California Residents Can Now Use Their Medical Card in Nevada

California Residents Can Now Use Their Medical Card in Nevada - July 07, 2022

Residents of California can legally purchase cannabis in Nevada with a legit, non-expired California medical marijuana card. The NRS chapter 543a specifies certain legal provisions for Medical Marijuana Use in Nevada. This includes a list of Miscellaneous Provisions which also specifies medical marijuana use for non residents.

It states, “Medical marijuana dispensaries authorized to dispense marijuana to non-residents of this State under certain circumstances.” Thus, permitting non residents with a medical card to shop at dispensaries in Nevada. All laws of the Nevada medical marijuana program apply to out-of-state patients.

This is possible due to the medical marijuana reciprocity laws in Nevada. Reciprocity means that a qualified MMJ patient with a valid card of their state, is allowed to purchase cannabis from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in another state. They would also be entitled to the same benefits as MMJ patients in that state.

Even though Nevada has an established medical marijuana reciprocity program, California MMJ patients have to follow some rules for using, possessing and purchasing medical marijuana in Nevada.

  • They may legally purchase cannabis from a state-licensed retail store. All other sources are deemed illegal.
  • They may possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis and ⅛ ounce of concentrated cannabis.
  • The possession and purchase limit should not exceed 2.5 oz. (10 g of THC).
  • Consumers must have proper identification proving they are 21 or older.
  • Consumers may not use cannabis in any public place or in a moving vehicle in Nevada.
  • Consumption is only allowed at a private residence.
  • Under the NRS 453D.100, the landlord may prohibit tenants from consuming, cultivating, processing, manufacturing, and delivering cannabis on their private property.
  • Marijuana should not be transported in plain sight. It needs to be in a sealed container.
  • Nevada DUI laws prohibit anyone from driving under the influence of marijuana.
  • Possessing with the intent to distribute is a major felony.

How to Get a California MMJ Card?

California residents need an MMJ card of their state to qualify for all the benefits of the Nevada medical marijuana program. They cannot obtain a Nevada medical card because being a legal resident of the state is necessary; however, they can still apply for a California MMJ card remotely.

Telemedicine platforms can help patients connect with a doctor remotely and complete a virtual medical evaluation.

With platforms like Online Medical Card, getting a California MMJ card is a lot more convenient and affordable as compared to other sources. Once you receive your recommendation, you can register with the state program and get your MMJ card. As long as your card is valid and not expired, you can use it in Nevada and legally possess, buy and purchase cannabis there.

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