420 Doctor Evaluations For Pets

California Introduces A Bill To Allow 420 Doctor Evaluations For Your Pets - June 02, 2019

Who knew a plant that people or government prohibited for human consumption could gradually make a way into pet health care as well.


Well, that’s what California is looking forward to in the next few months. One of the Senators recently introduced SB-627 in the state legislature. This law will allow 420 doctor evaluations by veterinarians for pets dealing with any debilitating medical condition.

But, first, the state’s Veterinary Medical Board needs to review the measure and pass it. If approved or accomplished, this law will be one of its kind in the entire country.

How Was This Bill Initiated Initially?

A study came into the picture last year by CannPal Animal Therapeutics, Australia. They began a trial for the use of cannabis for dogs. Another study by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine found that hemp oil is effective for dogs suffering from arthritic or geriatric pain.

Plus, the European Union also approved CBD products by Cresco Pharma meant for pets. All these incidences build up a rapport for medical cannabis use in pets. And is thought to be a triggering factor for starting 420 doctor evaluations in California for pets as well.

About Senate Bill 627

The legislature supports pet doctors to encourage or share information regarding their patients with colleagues or other healthcare. To help them find the best or effective cannabis medications. The Bill ensures preventing any form of animal abuse by setting up necessary regulations for cannabis consumption in animals.

It will also act as a protection to the doctors who wish to recommend cannabis to their patients without the fear of jeopardizing their license.

Senate Bill 627 governs the business and professional code that governs the terms like livestock, cannabis, medical cannabis, animal, and diagnosis in clear words. It also confirms that doctors can recommend medical cannabis to the pets only if their medical condition requires the need for cannabis therapy.

However, it will require a proper diagnosis to ensure the safety and efficacy of the process. And that only valid veterinarian can give away recommendations.

Other than that, the same Bill specifies the fact that the pet owner must be more than 21 years to understand the guidelines issued by the state authorities.

How This Bill Will Change The Course of 420 Doctor Evaluations?

California has always been among the firsts when it comes to medical cannabis. They started the trend of medical cannabis evaluations.

And if SB-627 also gets approved, then it would be the first state to start 420 med evaluations for pets as well. But, the Veterinary Board must approve the review first. Once approved, then the board will have to formulate the final guidelines by January 2020.

The Importance of SB-627

A lot of pet owners are facing issues of anxiety, pain, seizures, and cancer among their cuddly bundles. So, they are considering cannabis as an alternative medicine for their pets. But, strict guidelines prevent them from using cannabis for their pet’s health or medical condition.

There are other bills also pending in the state of California and other states similar to the ongoing one to improve healthcare by introducing cannabis as an alternative medication.

  • New York- A970/S2835
  • Connecticut- HB 6518
  • Tennessee- HB0793/SB0541

If California approves the bill, chances are that other states might consider it as well.

Medical cannabis is proving its efficacy time and again. Its high time that people understand the importance of this plant. And that 420 doctor evaluations are the necessities of today, not just a status symbol. Also, only nationwide legalization will help to increase research on this magical herb. And who knows, there could be a lot in the store beside the ones we already know.

Online Medical Card Team

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