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Orange County

The Orange County is one of the most populous counties in the United States. The county has over three million population and hence makes it the sixth most populous county in the United States. With several cities of the county on the Pacific coast, it has various beaches along with its 40 miles of coastline.
Inhabited by the native Americans for a long time, it was finally in 1776 when the first European settled in the area. He named the area as Valle the Santa  Ana. In the 1860s, there was a severe drought and hence much land was in the possession of three people. In  the1870s they discovered silver in the mountains of Santa Ana, which attracts more settlers to the area.
The famous Disneyland and Knott’s  Berry Farm are located in the county which makes it more tourist destination center.  The medical marijuana laws in the county have been strict as various cities didn’t allow the medical marijuana dispensaries in their respective cities.

  • What are the marijuana laws of the Orange County?
  • How to get a medical cannabis card in the county?
  • Why do you need an MMJ card?
  • How to find dispensaries in the area?
  • Things to do

What are the marijuana laws of the Orange County?

After the Proposition 215, there were various cities and counties in California,  which hesitated to legalize the medical marijuana in their respective areas. This was mainly for the reason that federal law described marijuana under the Schedule1 drug. There has been a long fight for its legal status. It was until, in 2016, the people of California voted for historic Proposition 64, Adult use of marijuana.
There are only a few cities in the Orange County which have medical marijuana dispensaries which include Santa Ana. Although some cities also permit for cultivation, possession, and testing for MMJ, still most cities ban it for commercial purposes.  Most of these cities have put a blanket ban on cultivation, possessions, delivery, and dispensaries of medical marijuana.
Thanks to Prop 64, which allows individuals to grow 6 plants indoors. There is a ban on Pot sales in unincorporated cities of Orange County.  However, a medical patient can grow more than 6 plants of cannabis but needs state permission from the authorities.
The cities are free whether to approve the commercial marijuana in a city or not. In case you need to find laws of a particular city, make sure you have visited the official city website.

How to get a medical cannabis card in the county?

To get your medical marijuana card in the city, you need to get 420 evaluations by a licensed California doctor. For doctors recommendation, apply online on the online medical card and you will receive your medical cannabis recommendation in your email.
There are some easy steps to follow. First fill the form online and it will take only 30 seconds. Be ready for a video chat with a doctor. You need to have a smartphone or computer. The doctor will evaluate you for a medical cannabis card.  Share your illness and disease, because this is the eligibility for your medical marijuana card.
Once evaluated by the doctor, you will receive your cannabis card in your email (PDF) in 10 minutes.  In case you do not get your cannabis card for any reason we guarantee you a 100% fee back.

Why do you need to get a medical cannabis card?

So when you can use recreational and medical marijuana both in the city, then what should be the purpose of the medical cannabis card. The medical marijuana card is legit and is the guarantee of your medical cannabis.  If you have a medical marijuana card, you can buy marijuana from any medical dispensary in the state of California and Nevada.
So when you buy recreational marijuana, you are paying 15% state excise tax and state sales tax.  With the medical marijuana card, you are saving 25% tax and sometimes may be more than that.
Not only with the tax, you can fly with marijuana within the state of California if you have MMJ card. There are other various benefits with the medical cannabis card like a higher amount of marijuana, more THC, more access to cannabis and you can grow more plants.

How to find dispensaries in the city?

Once you get your medical marijuana card from the online medical card, you can visit any dispensary in the city or around. We will also guide you to the authentic websites where you can get information about the legit and best dispensaries in the city.
Though there are various websites, you should go to Yelp first to check the review of a dispensary. Here you will find about the dispensary and the behavior of the staff. The other website known as Google of the marijuana is Leafly. Here you will get a guide and map towards the dispensary. The other websites include weedmaps. There are some other websites which help in with finding dispensaries and also may help you with some discounts these dispensaries do offer.


Things to do

So as we know the Orange County has 34 cities. Each city has its own charm and recreational things to do.
Star Wars Land
We know Orange County is a tourist destination and Disney Land is one of the reasons for it. The Disney Land has in 2017 come up with the Star Wars Land and take control over the Millenium Falcon for some “Secret mission”.
Watch in Fox Theatre
In case you love those old movies in a digital way, then you must visit this place. Never leave a chance for those beautiful scenes of old movies in this historic theatre in Fullerton.
Beach Film Festival
What else can be more relaxing and best entertainment where you can watch some 400 films. This Newport Beach festival is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Orange County.
While you may visit some other beautiful places in the county, make sure you have not smoked marijuana. If so, please avoid driving as it can land you in Jail or you will have to pay fine or both.
While you may in the town enjoying the marijuana and some beautiful places, please avoid driving at the same time. As driving with marijuana smoking is illegal and it can sometimes hurt you too while you are high.  So stay safe, enjoy cannabis and do not forget to get your medical marijuana card.