Guide To Storing Your Marijuana

A Cannabis Doctor’s Guide To Storing Your Marijuana - November 08, 2020

If you are new to storing cannabis, it’s important to understand the basics. That’s because of the lack of proper storage practices can have a negative impact on the quality of buds. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology mentions that cannabinoids can remain intact for up to two years if cured and stored properly. Confused? A cannabis doctor can give you more insight into the whole process. So, if your idea of storing cannabis is throwing a sandwich bag in a random drawer, you’re knocking on the wrong door. Well, let’s understand how it’s done.

Cannabis Doctor Lists The Important Factors to Consider

Storing cannabis boils down to a pool of vital factors that dictate the quality and potency of your buds. Ideally, you would want your buds to last for years. Well, it’s not hard to achieve if you follow the basic steps.

Store in Mason Jars at a Cool and Dark Place

A temperature in the range of 15-21°C or 60-70°F works best provided you store it in a dark place. The presence of light can directly impact the quality of cannabis. Sunlight, in particular, has UV-rays that can reduce the potency and spoil the bud’s taste. In fact, a study conducted by the University of London supports this claim. It mentions that the presence of light can degrade the quality of cannabis. This clearly points to the importance of storing the herb in a dark place.

It’s a good idea to get wide-mouthed mason jars. You can easily find them at home improvement or grocery stores. Glass jars are ideal because they protect the buds from air and moisture. Plus, they help in keeping the smell intact because the buds cannot be crushed while handling. For maximum shelf-life, make sure the jars are 3/4th full to minimize the presence of air. So, if you have less herb, use a small mason jar.

Freeze The Buds For Long-Term Storage

This might sound like a weird idea but freezing actually works great for long-term storage. Just make sure that the buds are completely dry. Next, you need to grab the freezer bags and double pack them. It’s a good idea to add an additional layer of aluminum foil to seal the packet completely. If you don’t want to use freezer bags, you can store them directly in air-tight mason jars. Freezing is a good idea because it locks the potency and flavor of the buds. Well, you’ll just have to be a bit careful while handling them. Trichomes are brittle at freezing temperatures and can break off if you touch them directly. So, it’s better if you allow them to reach room temperature first.

Avoid Plastic Baggies 

For non-growers, plastic baggies are the top choice for storing cannabis. Well, these are not suited for long-term use because the quality of buds degrades over time. Plus, buds tend to lose their potency and become brittle. So, it’s hard to handle them because they crumble pretty easily. Plastic baggies are only suited for short-term use and small quantity. It’s a better idea to use a UV-proof glass box or mason jar.

Don’t Refrigerate

The fact that freezing is a great option, you might be tempted to refrigerate your buds. Well, that’s a bad idea because it brings in moisture that spoils the quality of buds. It causes mold and fungus making the herb unfit for use. So, either store the buds out of the fridge or store it directly in the freezer.

Things to Consider Before Storing Your Buds

Cure The Buds For At Least 4 Weeks Before Storing As Per Cannabis Doctors 

You don’t have to store the buds directly after harvest. This is especially applicable when you are planning to store them for a long-time. Curing is important because the smoothness and potency of the buds improve to a great extent during the entire process. So, you get a better flavor and aroma that is ideal for a relaxing cannabis experience. As a cannabis doctor, we can tell you that this plays a huge part in the entire medical experience.

Keep a Check on The Humidity

Humidity is an important factor that dictates the quality of buds. If the buds are moist, it can attract mold build-up. This will hamper the quality and taste of the herb. Ideally, the humidity should be around 55-62% when you’re storing the buds. It’s a good idea to get a humidity monitor that will allow you to keep the humidity levels in check.

Avoid Temperature Fluctuations

Heat and middling temperatures are a straight NO while storing weed. Ideally, the temperature should be in the range of 60-70°C or below 0°C for best results. Temperature fluctuations have a negative impact on the quality of buds. Plus, don’t store them near electronics that dissipate heat. Just try to maintain a constant temperature during the entire length of storage and you’ll get optimum quality buds.

Don’t Use Tobacco Humidors

Tobacco humidifiers are usually made from cedar wood which has a distinct smell that can easily spread to the herb. As a result, the whole flavor of cannabis changes. These humidors have sponges that use propylene glycol to regulate humidity. This can lead to over-saturation and spoil the overall quality of cannabis.

Avoid Metal 

Just like plastic and wood, you should also avoid metal containers. That’s because it can impact the taste and smell of your buds. That’s why it’s recommended that you use glass containers that keep the buds in an air-free medium ideal for maintaining the quality. Your best bet would be to get a quartz-sized mason jar which is a tried and tester container for storing cannabis.

What About Cannabis-Infused Products?

If you are planning to store cannabis products like edibles and beverages, you need to read the guidelines on the label. Each product usually comes with an expiry date based on the ingredients used. So, make sure you read them carefully before storing the edibles and check-up with your cannabis doctor as well. Plus, store them in child-proof containers so that your kids cannot access them. Use a similar approach for tinctures and oils for safe storage.

Bottom Line

With this insight into storing cannabis, you can surely store your herb safely for years. Other than that, if you have any questions, you can have a word with a cannabis doctor. The expert can educate you about the right approach and help you dive into a satisfactory cannabis experience.

Online Medical Card Team

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