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Can u Die from a Cannabis Overdose

Can You Die from Marijuana Overdose?

Marijuana overdose? Don’t worry! You won’t die from it. Yes, that’s a fact.

There have been reports of people dying from opioid or drug abuse but cannabis overdose hasn’t claimed a life yet.

Thankfully, cannabis interacts with the mechanism of human body and induces a completely different effect opposed to alcohol and opioid. The effect is more relaxing and therapeutic.

So, what exactly causes the death of opioid addicts?

Oxford University anesthesiology professor K.T.S Pattinson says “In drug addicts, respiratory depression is the major cause of death”.

Well, heard about pre-Bötzinger complex? It’s the part of the brain which triggers the breathing process.

Opioid is known to hit the pleasure sensors in the brain. Along with that, it suppresses the activity of the pre-Bötzinger complex. This impacts your breathing process and an overdose can eventually force your breath to stop resulting in death.

Similarly, alcohol overdose impacts the mechanism of the liver. Increased consumption of alcohol damages it and the liver loses the ability to break down alcohol. This paralyzes the pre-Bötzinger complex and the breathing process is compromised. Eventually, it leads to organ failure and death.

So, can you overdose on marijuana?

Yes, you can! But, stay prepared to face the euphoric effects of the high. It is advised to take moderate doses to feel more relaxed.

Well, in any case, marijuana overdose cannot kill you. It will make you go paranoid but nothing more than that. You won’t die.

In 1990, a research conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) mentioned that “Sparse densities [of cannabinoid receptors] in lower brainstem areas controlling cardiovascular and respiratory functions may explain why high doses of THC are not lethal.”

Ideally, you should contact a certified 420 doctor and get evaluated. The doctor can suggest the right dosage suited to enhance your health.

Online Medical Card is a leading 420 clinic offering quick and affordable access to medical marijuana cards in California. Visit and interact with our board certified doctors online.

Feel free to post your questions below! And, don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button.

Get Access to Medical Cannabis in 10 MINUTES. Consult with a doctor now and get your California medical marijuana card today.

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World Health Organization (WHO) Report- CBD causes No Public Health Issue

Under the worldwide rising popularity as well as the controversy around Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, the World Health Organization has taken keen attention to it. WHO’s expert committee on Drug Dependence has recently conducted a thorough review of CBD and its uses. They have concluded that “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile”.

WHO officially recommended on December 14, 2017, that CBD should not be internationally scheduled as a controlled substance – which means – it should not be subject to strict international regulations, including its production and supply.

According to a critical review report published in June 2018, WHO says that “CBD is one of the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis plants” and “In humans, it exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

The WHO team also commented about CBD’s efficacy in different clinical trials. They mentioned that CBD has shown the potential to be “an effective treatment for epilepsy in several clinical trials, with one pure CBD product (Epidiolex®). This research has completed its Phase III trials and is currently under review for approval in the U.S.”

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Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis?

Olivia was suffering from chronic insomnia. After using every treatment option, she finally switched to medical cannabis as a sleep-aid. But, it happened many times that she couldn’t get her medication when she needed it.

Mostly due to time inconvenience. And sometimes due to long lines at the dispensaries.

While searching for alternative options, she found an interesting article about the benefits of growing and harvesting your own marijuana. And this is what she learned…

1. Because it’s totally Legal

California state agency, MACRSA, is providing all the privileges to grow your own cannabis.

According to this, a medical patient with an mmj card is allowed to grow any number of plants in around 100 sq ft. area.

2. You can grow strains as per your requirement

Cannabis cultivators often use various modes to protect their cannabis strains or to increase its yield such as pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides.

Patients can be allergic to some of these compounds or sometimes they can be harmful to a patient with a weak immune system.

Therefore, it is beneficial to grow your own cannabis so you can control what goes inside your plant and what to avoid.

3. You can save a lot of money

To grow cannabis, one does not require a large investment. You can choose what budget suits you the best.

Also, once you start growing on a regular basis, you will get your initial investment in the form of savings.

With the significant increase in cannabis taxes, growing your own cannabis a great way to save in many ways.

4. You can be well stocked for a long time

It has been seen that when a single cannabis plant is grown in a reasonable amount of space at home, it can yield from a half ounce to more than a few ounces.

Hence, just by growing 3-6 plants you can always have a new batch of bud ready to restore your supply.

5. You can experiment with your cannabis strains

Why consume only one kind of cannabis strain, when you can experiment with multiple kinds for your medical condition.

For example, for insomnia, you can either grow Tahoe OG, a indica hybrid which relaxes the body immediately, or you can go for an all time favorite, Grandaddy Purple, with high levels of the sleep terpene, Myrcene. Both are proven to be equally beneficial for insomniacs. When you get good, you can even make your own strains!

6. It can be quite a refreshing hobby

Growing gradually can become an addictive hobby which can get you hooked for long hours. Contrary, to this you know exactly where your cannabis is coming from. You are also aware that your product is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals which is usually a cause for worry otherwise. The biggest reason may be because it’s fun!

Although this all sounded nice, Olivia still had questions on her mind

The biggest being, how to go about the entire procedure

Don’t worry!! We can not only help you obtain a medical cannabis card or a grower’s license but also guide you through for a seamless process.

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What you need to know about Dabs : How To Do Dabbing ?

Today ! We Introduce you, What are Dabs and How it Works ?


The ever-evolving cannabis industry keeps giving us new and improved varieties of concentrates these days. Dabs are highly concentrated forms of cannabis that come in an array of products depending on their consistency like wax, shatter, honeycomb, butane hash oil etc.

They are also one of the most potent forms of concentrates available in markets and can contain up to 80-90% THC/CBD. Interestingly, the extraction process can be specifically targeted to extract unique cannabinoids in cannabis alone.

A dab is typically manufactured by passing a gas like CO2 or butane via a tube filled with cannabis flowers or plants. The low temperatures of the liquid gas crystallize, leaving behind a mixture of resin and butane. The liquefied gas being volatile in nature will evaporate away leaving behind a powerful concentrate product.

There are also other types of extraction methods like CO2, closed loop, open blasting and subcritical extraction. Dabs can be consumed in many ways including both traditional and other fairly creative methods.

• Dab rigs have been the most well-known devices used for dabbing. The concentrate is applied to the dab tool or a wand. The nail is then heated red with the help of a blowtorch and dabbed on to the wand producing vapors that are inhaled. • Similar to dab rigs, an electronic nail is connected to a power supply outlet, replacing the use of a blowtorch that can be hazardous otherwise. This method also provides an excellent taste, as optimum heating temperatures do not combust the product. • The concentrate can also be directly put on a porous stone that fits in a bowl. Health stones can be then heated using the help of a blowtorch. • Dab or G-pens are late bloomers in the market. These are discreet, portable, economical & very easy to use. G-pens work just like vaporizers and are a great option for cannabis consumers.

