few puffs it is possible to be completely stoned so use it carefully keeping in mind the timing and strength of the desired effect. It works wonderfully for patients with chronic pain as well as for a patient with anxiety. Safe to say the potency and effectiveness of this strain make it worth the price.

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There is no way an outrageously priced product will become popular among those belonging to all economic backgrounds. Hence it is important that the product is somewhat affordable so that a large population can buy it easily. With this logic, it becomes imperative for this strain to fall into a rather affordable category.

For instance, the 3.5 g jar of L.A. Kush strain flower costs about 50$ at most retail stores. This is quite an affordable price for a basic customer of flower strains. Compare it to any of the other popular strains which offer similar effects and you will be able to make out the difference yourself.

How the Online Medical Card Team Rates This Product

We have decided to rate this product based on each important characteristic as given below.

Product Packaging: 3.5/5

  • Quite an attractive bright red box and the glass jar inside is protected well.
  • Labeling is detailed with a government warning and test reports. However, it does not have the genetic information and other important details about the strain itself.
  • Does not have a moisture resistant covering.

Flavor: 4/5

  • The flavor is sharp, crisp and delicious.
  • Taste can be described as piney and woody with hints of lemon.

Aroma: 4.5/5

  • Strong and potent aroma.
  • Smells woody, piney and lemony, exactly how it tastes.

Appearance: 5/5

  • The strain bud looks incredible with well-formed trichomes.
  • Dense, a tad bit sticky, but truly wonderful.

Effects: 4.5/5

  • Strong effects can be felt within minutes of consuming this strain bud.
  • Improves the overall mood and reduces anxiety.

Affordability Index: 4.5/5

  • 50$ for a 3.5 g strain bud is a fair price by all standards.

Overall Rating of L.A. Kush “Red Box” Indica Strain: 4.5

After reviewing the product our final verdict is that this is quite a special strain that deserves its due recognition. It is a must-try product if potency, effectiveness, and affordability are important to you. Overall, we give L.A. Kush Indica strain flower a solid 4.5 rating from our side.

One thing that you need to be cautious of is the strength of the effect and if your body can handle it. Trying out strains to cater to your bodily healthcare issues is quite normal but it is not necessary that each strain will definitely work for you. The best way to find out if you should try a particular strain or not is by consulting a medical marijuana doctor online.

Hopefully, this review has been of great use for you, do share your personal experiences with us to add to the conversation!

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