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Medical Marijuana for Muscle Spasms – Benefits and Treatment - October 19, 2019

After a hard workout session, having cramps are quite common. If anyone asks me why I am not fit, now you know my excuse. Sometimes muscle spasms are chronic and may range from uncomfortable to painful.

So, why don’t you think of using marijuana for muscle spasms?

Apart from physical activities, muscle pain can also be caused by several disorders. Many people resort to traditional prescription medications and therapies to find relief. However, in some cases, these medications fail to provide the required results.

On the other hand, medical marijuana has become increasingly popular as a natural alternative to medications for muscle spasms. The condition qualifies for a medical marijuana card, so you can get the herb legally in California without any hassles.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the effectiveness of medical marijuana for muscle spasms.

How Does Medical Marijuana Work for Muscle Spasms? 

Spasms can last a few seconds, minutes, and even hours. Usually, they occur in legs, but people can also experience in arms, back, etc. The evidence says that using medical marijuana for muscle spasm can provide pain-relief and help you relax.

Specifically, medical cannabis contains a wide range of cannabinoids. The two most prominent ones are-

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

It’s a psychoactive component in the plant, and is responsible for making you experience what you associate as “HIGH”. Precisely, THC unleashes a chemical, dopamine, which triggers euphoria. That euphoria makes you feel calm and relaxed most of the time.

CBD (cannabidiol)

It’s a non-psychoactive component, which focuses more on the medical benefits than causing a HIGH. CBD is directly derived from the hemp plant. As per a report of the World Health Organization, cannabidiol exhibits no effects that are indicative of any abuse or dependence potential. Also, the study claims that pure CBD doesn’t affect humans in any negative way.

As per other records, there is no news regarding any significant health ailments related to CBD use.

Medical marijuana is an anti-inflammatory agent; it helps in reducing inflammation, which also eliminates the risk of muscle spasms.

What Do Major Studies Claim?

According to a study conducted by the University of South Carolina, THC deactivates the inflammatory proteins, and the immune system’s response is reduced to certain conditions such as muscle injury.

THC interacts with the receptors found in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body, thus reducing the feelings of pain & inflammation, which cause muscle spasms.

A study on muscle spasms shows that inflammation caused by the condition can damage nerve fibers. And medical cannabis can be a great solution to find relief from the inflammation. Also, a 2013 study confirmed that marijuana’s primary components THC and CBD reduces the phenotype that develops inflammation associated with muscle spasms.

Moreover, In 2011, a study conducted on 500 subjects, showed that over 20% of the subjects reported significant improvement in spasticity with an oral cannabis spray called Sativex. The study found that cannabis extracts are beneficial in improving spasticity at twice the rate of placebo.

Seeing the medicinal benefits of marijuana, more pharmaceutical companies are producing and distributing cannabis products. And, researchers are also putting more effort to learn more about how medical cannabis works for chronic muscle spasms.

Usually, Codeine and other medicines are prescribed for muscle spasms, but the results may vary from patient to patient as everyone’s condition is different. Then again, most of the medications that are prescribed are often addictive and cause various side effects.

In 1990, a study was done to compare the effectiveness of Codeine and THC for treating muscle spasms. It concluded that THC is more effective over the common pain reliever.

Also, the American Medical Association noted that THC is helpful in patients with muscle tremors caused by trauma and multiple sclerosis.

Why Treating Spasm Is Essential?

When you overuse the skeletal muscles, eventually it results in muscle spasms. After that, fatigue, dehydration, and pain all standing in the queue for you. Medical marijuana for muscle spasms has proven to be an effective treatment. Many athletes claim that it relaxes them in a way no other medicine does.

Muscle spasms can be really annoying. Even basic life functions gets disturbed, and that is why you look for treatment when diagnosed with the condition. To up your mood game, relax and live pain-free, you need to alleviate the causes of the condition. When left untreated, the condition may also lead to further injuries.

People who tend to ignore spasms, often end up with strokes. At the final stages, one can also witness some other ailments. Basically, the pain you encounter when going through muscle soreness can affect your performance and even the lifestyle.

Especially for players, it is substantial to relax their muscles. Otherwise, it can significantly influence their performance. Mostly all the athletes suffer from muscle cramps and experience stiffness during competitions. By using marijuana for muscle spasm, they can manage the condition more effectively..

Top Cannabis Strains for Muscle Spasms

As mentioned earlier, cramps are common when you repeatedly use your muscles. And the biggest problem is that the excruciating doesn’t let you sleep well and also disturbs the body’s functioning. To be exact, when muscles contract forcefully, multiple issues conglomerate.

But don’t worry! Medical marijuana is here at your rescue. There are several MMJ strains that help you sleep better and manage the pain more effectively. Medical marijuana not just limits itself to this, it helps combat most of the symptoms related to muscle spasms. That is probably why it is one of the most popular forms of medication for muscle spasms.

Here are some strains that you can choose to consume:

White Widow

Northern Lights


9 Pound Hammer


Critical Kush

Platinum Kush

Kandy Kush


Vanilla Kush

Blue Widow

How to Consume Cannabis for Muscle Spasms? 

For people suffering from muscle spasms (whether minor or severe), it’s essential to go for CBD-dominant cannabis. Start with a low dose and analyze how your body responds to medical marijuana. You can try different cannabis strains, and choose what works for you the best.

Great, right?

A topical or transdermal patch is useful for patients with severe muscle spasms. The topical cannabis products are easy to apply and effective for localized pain caused by cramps, neuropathy, and fibromyalgia. These provide instant relief to the affected area. Try it for yourself!

Tinctures are suitable for epileptic conditions and ALS. However, some studies concluded that smoking or vaporizing is highly effective when it comes to using medical cannabis for the treatment of muscle spasms. But, again, it depends on how severe your condition is and how your body responds to cannabinoids.

Edibles are one of the most popular forms of cannabis products. Do you like having them? Cookies or drinks? You can also make their own mocktails as per your taste and preference.


Medical marijuana for muscle spasms can prove to be the medication you are looking for. Apply for a medical marijuana card, and give yourself a chance to get better. When compared with traditional prescription medications for muscle spasms and pain management, medical marijuana is an affordable, natural, and effective solution. If you or your loved one have muscle spasms, approach a medical marijuana doctor, and get evaluated.

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