Once you select a preferred method, you must decide a suitable type of product to choose from. Also remember; dabbing can b Once you select a preferred method, you must decide a suitable type of product to choose from. Also remember; dabbing can be a very powerful and effective method of delivering cannabinoids to your system. Before you decide switching to dabs make sure you research, talk to experienced people and are cautious.

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Introduction of Cannabis : What are CBD & THC? How can you use it to treat medical conditions?

Introduction of Cannabis : What are CBD & THC? How can you use it to treat medical conditions?

Today on Online Medical Card: We introduce you What is Cannabis, CBD & THC ? How It Work & How can you use it to treat medical conditions ?

Now that you have joined the Medical Cannabis Community, it’s very important that you get to know all about CBD, THC, Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids! This knowledge can save you a lot of time and effort and goes a long way in making your cannabis consumption easier and an enjoyable experience as well.

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Upgrade Your Vaping Experience with a Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer-AIRVAPE X

AirVape X is the improved and better version of an already available AirVape XS vaporizer. This vaporizer has a sleek design with a magnetic mouthpiece along with an advanced structure.

This new model has the same metal body as its predecessor but, with a 25% larger ceramic chamber. Also, its precision temperature (200° F – 428° F) feature provides an expert control over your clouds.

Once the required temperature is attained, this vaporizer will notify via vibrations. Plus, you can also customize your time to shut off the device when that respective time is up. All you need is to first set the temperature to its maximum which will ensure sterilization of the entire unit.


1. High-Grade Materials with Larger Ceramic Herb Chamber

AirVape X vaporizer has a robust body without making it heavy at all. Hence, ensuring the device thoroughly vaporizes herb without causing combustion or any other wear-tear issues.

2. Easy to Use

This vaporizer has an advantage of effortless operation which eventually makes every stage of your sessions very easy. Just load the chamber with your favorite herb (finely grounded) tightly and until it reaches the brim.

3. Pocket-friendly Design

AirVape X is just 0.48” thin with a 3.2-ounce build is one of the slimmest and light-weight portable herb vaporizers which can be easily carried around.

4. Precision Temperature Control along with Hybrid Heating

AirVape X features advanced precision temperature control. You can choose any temperature for your preferred flavor, density, as well as cloud size. This vaporizer will heat up in just 20 seconds using a fantastic feature of hybrid heating technology.

5. Powerful Portable Vaporizer

Air Vape X comes with a strong 1300mAh battery with the benefit of quick charging coupled with a dynamic heating system. You can recharge this device using a USB from almost anywhere. It helps in delivering long-lasting vaping sessions which depends on the temperature that you vape.

Thinking of buying this incredible vaporizer? Visit and get started.

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Ultimate Guide to Buying CBD Online - Where to Shop for CBD Oil

Ultimate Guide to Buying CBD Online – Where to Shop for CBD Oil

So, you’ve finally gathered some courage to buy some CBD products… maybe because you don’t agree with prescription meds or because you can’t find enough relief from your medication.

Either way, you still decide to try out some CBD products. The online market can easily confuse a new patient looking to try CBD for managing their medical condition.

Oils, concentrates, edibles, capsules, patches, topicals, suppositories and what not.

Who knew there could be so many different products and ways to consume CBD?

Here is a detailed guide to understanding which CBD products and administration methods can help you with your medical condition. Not only that, but we will be also recommending .

How does CBD help? Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It docks on to the binding site of a protein and thus has the ability to modulate a receptor’s behavior.

CBD helps with pain by inhibiting neuronal transmission in pain pathways. It is also similar to atypical antipsychotic drugs preventing human psychosis.

More studies and researches are now authenticating the anxiolytic, antiproliferative and pro-apoptotic effects of CBD

Getting the maximum amount of CBD in your body? If you are looking at CBD products, bioavailability matters. The effectiveness of a product depends on the amount of CBD it can absorb in your bloodstream.

– The most effective method is inhalation by vaping or smoking and offers around 35% bioavailability. Rectal absorption follows as our rectal membranes are highly absorbent and effectively distribute and transport CBD around the body.

– Next, comes the sublingual method where you put CBD oil under your tongue and it directly gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

– Finally, the oral administration method only comes with a bioavailability of around 6% CBD passing through the body.

Speed of Action You also need to consider how fast acting you want your medicine to be. Not to forget how long you want these effects to last.

– Vaporizing allows you to feel the effects of CBD almost instantly, as it is first absorbed directly into the bloodstream instead of going into the brain or fat cells. CBD oils are thus a good way to quickly and effectively combat anxiety issues.

– Another way you can get your CBD medicine to work quickly is by taking it sublingually. This is more suitable for patients who don’t like vaping or taking pills.

Just put 1-2 drops of oil under your tongue and wait for 30 seconds before swallowing. A healthy supply of capillaries allows CBD to enter the bloodstream immediately, providing relief almost immediately.

– Rectal suppositories can take anywhere up to 20 mins to take effect and can be effective for almost 8 hours depending on your CBD tolerance level. A great option if you are looking for long-term pain relief.

– You can also orally consume CBD in the form of capsules or edibles. This is the slowest mode of action and can take anywhere between 30 mins-2 hours to take effect. But looking on the plus side this method is effective for the longest period of time and can last for 6-10 hours.

So…Here’s the Catch

If your medical condition requires immediate relief then it’s best to try a CBD oil with a vaporizer or take it sublingually. Try our Mango flavored Oil with 300mg CBD to get immediate relief from stress, pain and anxiety disorders.

Patients looking for pain and inflammation relief can use transdermal patches and suppositories for long-lasting effects. Get instant relief with CBD patches that last 12 hours or more, now available at $60 for a pack of 4.

Check out our online store and browse through a wide selection of CBD products that are 100% tried, tested and recommended by our mmj doctors.

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Try Time Release Transdermal CBD Patches for Long Lasting Relief

Try Time Release Transdermal CBD Patches for Long Lasting Relief

Transdermal CBD Patches

Manna CBD patches store CBD inside a reservoir which is non-permeable from one side with an adhesive on the other side.

Once applied on the skin, CBD gets transferred to the skin via diffusion which eventually gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Some of the advantages of CBD patches include:

1. Time-Release Medication Dosage- There are no issues of sudden crashes or overdosing as the CBD dose gets absorbed into the bloodstream at a controlled rate.

