Use Medical Cannabis on School Campus

California Assembly Approves Bill to Use Medical Cannabis on School Campus! - August 31, 2019

Is your kid battling anxiety? We have great news for you. The California House of Representatives recently approved a bill that will give the authority to schools to decide if parents can give a dose of medical marijuana to their kids.

Presently, the kids have to step out of the campus to consume their medications.

What Does The bill say?

Before the bill was released, the law was pretty different on the same. It stated the kids should not consume cannabis-based medicines on campus. Instead, they should consume their medications outside the campus. Advocates of the bill stated that this is a risky provision and should be changed.

The present bill states that schools will allow parents to give medical marijuana medications to their kids on campus. Well, it should be noted that this provision is not for smoking cannabis. It’s strictly for non-smoking form.

Well, the provision is not yet completed. It still needs to go to the Senate for approval. After that, it will go to the democratic government for the final vote.

What Does It Mean?

This is a great step forward. Cannabis is an herb that has brought a positive change in people’s lives. If you have a medical marijuana card, you can access the cannabis strains from a dispensary. The herb is safe and works without any side-effects. Health issues can affect anyone. So, the scope of cannabis-based medication shouldn’t just be left to adults.

Moreover, most anxiety and pain-based medications are addictive. How is that safe for kids? I know it is not. But, why is the use of cannabis limited to adults? There is a general notion in people that cannabis is bad for youngsters. They should understand the fact that like any other medicine, cannabis needs to be ingested in a specific dosage.

It’s a known fact that cannabis, like any other substance, works best when you do it in moderation. There is absolutely no point in overdoing it. You’re limiting the medicinal benefits it offers.

How Would This Change The Mechanics of Cannabis Use?

If the bill passes the Senate, the use of medicinal cannabis is set to expand. However, you should understand that the kids are still not allowed to smoke cannabis. The fact that medical cannabis will be allowed on the campus, there needs to be strict monitoring. The authorities need to ensure that people don’t blow the rules for their own advantage.

The provision is to make the medicinal use of cannabis accessible to all. So, care should be taken to stick to the guidelines and make the best use of cannabis to enhance your health.

What Should You Do?

Ideally, you should contact an MMJ doctor online and understand how cannabis can be used to enhance your health. The law is still not clear whether a medical card will be available for kids or not.

Presently, as a parent, you should keep a strict check on the quantity of cannabis that your kid is using. With the right approach, you can surely see your kid healthy and fine.

The Future

At this point, it all depends on how the rules shape up to accommodate the needs of the patients. With kids, it’s always a challenge to keep a tab on things. And, with a substance like cannabis, you need to ensure that they don’t overdo it. As a parent, if you’re a medical cannabis patient, you need to ensure that you don’t smoke in front of them.

It can trigger the urge in them to smoke. You surely wouldn’t want that.

Online Medical Card Team

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