Celebrate this Environment Day with a Pledge

Let’s Celebrate this Environment Day with a Pledge - June 07, 2019

We are humans! We strive on destruction.

Starting the blog on a negative note.

However! It is time to change it. If God gave us life, it is the nature that is keeping us alive. And that is why it is important we go green and initiate environment conservation in our daily lives. At Online Medical Card, we every year organize the “Go Green” Environment Day initiative. We firmly believe that change starts with us. So, as an organization, we try and contribute our part into the betterment of our environment.

This year, we organized a cleanliness drive. Cliche? Well, it is a dire need of the hour. But that is what we did, so what are you planning to contribute to the Environment this year? Let’s take a pledge to do something to help the environment this year. Our environment needs us and we need it. Even small efforts from everyone can contribute to a better future for all of us and the next generation. The onus is upon us. What we do now will decide what our future generations will have to deal with. So, let’s hold hands and build a beautiful and healthy future together.

Simple lifestyle changes are all we need. Here are some simple pledges you can take up to save the environment:

Bottled Water

Say no to plastic. Yes, it is enough of plastic ruining our planet. There are so many alternatives today which we can use. And you don’t have to sacrifice a lot. Just carry your own water bottles rather than buying bottled water every now and then.


Save Electricity. Saving electricity can really help our planet to go greener. So, this year try and save as much as you can. Make sure to switch off electrical appliances when not in use.


Switching it off doesn’t take much pain, right? We tend to leave it switched on even when we are not at home or office. So, make sure this year you take care of this.


Save Water! We have heard about this a lot but what are we doing about this. The problem may not seem dangerous today but in order to let our future generations live without the scarcity of water, it is important we use it judiciously.


Do you know you can bake in a microwave as well? Microwave is much better than ovens when considered the impact of both on the environment. So, prefer using microwave over ovens.


Save paper! Prefer using emails and online greeting cards than using paper. Let’s all take a step towards a healthier and better future.

These are small and simple things that you need to do. It is time we need to stand up and work together to do something for our environment. We don’t want our children, grandchildren to live in a world where their health is on knife’s point every second. So, it is important we start to do something about it.

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Online Medical Card wishes everyone all the luck for their pledges. It is time we think about the environment over our own personal benefits. The time is catching us over the things we have been doing since long without caring for its effect on the health of our environment. We want to contribute to the betterment of the environment. Let’s go green!

Online Medical Card Team

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