This is because the concentration of cannabinoid is high in the patch & low in our bloodstream at first. Therefore, CBD keeps diffusing into the blood over a period of 12 hours which helps in maintaining a constant drug concentration.

Plus, you also know precisely the amount of dosage that you are taking in.

2. Bioavailability- Another benefit of using these patches is that this delivery method directly bypasses any type of metabolism process. This ensures up to 70% of CBD bioavailability.

3. Easy to Use- All you need is to peel and apply the patch on your skin.

4. Discreet Usage- You can hide it easily without showing any signs of cannabis use.

5. Latex and Allergen Free

How can you benefit the most from these Transdermal CBD patches?

Use these patches for long-lasting relief. You will be effectively taking a consistent dose of CBD all day long. If you don’t like the flavor of traditional oils, and you don’t like to smoke, this is a great alternative.

The patches are very easy to use. It’s a great way to get CBD in your system for an entire day without having to take it over and over.

The effects are strong and can be felt pretty quickly.

Additionally, these patches are very effective at providing localized pain relief for symptoms like:

– Muscle Spasms – Sports Injuries – Fibromyalgia – Neuropathic Pain

If you want the effects of CBD to last longer, or if you just love CBD as much as we do,

Then, Transdermal CBD patches should definitely be an option you should seriously consider.

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Treat Insomnia With Cannabis

There is nothing worse than tossing and turning in bed and looking at the ceiling fan the whole night. But, this is happening, and approximately 1 in 10 people are losing their sleep due to the medical condition insomnia.

This condition occurs due to stress, anxiety, jet lag or from a particular type of medication.

Insomnia can either last the whole night or stretch for many days. It is usually treated with prescribed medications, counter medications and even with cognitive or the behavioral treatment methods.

However, many people in the Legalized States are opting medical marijuana as the alternative treatment solution to get the quality sleep. Scientists have proved that this herb boosts memory, protects the immune system and revives the body.

CBD-enriched cannabis like tinctures and potent oils facilitate sleep. Edibles also make people sleep for at least 10 hours.

The good news is, you can also double the effect of cannabis if you consume it with other herbs like hops, chamomile, and lavender. These herbs contain terpenes which enhance the sedation effect.

To get the desired cannabis benefits you should have the Medical Marijuana card. It authorizes you to buy Marijuana from your nearby licensed dispensary. But if you don’t have the card or need to renew it, you can do it online.

Onlinemedicalcard is a quick and a legit way to get the MMJ card. You have to visit the site, fill the form and get the doctor evaluation. Within ten minutes you will receive your card via email and hard copy through the post.

So do not delay, apply for the MMJ card now and get the quality sleep with medical marijuana.

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Top 6 Cannabis Gifts for Your Loved Ones This Merry(Juana) Christmas

Top 6 Cannabis Gifts for Your Loved Ones This Merry(Juana) Christmas

Light up this Christmas with cannabis gifts and goodies, perfect for the marijuana aficionado in your life. In this video, we count down 6 best marijuana products for yourself and your loved ones.

As 2017 comes to a close, now is the right time to plan the Christmas celebrations every marijuana lover deserves. And in case you’re worrying about buying the perfect holiday gift for you and your friends, we got your back. Here are six gifts to help your loved ones celebrate a merry, merry(jane) Christmas.

Number 1 Lord Jones 5:1 Pain and Wellness Formula Body Lotion With a THC TO CBD ratio of 20 mg to 100 mg, thise lotion is primarily used during pre- or post- workout. Providing effective relief from aching muscles during workout, this holistic body lotion is a perfect gift for the yogi in your life.

Number 2 Black tie grinder the Black tie grinder is compact, easy to use and filters only the finest particles for a rich smoking experience. What’s more is that it’s 4 piece, three chamber design further enhances makes it a sophisticated and efficient marijuana accessory this Christmas.

Number 3 Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler If you know someone who really loves dabbing, this rig comes highly recommended from Snoop Dogg himself This 6 inch hand blown water pipe is truly a spaceship that, elevates your smoking experience to outer space.

Number 4. Miwak Junior Golden Girls Pipe Created by LA based ceramic & stoneware pipe brand, this sophisticated and super classy pipe collection gives a whole new meaning to marijuana aesthetics. Laden with 22 carat gold and porcelain accents, using this product is like smoking on pure gold.

Number 5 Pax 3 Vaporizer The latest release from Pax labs and the successor to the highly popular Pax 2 vape, this portable product boasts superior heating system, longer battery life and compatibility with both dry cannabis and concentrates.

Number 6 The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green From biological structure to grow best quality marijuana this book has it all,, the Cannabis Grow bible will help cannabis growers to get bigger buds, higher potency and great quality herb. Just because recreational marijuana is legal in a state, doesn’t mean you can gift cannabis to someone. Make sure to check up with state laws before you decide to gift cannabis to your loved ones. For instance, in California, only medical marijuana users can gift up to ounce of dry cannabis or 8 grams of concentrate.

And speaking of California, even if the state will welcome recreational cannabis sales from January next year, having a medical marijuana card will still benefit you. To find out how, make sure to watch our other videos and visit our website,

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This New Employment Bill May Change Your Life as a Working Cannabis User

This New Employment Bill May Change Your Life as a Working Cannabis User

As medical cannabis use increasingly becomes legal around the United States, it’s only natural that patients using cannabis for medical purposes look for legal protection when it comes to their jobs and careers. A major concern for users of medical cannabis is the drug tests required by employers which subject users to workplace discrimination if they tested positive.

California is considered the biggest medical cannabis state and with the passing of California Proposition 215, or the Compassionate Use Act in 1996, California was the first state to legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes. However, patients using cannabis as an alternative treatment to pharmaceutical drugs are still facing difficulties acquiring and keeping their jobs as the original bill failed to include protection for their right to use their preferred method of medication.

California NORML conducted a survey that shows out of 400 respondents, almost 10% were terminated due to testing positive for cannabis and around 19% were denied employment for the same reason.

In 2008, Gary Ross, a retired U.S. Air Force veteran who used cannabis to treat chronic back pain, filed a lawsuit against RagingWire Telecommunications, Inc. as a result of the company’s decision to fire him due to testing positive for cannabis use. The California Supreme Court said his termination is legal and ruled against the right for employees to use medical cannabis. The Supreme Court held that employers are not obligated to accommodate to an employee’s medicinal cannabis use and noted that it remains illegal according to federal law even if prescribed by a medical professional. Shortly after, a bill to invalidate the Supreme Court’s ruling, proposed by Assemblyman Mark Leno, was rejected by Governor Schwarzenegger.

