Using CBD Oil for Acne is a great choice for Skin Care Therapy
CBD Oil for Acne

CBD Oil for Acne: Skin Care at its Best - November 30, 2018

You clean your face regularly that too twice daily.

You abide by all the skincare rules and procedures.

Still, you are suffering from acne!

As a follow-up procedure, you see a dermatologist, buy expensive products.

And, then what happens?

Acne still comes back.

Isn’t it annoying?

Around 85% of the people have to deal with acne at some point in their lives.

In this article, we will look at some of the therapeutic benefits of adding CBD oil for acne or your skincare regime.

Acne – A Review

Acne is a most common skin condition where the skin’s pores get clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells. It usually affects the face, chest, back, shoulders, and neck.

While men also have acne issues, but, women are generally the target of a mild form of acne due to the continuous hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle.

Acne and EC system

When the ECS functions normally, the biological processes in the skin are very well balanced. These processes include proliferation, apoptosis or hormone production in various cell types and appendages such as sebaceous glands.

But, if this balance gets disrupted, it might facilitate the development of pathological skin conditions such as Acne.

Hence, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a significant role when skin comes in contact with any allergic foreign substance by reducing the amounts of chemokines and cytokines that produce inflammation and the pain associated with it.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Acne

CBD is a type of cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant which is not psychoactive. It has a potent anti-inflammatory property  which helps to reduce the inflammation associated with acne. Along with that, CBD activates the endocannabinoid system by acting as a reuptake inhibitor of the natural endocannabinoid, anandamide.

Role of Cannabidiol for Skin Care

  • Maintains Oil Production

CBD controls the proliferation of human sebocyte by stimulating the TRPV4 receptors thus reducing the multiplication of sebocytes.

It also regulates the oil production by inhibiting the overall production of sebum. Not only this, it also inhibits lipid production in your skin cells which leads to a less oily skin. Hence, manages acne effectively.

  • Reduces Inflammation

CBD oil reduces the inflammation by regulating the production of collagen, thereby allowing the skin to begin healing scars.

  • Reduces Scars

CBD has antiproliferative properties that help in minimizing the spread of damaged skin cells formed because of acne.

It also promotes the regeneration of new skin cells which ensures healing the acne scar wounds, thereby eventually reducing the risk of infection.

You can use CBD oil for acne caused by any of the following reasons:

  • Inherited
  • Changing hormonal levels during puberty and women’s menstrual cycle
  • Certain drugs like corticosteroids, lithium, and barbiturates
  • Some cosmetics

Also, CBD oil effectively works against any type of acne like:

  • Whiteheads that stay under the skin surface
  • Blackheads which rise to the surface of the skin
  • Papules that are the tender, small pink bumps
  • Pustules which have pus with the red lesion on the bottom
  • Nodules which are the large, painful pimples that are present deep inside the skin
  • Cysts that may result in scars

How to use CBD oil for Acne?

You can apply CBD Oil directly to the affected area. However, the amount will vary for every person. Therefore, you must consult an mmj doctor about the exact amount and frequency for applying CBD oil.

Like any other OTC brand, there are different varieties of CBD products available like Whoopi and Maya, Charlotte’s Web and many more.

Therefore, we insist using only legal products that contain high-quality CBD oil as it is advisable to use CBD from organic sources instead of any GMO’s.

Bottom line is that CBD oil is reported to be more effective than other conventional acne medications, which target even the healthy cells, thus can cause dry, irritated itchy skin.

More than 30% of the acne sufferers rely usually on the over the counter products besides the one who use prescription medications to heal their condition. But, these products have only a short span usage.

Therefore, choose wisely and incorporate CBD oil products as a part of acne treatment therapy today.

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