ingenious ways to incorporate medical cannabis into your life

6 Ingenious Ways to Incorporate Medical Cannabis into Your Life - November 10, 2017

Bored of normal ways to consume cannabis?

Do you crave more creative ways to ingest your favorite medicinal plant? Here are a few ways for you to jump onto the bandwagon and start experimenting with this versatile little plant.

1. Explore the canna-cuisine

Incorporating medical cannabis into your food is the best way to feel long-lasting effects of the plants in your body, as the liver quickly metabolizes cannabis compounds. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your recipes, try cooking brownies, cakes, cookies and anything else that peeks you interest.
You can also make cannabis butter and oil and cook your favorite food items in that. Otherwise if making those is too much work you can infuse cannabis crystals into your cooking. If you’re looking for an easier way just buy some cannabis chewing gums, they are easy to get online and are a fun way to consume cannabis as well.

2. Drink raw Cannabis

Consuming raw cannabis is the only way to preserve the cannabinoids acids which are lost in other methods of consumption. By drinking raw cannabis you can consume hundred times more cannabinoids.

This is also a great chance where you get to create your own signature juice, smoothies or beverage. Cannabis is an extremely complimentary herb and goes well with all kinds of fruits and healthy veggies; it truly is the ultimate ingredient in the kitchen.

3. Try a Dab rig

Dabbing has to be hands down the most interesting way to ingest cannabis. You’re sure to be the centre of attention when you pull out your dab rig at any party. The dabs offer you THC rich experience you will never forget and the process of preparation will have others around you fascinated by your skills.

It just requires you to heat up a nail with a blow torch, after which you pick up your dab and drop it onto your rig. Immediately your rig will fill with pure white vapor and you can inhale it. If done right this is nothing short of a magical experience.

4. Hop on to the topical trend/train

Topicals are a great way of incorporating cannabis in to your life. They are non-invasive and are only used externally to treat localized problems. But the beauty of these products doesn’t end here while they are healing your body, they also help you look good, by moisturizing and treating you skin problems.

Due to their popularity topicals come in an array of products like lip balms, moisturizers, creams and salves, to suit your individual requirements. They even come in a variety of sizes and scents to make your experience easier and more pleasurable.

5. Give Suppositories a chance

Yes while the idea of using this product may be amusing and very embarrassing, let’s not ignore the huge medical benefits that suppositories offer their users. From helping women with their menstrual pains to aiding many patients suffering from colon cancer, suppositories have helped heal them all.

This is mainly due to the fact that they are extremely bioavailable and are made out of full extract cannabis oil and cocoa butter. They quickly dissolve and get immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. Effects of medical cannabis can be felt in under 10 minutes of the suppository being inserted, it the best way to go when you need that instant relief.

6. Be a part of the Glass blunt revolution

Glass blunts have revolutionized the way we smoke medical cannabis today. With the devices easy loading, storage, and lighting up features it’s no wonder that people prefer it.

More so ever these compact devices come in such imaginative and exciting designs that you will always look you best when accompanied by your glass blunt anywhere. This creative blunt takes inhalation to new heights and still manages to maintain your privacy and style on the go.

As you can see there is so much to choose from. We hope this inspires you to go out there and get more creative with your choices for cannabis consumption today/right now.

Online Medical Card Team

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