Several steps have been taken to amend this gap in the legislation since then. Most recently in February 2018, Rob Bonta, California Assembly Member for District 18, and Bill Quirk, Assembly Member for District 20—both pro-cannabis lawmakers—co-authored and introduced Assembly Bill 2069.

The bill proposes prohibiting employers from terminating an employee or rejecting a job applicant if they test positive for cannabis use as long as they hold a legal medical marijuana identification card. Furthermore, the bill mentions that “no scientific evidence exists that medical cannabis users are substandard employees.” On the other hand, Rob Bonta mentioned that Assembly Bill 2069 does not offer protection for those working in safety-sensitive occupations, such as truck drivers and airplane pilots.

Since cannabis can be detected in a urine sample weeks after using, the bill also brings up the futility of conducting drug tests as it is impossible to determine when the use occurred. On April 25, the California Assembly Labor and Employment Committee approved AB 2069 which is considered a breakthrough for medical cannabis patients not only in California but all over the United States. The bill is currently held under submission for further discussion between the authors and the members of the committee.

It is worth noting that only eleven of the U.S. states have laws that specifically grant employees protection against workplace discrimination due to medical cannabis use.

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The Cannabis Guide to San Diego

The Cannabis Guide to San Diego

The oldest city in the California state, San Diego is widely known as “America’s Finest City” because of its amazing weather, beautiful sandy beaches, friendly people and a lot of other things!

San Diego is famous for another reason – it’s one of the most progressive cannabis cities in California. While marijuana is still classified as a schedule I substance under the federal law, you can use marijuana legally in San Diego for both medicinal or recreational purposes.

As per the Proposition 64 passed by 56% of votes in favor on November 8, 2016, recreational marijuana has been legal in the whole of California since January 1st, 2018. Under legalization, weed sales in California are estimated to reach $7 billion a year in revenue by 2021, along with $1 billion taxes per year.

In September 2017, the San Diego City Council voted 6 to 3 to go all-in with it. They legalized marijuana cultivation, distribution, and retail sales making San Diego the center of a new “Green Rush” – a billion-dollar worth industry.

According to San Diego’s new cannabis law,

– You can purchase or carry up to 1 ounce (28.5 grams) of weed, or eight grams of concentrate such as hash, tincture, oil etc. if you’re 21 years or older.

– You can grow up to six plants for personal use in a private property. You can’t sell without a license.

– You cannot smoke cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, or youth center while people are present. For using cannabis publicly, you may encounter $100 -$250 fine.

– You can drive with cannabis if you keep it in a closed container or in your car’s trunk. The police may otherwise allege you for having an “Open Container”

– You are subject to DUI laws if you are found driving under the influence of cannabis.

– You can’t consume or possess cannabis on federal properties such as national parks or historical places even if it is in San Diego.

– Non-medical cannabis businesses are required to pay a 5% tax on monthly gross receipts which is scheduled to rise to 8% from July 1, 2019, unless the city council declares something else.

– Though it is legal under California state law, employers can prohibit the use of cannabis by their employees or can deny employment to a marijuana user. A medical cannabis card holder could be an exemption to this in certain cases.

If you love cannabis, then San Diego might just be the perfect city for you. Many cannabis enterprises are budding out here and the West Coast Cannabis Tours take you behind the scenes.

With the end of prohibition on Marijuana in San Diego, a glut of dispensaries have appeared all over the city.

But remember, only stores with both state licenses and local permits can sell cannabis to customers. So, you better purchase from CUP licensed marijuana outlets to avoid any subtle legal issue.

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The Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant

Cannabis plants have a very interesting anatomy. Yet, most of us are only familiar with the flowers or buds that we smoke and the green colored leaves we see at dispensaries or online sites.

Cannabis plants have two genders: male and female, but only the female plants have flowers.

Female plants produce coveted buds while male plants have low THC and they are usually used for producing seeds.

Like other plants, cannabis plant also has different parts that contribute to its growth.

Let’s discuss them in detail!


A cannabis seed is a tiny embryo where the plant growth is started.

Under optimal environmental conditions—temperature and moisture, the seeds are germinated and started growing.

The first pair of seeds leaves is called cotyledons.


Roots in a cannabis plant have different functions:

Supporting the plant Absorbing water and nutrients from the soil Transferring the absorbed minerals in the upward direction Storing food and nutrients


As a cannabis plant grows, it forms a structure to support its leaves and flowers. The stems are grown along the length of the plants, and they have various functions:

Supplying nutrients and water to different parts of the plant Keeping leaves towards the sunlight


Both male and female cannabis plants produce flowers.

Female flowers produce seeds after they are fertilized by pollen produced by the male flowers.

Male flowers look like light green bananas while female flowers have teardrop bases, which produce pistils to fertilize the flowers.

By learning the anatomy of a cannabis plant, you can have a better understanding of growing cannabis and getting some homemade harvest for yourself

Do write to us in the comment section below if you have any questions related to cannabis growing.

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Senate Bill 1127 Will Change The Existing Law of Medical Marijuana Use In Schools

Senate Bill 1127 Will Change The Existing Law of Medical Marijuana Use In Schools

Nowadays, whether you look at print or online media, most sections are filled with issues faced by many parents or caregivers with respect to medical marijuana use as a medicine on school premises.

Recently, one such case was in the limelight:

Karina Garcia was forced to drive her son out of his school every day to administer cannabis medicine for his chronic epilepsy condition.

To end discrimination for Karina and many other caregivers/guardians, the California State Assembly is now considering to allow medical marijuana use in schools. This Senate Bill 1127 was introduced and sponsored by State Senator Jerry Hill.

Proposed Guidelines:

# Section 1:

To acknowledge the efforts made by Karina Garcia, this bill would be passed in the name of his son and will be referred to as the Jojo’s Act.

# Section 2:

School authorities maintaining kindergarten or grades 1 to 12 will now allow parents or guardians to administer medical marijuana medicine on the school premises.

However, they must abide by these rules:

– Before giving medicine, they must report to the school authorities.

– A copy of the medical recommendation must be submitted to the school authorities.

– While giving medical cannabis medicine, they should not disrupt their school’s educational environment.

– Only capsules or liquid form of medical cannabis will be allowed.

– Rest of the medicine stock must be removed from the school premises.

– No school personnel or staff member need to be present at the time of consumption of this medicine by the pupil.

– The records submitted should remain confidential. Except, if required by any state or federal agency.

Are you in support of this bill?

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Oakland Cannabis Guide - Taxes, Laws, Dispensaries and More

Oakland Cannabis Guide – Taxes, Laws, Dispensaries and More

Oakland is one of America’s most vibrant cities with mesmerizing tourist places, amazing culture, and nightlife. In an addition to this, you can also enjoy a range of cannabis festivals, tours, and events in the city.

