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Understanding Cannabis And The Most Common Statements Surrounding It - October 21, 2021

Cannabis is on a growth spurt. Studies have shown that its usage has been steadily increasing across all age groups. More people than ever have been using it in a medical capacity. 

 Like any intoxicant, it has managed to cultivate quite a reputation for itself. Misinformation is the rule of the trade-in in today’s media climate. When you are constantly surrounded by the information it becomes difficult to separate the truth from the myths. 

 Cannabis is now legal to use recreationally in 18 states and medically in 36. In such a case it is advisable that one gains some perspective on how to navigate the marijuana industry. The choice to consume cannabis should be no one else’s but yours and yours alone. So here are some popular myths associated with Cannabis (pot, diggity dank sauce, etc., etc.).

Marijuana Kills Brain Cells.

Verdict: False

This is one of those things where people have gone constantly back and forth with the results. In finality, a University of Louisville research has determined that Marijuana, in fact, does not kill brain cells. It does, however, diminish short-term memory, that too only when one is intoxicated. Your intellect level, however, remains untouched by cannabis. So if any of your friends have credited marijuana for their IQ levels, you can be assured that is not the case. 

Eating Cannabis Can Get You High.

Verdict: False

Well, I for one am very sad to burst the bubble on this myth. One can’t eat marijuana in its raw form and get high. It has to be heated and then combined with a fatty substance ( Butter) to have any effect after being consumed. The science here is that the reason the body feels high after consuming cannabis is the presence of a substance called THC. All raw cannabis contains is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid THCA. It is only when you expose THCA to heat does it turn to THC. So best avoid consuming raw cannabis.

The Munchies Aren’t Real.

Verdict: False

Peanut butter & jelly, oreo, and milk- what are these? Great combinations that’s what they are. Another great combination is the overwhelming hunger that takes over when people consume cannabis. This happens because marijuana takes over the part of the brain that is responsible for hunger, libido, sleep, and much more. This part of the brain is called the hypothalamus (the part where all good things reside). On consumption, this part of the brain starts working in overdrive causing the overwhelming urge to eat. 

Marijuana Is Addictive.

Verdict: False sort of true

Now there is quite a debate regarding what exactly is an addictive substance. a commonly heard statement is “I just can’t function without weed”. Now is this addiction? Addiction traditionally refers to a dependency on the drug. Getting addicted to marijuana is the same thing as being addicted to chocolate or the need to drive racing cars. People like the feeling of being high. This reflects more of a person’s mental makeup and state of mind than the properties of the drug. In the absence of a physical dependency, one can call the consumption of cannabis more of a habit and less of an addiction. However, just like with anything else it is possible to consume marijuana with an addict-like dependency but mostly not.  

Cannabis Stays In The System For 30 Days.

Verdict: False

Now, this again is slightly controversial. The length of time any substance stays in your bloodstream depends on a variety of factors. The major ones are:-

  • the amount of body fat a person has
  • the frequency of consumption
  • the amount consumed
  • the sensitivity of the drug test

In accordance with the above factors, you will be able to figure out exactly how long marijuana is detectable in the bloodstream. If it’s a one-time user, it should be clear in a matter of days. A weekly smoker a couple of weeks and a daily smoker a month, maybe more. Apart from the frequency of consumption individual rates differ based on metabolism and the level of fat. So, if you want faster results exercising is a safe bet. 

Cannabis Is A Gateway Drug.

Verdict: False

The good stuff. Repeat the words after me ‘Correlation does not imply causation’ & cannabis is not a gateway drug. The all-consuming urban legend gives users a bad name. Factors like poverty, mental illness, poor social environment, & association with others who use hard drugs are all more prevalent factors leading to the use of hard drugs. Studies have gone as far as showing that while comparing the number of cannabis users with hard drug users, the overlap is next to nothing proving there is no link between these. The fact here is that cannabis is a terminus drug, not a gateway drug.

So here you are with the list of statements floating around every time you try to find any kind of information about cannabis. So, go ahead make your informed decision. Get your LA medical marijuana card if you want to use  The choice of doing anything is your call and hopefully, this list has helped you.

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