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5 Reasons Why Women And Cannabis Are A Perfect Match - September 14, 2017

Female cannabis consumers are probably the coolest women in the world, for they love weed as much (if not more) as men do. Where it gets even more interesting is the fact that both men and women react differently to marijuana. It has been found out that estrogen is very sensitive to cannabinoids in many surprising ways, making women more receptive to marijuana’s properties, which men may be missing out on.  
Here are that weed and women are a match made in heaven. And by women, we mean all women, including, working moms, celebrities, college students or the regular recreational female users.

Here How Medical Marijuana Helps Women –

  1. Helps Lose Weight

    Women who consume cannabis are reported to have lower body mass indexes (BMI) and even smaller waist circumferences than people who don’t use it. Research has shown that some cannabinoids can help in suppressing appetite; manage blood sugar levels, thus contributing to your weight loss goals.

  2. Relieves stress and anxiety

    Studies conducted have found conclusive evidence that THC found in cannabis can actually help reduce anxiety in patients suffering from anxiety disorders. Marijuana use can alleviate stress and produce soothing effects on women suffering from postpartum depression and hormonal changes.

  3. Improves sex life

    For most women, a low libido in the bedroom and difficulties in achieving orgasm can make sex a highly unsatisfying and difficult experience. Cannabis has been proven to produce stronger orgasms and improves sexual performance, thus leading to better sex.

  4. PMS symptoms

    Known for being a potent pain killer and muscle relaxant, both THC and CBD found in cannabis help alleviate symptoms such as bloating, cramps, mood changes and headaches experienced by women suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

  5. Helps in preventing breast cancer

    Cannabinoids offer certain anti-inflammatory properties, which have been proven to prevent cancer cells from growing and further reducing the growth of the tumor inside the body. Additionally, marijuana has also been shown to help patients deal with side effects of chemotherapy, while simultaneously stimulating appetite.

So ladies, keep calm and roll a joint. After all, we now know for a fact that even science and medicine don’t mind you taking up once in a while.

Online Medical Card Team

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