Here are the cannabis laws in Oakland

– Cannabis is legal for adults above the age of 21 years. However, you will need a valid ID to get access to marijuana products.

– It is legal to carry one ounce of cannabis flower as well as eight grams of concentrates. Plus, you are also allowed to grow up to six plants.

– If you are traveling within the city, cannabis must be unopened and locked in the trunk.

– You are not allowed to drive while being high.

So, if you are over 21 and you love cannabis, then Oakland is definitely the right place to be. However, to extend your limits, you must have a valid medical marijuana card. This will allow you to try different cannabis products which are sold for medical purposes only.

Oakland’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries You can either opt to visit a dispensary or order your favorite cannabis strains or products online.

Here is a list of some of the well-known collectives in Oakland.

1. Harborside- A famous dispensary managed by cannabis impresario Steve DeAngelo. Here you can try exclusive strains like London Poundcake and Lemon Tree.

2. Magnolia Wellness – This collective offers an on-site vapor lounge as well as a dab bar. Phytologie is the closest one to the International Airport.

3. Purple Heart Patient Center –A perfect place to try a variety of strains before heading out for an evening of fun.

Along with these amazing storefronts, you can also choose from a plenty of exclusive cannabis offerings delivered right at your doorstep by C.R.A.F.T., Mellow and Community Gardens.

Now Let’s take a cannabis tour and learn about popular cannabis activities happening in Oakland

Cannabis Tours

– Look ahead to a tour at the eco-friendly sun-grown cannabis from Flow Kana, concentrates from Raw Garden and Jetty Extracts, along with a nice selection of pre-rolls.

– This city also offers some incredible cannabis tours such as the Sea of Green Cannabis Tours and 420 Party Bus Tours.

– Not only this, there are some amazing events where visitors can see extensive cannabis collections. These include Puff, Pass and Paint, and First Friday Cannabis Social.

This city is the right destination for every type of cannabis consumer.

What’s new?

– Oakland is one of the few cities that proposed a measure in its November 6 ballot this year to lower its existing cannabis business tax rates. Previously, it was like a 5% tax on medical cannabis and a 10% on recreational.

– With the approval of this proposed measure “Measure V”, now the City Council has the authority to lower cannabis tax rates through an ordinance.

– This measure will also allow them to deduct the cost of raw materials from their gross receipts- something which becomes impossible to do on federal tax returns.

– Medical cannabis recommendation holders get maximum tax benefits, legal protection and access to cannabis products.

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Medical Marijuana For Minors

Medical Marijuana For Minors

Why should you wait to turn 21, when you can start using medical marijuana at just 18 years of age. In this video, we will explain to you how you can start by using medical cannabis using your medical marijuana recommendation without any state interference or legal complications.

So, if your #child needs urgent medical attention, medical cannabis can help. Watch our video and find out how you can get a medical marijuana card for your child and help them get a second chance at life.

Squeeze out the most from your medical card #benefits with higher cannabis grow and possession limit.

Recreational cannabis sales commenced in California January onwards. But that does not mean you won’t need a medical marijuana card in 2018. Having a MMJcard assures huge savings and numerous other advantages.

In this video, we’re looking at how cannabis users can grow eight times more cannabis and turn their land into a massive marijuana farm with a medical marijuanacard.

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Learn why you need to switch to CBD Vape Oil Today

Learn why you need to switch to CBD Vape Oil Today

Are you tired of having to take multiple pills?

Do you often forget to take your prescription medications?

More and more studies are showing that CBD is becoming an all natural replacement to popular medications.

Generally referred to as the “Wonder-Elixir”, CBD vape oil is certainly not a miracle drug.

However, the fact that it is highly recommended is proof of its efficient therapeutic potential with no harmful side- effects.

Although many CBD products are available in the market, CBD Vape-Oil continues to engage a lot of medical cannabis consumers.


1. Vapors are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, CBD vape oil provides you with an immediate mode of action.

2. It makes a person happy by raising serotonin levels instantly.

3. Vaping CBD oil is highly beneficial to ease symptoms of a variety of medical conditions like stress, anxiety, joint pain, seizures, inflammation, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and the list goes on.

Why CBD Vape-Oil is better than other cannabis products?

Smoking is associated with many harmful by-products such as, carcinogens along with passive smoking issues.

1. You might be well aware of the fact that edibles take more than 30 minutes to digest and have an impact. Therefore, it is not beneficial for the patients who require immediate attention. In contrast, the therapeutic effects of CBD oil can be felt immediately.

2. Topicals are great as they have no adverse effects. But, they have a limited therapeutic range.

Choosing the right producer is very important when it comes to CBD vape-oil.

This is where we can help. Online Medical Card works with the most reputable CBD companies in the market to get you direct access to quality products below retail price.

Quickly log on to and select your favorite vaporizer and CBD oil from our large variety of products.

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How to Talk to Your Doctor or Health Care Provider about Cannabis?

How to Talk to Your Doctor or Health Care Provider about Cannabis?

In recent years, cannabis use has found acceptance among law agency and the community alike. But old stereotypes die hard and fears of being labeled as a stoner remains to this day. Which is unfortunate given the reputation of marijuana as a medical panacea to a range of medical ailments.

So, how should you talk about it with your doctor?

In this video, we will help you in initiating a conversation with your doctor regarding Cannabis.

Find medical marijuana doctors near you:

Not all doctors are alike, so it’s helpful to find out more about your doctor or clinic before making an appointment. Our doctors understand that every patient is different and give them the time and attention they deserve. Our team of physicians has experience, empathy and honesty, something they don’t teach at medical schools.

Be honest:

Before we begin, it is important to mention that marijuana doctors are accustomed to keeping your conversations confidential. So, even if you are already consuming cannabis, feel confident to say so. Feel free to share any concerns or health issues you feel your doctor should know about.

Be clear about your choice:

Explain why you are using Cannabis or want to use and what the outcome will be. The more detailed you are, the better the doctor will be able to diagnose you. So, share as much information as you can.

Ask questions:

To ensure the chances of finding the right treatment for yourself, it is important for you to ask as many questions you have about medical cannabis and how it may affect you. Some of these questions may include-

• How will cannabis interact with other medications?

• The best mode of consumption

• Dosage limits

• Strains suiting your medical condition

• Right Frequency of using medical cannabis

• Expected side effects, if any

Online Research:

In addition to asking all these questions with your doctor, we would also highly recommend you to conduct your own research online and find answers to any specific questions that you might have. There’s plenty of help online to help patients who wish to use medical marijuana.

