Finding troubles in locating a medical marijuana clinic nearby? Or getting through to a qualified physician for getting a medicinal cannabis recommendation letter? Stuck in a state of confusion of which documents you need to bring to a medical marijuana doctor? Say no more. Here, we will provide you with some quality resources to chalk out your predicaments.


The ones listed below are the finest, comprehensive and most simplified resources you can have access to:

  • Weedmaps- Weedmaps is the largest online portal where you can find marijuana dispensaries, storefronts and medical doctors within your locational proximity. You can review all of these medical facilities and discuss them by interacting with other users, who are a part of the Weedmaps’ community. Download their mobile app or just browse online. Users can register for free on Weedmaps.
  • Leafly- Leafly is the world’s largest online Cannabis’ information resource. It encompasses a well-defined andcomprehensive search tool for cannabis strains according to your preferences for medical use, effects, flavors and more. Additionally, you can find marijuana dispensaries, storefronts, delivery services, around you through Leafly.

What To Bring?

You can either find a suitable clinic near you or get reviewed by an online doctor according to your feasibility. Now, as a patient, it’s mandatory to bring in these requisite documents at various stages of your medical marijuana treatment:

  • Proof of Residence- You’ll need a Residence Proof, as Cannabis is not legal in every State. A valid driver license or any other Identification Card with your address proof will be sufficient for this.
  • Eligibility Condition- Various US States have different conditions to be qualified for the use of medical marijuana. Make sure your condition is listed as eligible for access to medical cannabis.
  • Medical Records – You need to get yourself evaluated by an appropriate physician to get a recommendation letter signed by the doctor; these will help you get a Medical Marijuana Card to purchase medical cannabis (for repeated visits) for your condition.


Residents of California (and some other states) enjoy the easiest way to consult with a medical marijuana doctor and get approved for medicinal cannabis— doing it online! It is in accordance with state telehealth laws and is completely safe, easy and legal.

  • More often than not, the evaluation centers for medical marijuana are located at far off, hard to reach places. They usually comprise of long, tedious queues and end up overcharging you without you being aware of the right use of cannabis for your condition.
  • The signup for online evaluation is a few minutes’ process. The doctors are super easy and friendly and will determine whether cannabis is right for you.
  • After you get approved, the online doctor will ask you whether you need to purchase just a recommendation letter or a Cannabis ID Card as well.
  • You will get a softcopy of your recommendation letter by email and card via mail within 2-3 days with an embossed seal, signed by a doctor. You can make purchases of medical cannabis from any local dispensary or online using this card.

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