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How to Store Cannabis Properly and Make it Last for Years

How to Store Cannabis Properly and Make it Last for Years

Like a fine whiskey barrel and wine cellar, cannabis also comes at its best when aged in a dark, cool place. Though there is no steadfast expiration date for cannabis, the method you use for preserving the cannabis makes a big difference in maintaining the buds’ freshness and potency.

The question is, how do you store cannabis in a way that could extend its longevity while maintaining the vigor and freshness? Experts have described different methods. However, here are some time-proven methods that are easy and inexpensive and require very less equipment.

Use air-tight glass containers to store the weed

Use clean air-tight glass containers or jars to store cannabis. You can buy glass containers from any ordinary supermarket or hardware store. The tricky part is to make sure you do leave some air in the container while the air stored with cannabis isn’t in detrimental extent. Always leave 1/4 space at the top of the canister or container. Do not fill the containers to the brim with the buds. If you leave no air, then the buds will dry out. If you have too much air, the buds will get damp and moldy.

Freeze your cannabis in a convenient temperature

The best way to store your buds is in air-tight glass jars, in a cool and dark place under an ideal temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to store a high volume of cannabis, you can freeze them after keeping them completely dry for a period of 4 weeks. On this note, you should know that you must not handle frozen buds until it becomes normal in room temperature as trichomes become brittle and can easily break off in freezing temperature.

Refrigerate your cannabis (Not Recommended)

Even if you use airtight jars, cannabis can grow mold in the fridge. So, you should avoid storing cannabis in the fridge. If you can’t help but doing it, make sure the weed is completely dry and put them in the back where the humidity and temperature don’t fluctuate.

Plastic Baggies (Worst method!)

Albeit this is very common among people who aren’t expert in handling cannabis, this is the worst of all storage methods. Cannabis gets brittle and dries out in plastic bags. It also loses its natural smell, and the potency deteriorates sharply. So, it should be avoided entirely or can be used for a short-term if there is no better alternative.

Here are some things you should know while storing cannabis

– Make sure cannabis has been cured for at least 4 weeks before putting them into long-term storage. Without proper curing before storage, the buds can lose their strength and smoothness. – Sunlight can stop the medicinal qualities of cannabis. Your cannabis, if stored correctly, can maintain its medicinal qualities for a few years. Exposure to Sun will turn your cannabis brown, no matter how you have stored it away. – Air-tight, nonporous glass jar are the best way for storing the buds for long term. You can use metal or plastic box/bag, but that could reduce the smell and taste after a while. – Avoid heat and middling temperature in the place where you store your buds. The ideal temperature is 60-70°F (15-21°C) or under 32°F (0°C). Extra heat, cold or middling temperature cause the cannabis potency to decrease. – Keep your cannabis away from any electronic devices or appliances that will expose the cannabis to heat. Keeping cannabis on top of a microwave, or near a laptop or mobile charge is a bad idea.

Now, as you know that how to store cannabis properly and make it last for years, enjoy the best form of your weeds even it comes from the previous year.

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How to Sprout Cannabis Seeds

How to Sprout Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking to reap a bumper cannabis harvest, then don’t forget first to sprout the cannabis seeds before you sow them.

Higher the germination of the seeds, richer the crop!

Sprouting helps the seeds grow quickly, and you get the crop earlier. In this video, we take you step by step to sprouting the cannabis seeds so that you get a basketful of buds this fall.

Take fresh and healthy cannabis seeds according to your growth plans.

Now take a wetted paper towel and keep it on a plate. Take care. If the seeds are not fresh and stored properly, even then that will do.

Rub their edges on a sandpaper very gently to peel off the shell.

Soak the desired quantity of seeds in water for about 12 hours. Now put cannabis seeds on the paper towel.

Cover the plate with a lid and keep it in a warm place.

Ensure that paper towel is adequately wet to hold the humidity. This‘ll soften the shell and help early germination.

Continue to wet the paper till a whitetail appears coming out of the seed shell. This may take 4-5 days or even a week.

Wait until the whitetail grows to a ¼”.

Now your germinated seeds are ready for sowing. Pick them carefully and sow them in the planting medium.

Why delay? Germinate the seeds as explained above, plant them and get plenty of 100% organic buds.

But don’t forget to get a medical recommendation from a licensed cannabis doctor to grow cannabis. If you wish to grow more cannabis, then get in contact with Online Medical Card portal and get your grower’s license today. We at Online Medical Card provide medical recommendation and grower’s license within a few minutes.

With your grower’s license, you will be able to grow up to 99 plants which are way more than 6 mature and 12 mature cannabis plants.

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How to Save Money & Find the Best Deals on Cannabis

When medical marijuana dispensaries first emerged out in California, most of the Californians were not very picky. After all, they’re all serving cannabis, right?

But now, with the emergence of an array of medical marijuana dispensaries, it is only essential to weigh out your options and get the finest quality medical cannabis, at the best price.

In this video, we are going to discuss some amazing ways through which Californians can get jaw dropping deals & discounts on cannabis.

1. Find dispensaries around you We suggest users to use sites like Weedmaps aka the yelp for cannabis, LeafBuyer or Pot Locater. And if you’re lucky enough to find dispensaries with delivery option, the cannabis might come to your house as well.

2. Start comparing deals and discounts available online Sites such as WeedMaps allow users to find dispensaries, deals, discounts or as WeedMaps like to call it “Understand cannabis in California.” Another great online tools are, and WikiLeaf. Though keep in mind, not all dispensaries will list their prices online.

3. Look for “Deals of the day” You can even find some best deals during holidays wherein retail stores and dispensaries announce special offers like pre-holiday deals, cyber Monday, deals for veterans, medical patients and so on.

4. Look for offers during the holiday season Getting more for less aka buying cannabis at a discounted price is an ideal way to get in the right Holiday spirit, won’t you agree? Like any business, dispensaries too gear up with specials for the holidays. Thanksgiving, 4/20 and Christmas, to name a few.

5. Freebies Some California medical cannabis dispensaries offer one-time discounts for first time customer prescriptions. Such ideas will multiply in cities and states where only medical marijuana is legal because fewer sources will be competing for a narrower market.

We hope this video would have helped you in finding the best medical cannabis deals in California.

Got any queries? Do write to us in the comment section and don’t forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button!

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How to make Shatter

How to make Shatter?

The cannabis industry is an ever growing market for new innovations and inventions. These inventions are not limited just to medical therapies, but also to developing new varieties such as tinctures, oils, edibles and much more. These days shatters have become the limelight of various marijuana consumption modes.

Now, what exactly is SHATTER? It is one of the types of BHOs or Butane Hash Oils (others products include- budder, wax, crumble and oil). Shatter is called so because it has a glass-like appearance and shatters when dropped.

Other popular names It has been seen that with just a slight variation in heat and moisture content during preparation process can give different textures to the shatter. The Sap- Texture is hard and greasy. The other one called Pull and Snap has a texture similar to taffy.

How is Shatter made? Here is a list of ingredients that are required to make shatter.

1. 10 grams to a half ounce of cannabis 2. Pyrex Pie Pans (2 pans are required in which one fits in the other) 3. A glass tube for extraction (If not available, you can also use a Stainless Steel Turkey Baster) 4. Vector Butane 5. Thermometer 6. Coffee filters 7. Rubber bands 8. Large insulated Cup 9. A towel


First, pack the cannabis in the glass tube in a way that air can get through the tube.

Then, cover the large end of the glass tube with the coffee filters with the help of rubber bands.

Now boil water on a stove and heat till its temperature reaches 160 degrees. After this, pour this boiled water into the large insulated cup.

Next, pour the previously heated water into the bigger pyrex pan and then cover this pan with other smaller pan.

After this, cover the glass tube using the towel and then hold this tube with its filter side approximately 3-4 inches above the pyrex pan.

Carefully place a tip of butane into the other side of the glass tube. Then, spray the butane on the tip and let it evaporate inside the glass tube.

Once, the water in the pan cools down, replace it with a second batch of heated water. After 15 minutes, put the pan in an area of proper ventilation with no direct sunlight or any freezing temperatures for a period of 48-56 hours.`

This process forms a thin sheet of extract which yields around 3 grams per half an ounce of cannabis used.

Shatter can be used in a variety of ways such as: • Mixing with a flower • Smoking it in a hashpipe • In a vaporizer • As a concentrate in Dabbing

Next obvious question: Is DIY at home something you want to do?

Professionals have all the required equipment to handle butane (highly inflammable). Therefore, it is very dangerous to follow this procedure in your house.`

As there have been some incidents that have resulted in explosions causing injuries and even deaths.

Therefore, it is advisable not to make shatter at your place. Instead, buy it from a reputed manufacturer, online store or dispensary.

And what good is shatter anyway?

It contains more than 70% concentrated THC and other cannabinoids. Hence, it is assumed to be the purest form of all available cannabis concentrates. It offers strong and fast relief from symptoms like chronic pain.

All you need is to apply for a medical recommendation online and enjoy using shatter in the comfort of your home.

Have you tried this amazing product?

If yes, do share your experiences in the comments section below.

Subscribe to our channel for regular news and latest trends in the medical cannabis industry.

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How to make Cannabis Chocolate

How to Make Cannabis Chocolate

Here we are with “How to Make Cannabis Chocolate” in just a few steps.

First, let’s take a look at the ingredients-

 1 Cup Cocoa Butter

 1/4 Cup Chopped Nuts

 1 Cup Processed Cocoa Powder

 1/2 Cup Honey

 1 TSB Vanilla Extract

 10 Grams of Hash Oil

 Cacao Powder


1. Use a glass or metal bowl and fill it ¼ full with water over medium heat to melt the cocoa butter.

2. Once the cocoa butter is melted, add hash oil to it and mix.

3. When the butter mixture is properly blended, remove it from heat and add cacao powder, Vanilla extract, nuts, and honey.

4. Pour the chocolate into molds or into a parchment-lined baking sheet.

5. Refrigerate it for an hour or until completely hard.

Now you can invite over your cannabuddies for an epic edible party. And get the ability to cook edibles with a THC limit of 100 mg by getting a medical marijuana recommendation from

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How to Grow and Possess More Cannabis with a Medical Card ?

How to Grow and Possess More Cannabis with a Medical Card?

Today We are Introducing you How to Grow and Possess More Cannabis with a Medical Card?

Recreational cannabis sales commenced in California on January onwards. But that does not mean you won’t need a medical marijuana card in 2018. Having an MMJcard assures huge savings and numerous other advantages.

In this video, we’re looking at how cannabis users can #grow eight times more cannabis and turn their land into a massive marijuana farm with a medical marijuana card.

In case you don’t have an MMJ card, you can apply for one at our website


California’s big moment has finally arrived. Recreational marijuana sales are about to commence in the golden state on January onwards. In case you were planning to head over to the nearest dispensary to celebrate New Year’s Day, we suggest you to not get your hopes up just yet.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but apart from the fact that proposed 45% tax on recreational cannabis would burn a hole in most Californians’ pockets, the fact is that most cities are not prepared to roll out legal marijuana plan in the first place. The Bureau of Cannabis Control is still developing an online system for businesses to apply for operating licenses.

If that wasn’t bad enough, recreational marijuana users further face growing, #possessing and purchase restrictions on their cannabis use.

To help you join in the New Year marijuana festivities, we’re here to help you stay updated with your state’s cannabis laws. In this video, we’ll provide a simple, comprehensive guide to show how Californians can purchase and possess higher amounts of cannabis.

Legally, recreational users of cannabis are allowed to-

1. Possess up to one ounce of marijuana at a time. 2. Cultivate up to 6 plants, as long as they are out of public view.

A medical card issued by a certified platform such as #OnlineMedicalCard, allows users to get instant medical cannabis #evaluations on their email address.

Some of the advantages of opting for a medical marijuana card include:

1. 8 times more possession limit of cannabis as compared to recreational users who can possess only one ounce.

2. Legal protection in cultivating up to 100 square feet of plant canopy for an MMJ patient and 500 square feet for caregivers to up to 5 patients.

While uncertainties about California’s marijuana industry still persist, one thing is for certain. A medical marijuana card will save you 25% in tax money annually.

Moreover, the state’s medical cannabis patients will benefit from a higher growing possession/growing limit, legal protection to receive cannabis gifts and travel with cannabis.

The whole range of benefits is much more than the ones described above. So, get a medical card right now and celebrate New Year’s Day like a boss.

Thanks for watching it. And while you’re here, make sure to hit that subscribe button.

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How to Get a Cultivation License to Grow 99 Cannabis Plants in California?

How to Get a Cultivation License to Grow 99 Cannabis Plants in California?

Good cannabis may come to those with money, but the best quality cannabis comes to those who grow. Whether for medical purposes or because you’re tired of lining up outside dispensaries, if you’ve decided to seriously pursue growing, ahoy! welcome aboard. And in case you haven’t made your decision, we’ve got some news that just might change your mind. Higher savings, better quality and space for experimentation are just the tip of the iceberg when counting the benefits of become a marijuana grower. What if we told you could grow up to 99 marijuana plants by merely completing a simple condition under California law? That means, no more delays, no more taxes and no more restrictions in getting your hands on some good quality herb. And no, you don’t need to worry about cops knocking on your door, as long as you have a valid grower license from a licensed MMJ physician. This is where OnlineMedicalCard can help budding growers, (no pun intended) to start growing 99 plants with a grower permit. But first, let’s get acquainted with the law A California resident can cultivate 6 mature or 12 immature plants with a medical marijuana recommendation. But medical cannabis doctors can provide an addendum and modify the state limit, allowing users to grow 99 plants. With a team of experienced California state certified doctors, OnlineMedicalCard provides experience and support to help you surpass the state growing limit. But, be careful. You are only allowed to grow as many plants as required by your medical condition, and in no circumstance can you attempt to sell your surplus crop.

Want to start growing, but don’t have enough space? Don’t worry. A grower’s permit allows you to grow cannabis collectively with other permit holders. Be forewarned though, that growing more than 99 plants could result in a jail sentence of at least 5 years.

Avoid unnecessary taxes, take control over the quality and evade legal complications. Apply for a grower’s license from our website right now and get on the right side of the law.

And to know more about how medical marijuana can improve the quality of life of yourself and your loved ones, subscribe to our channel right now. Thanks for watching.

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How to dry and cure your cannabis at home?

How to Dry and Cure your Cannabis at Home?

An important chore after harvesting your herb is to store it right for the future. Boxing your cannabis efficiently can help you preserve buds for a longer period of time.

With proper drying and curing, you can: ● Make the herb smoke smoother ● Remove the “CUT GRASS” smell ● Reduce the chances of mold and mildew build up. ● Maintain potency, flavor, and aroma of buds

Cannabis drying:

There are many methods of drying harvested cannabis.; The 3 most commonly used ones are:

1. Hanging the plant: Hang the entire plant upside down on a wire with a clip at the end of the stem. Although it’s a slow drying method, it can help you preserve terpenes and flavonoids in the herb and also reduces harshness while smoking.

2. Cutting the branches: Cut 13-15” branches from the harvested plant, and hang them separately on a string or wire.

3. Cannabis drying racks: Simply cut the buds off the branches, and dry them in cannabis drying racks This method is perfect if the stems are small enough to be hung on a wire.

Whatever the cannabis drying method you choose, make sure you keep temperature and humidity to an optimal level of:

Temperature:60-70 degree F/15-21 degree C Humidity: 45 – 55%

However, to adjust the environmental conditions, you can use an air conditioner, heater, humidifier or dehumidifier.

Usually, it takes 4-7 days for the flowers to dry.

Your buds are now ready to be put in a jar for curing. Make sure that your plant is ready for this process. You are good to go if:

● The stems snap on bending ● The plant feels dry when touched ● Their tips can be easily plucked off

Curing the buds:

Cut the half-dried buds into small chunks and transfer them into an airtight jar without touching. Make sure there is a small gap between them when placed in a jar.

Store the jar in a cool, dry place, and keep the buds at 60-65% relative humidity.

To check the humidity inside the jar, you can paste a small hygrometer on the inner side of the lid with some double-sided tape.

Open the jar twice a day and shake the buds a bit to refresh the air inside.

However, if you smell ammonia, it means the buds are wet and need to be dried up.

In two weeks, your buds are ready to be stored or smoked. Using this method can ensure that you maintain their freshness and potency for extended periods of time.

Do write to us in the comment section if you have any question about cannabis growing and storage.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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How to Choose Quality Cannabis

If you are cannabis user then you might have come across immature as well as mature form of cannabis. Cannabis available in the market can vary dramatically in quality – we’re here to teach you how to tell the difference.

1. Search for crystals: You need to check the number of crystals in your cannabis. Fewer crystals indicate low tetrahydrocannabinol. With such amount of THC, you won’t get the psychoactive effect.

2. Check the color of the plant: Ideal cannabis is of green color with orange or purple spots, but if you come across brown cannabis you should refrain yourself from using it because it is of bad quality.

3. Cannabis hair: Various stages are involved in the growth of cannabis plant. The stigmas which are the hair like strands of the pistil begin with white coloration and latter on darken to yellow, orange, red and brown as the maturation process progresses.

4. Not too sticky or dry: Your cannabis should neither be too wet nor too dry instead, it should be in the middle. If it’s too dry, it will burn quickly.

5. Check the leaves: High quality cannabis should already be removed of leaves, seeds, and stems. If you purchase medical cannabis by weight, that weight should not include much of leaves, seeds, or stems since these do not contain much THC.

6. Odor: Cannabis has a particular fragrance, and if your cannabis smells like hay then discard it.

7. Flavor: Usually, cannabis has a fresh taste and if your cannabis tastes something different then don’t consume it.

8: The Experience: An experienced user can guide you on the details of quality.

Hope you like our video and learned how to buy quality cannabis.

Thanks for watching.

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CBD oil for anxiety

How Taking CBD Oil for Anxiety Can Change your Life


Something we all have experienced or are familiar with.

Be it addressing a group or going for a job interview, anxiety can always come in the way. You can probably be out of sound sleep for weeks or not be able to concentrate on work. Anxiety can hamper many daily life functions quite easily.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are most common in the US, affecting around 40 million adults in the country annually.

This condition can lead to obsessive-compulsive behavior, post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, and many other serious mental illnesses. Usually, people consider taking prescribed medications to deal with anxiety.

CBD products are an unconventional and effective option for managing anxiety. Scientists have proven that CBD products have anxiolytic properties, and work far better than most anti-anxiety medications available.

Why CBD works as a better anxiolytic than other anti-anxiety medicine?

Anxiety and related disorders can be treated by targeting the serotonin system in the human body. Various preclinical studies have shed light in the right direction. Here’s what they found:

CBD works similarly to serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs like Zoloft and Prozac. They stop reabsorption of serotonin in the brain, making sure there is more present in the synaptic space.

It has also been revealed that CBD increases 5-HT1A transmission and affects serotonin faster than SSRIs. This is probably one reason why CBD based products have the potential to overcome the limitations of currently prescribed anti-anxiety medication therapies.

Furthermore, it has also been found that repetitive CBD usage allows the hippocampus in the brain to regenerate neurons. CT Scans of patients with anxiety related disorders show a smaller hippocampus and CBD helps with neurogenesis allowing patients to successfully cope with anxiety, discomfort while speaking and also with cognitive impairment.

With these facts, mmj doctors now validate the efficacy of CBD based products for anti-anxiety management and treatment. Although there is still a long way to go in terms of research, given cannabis’s safe profile CBD is a viable alternative to traditional anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals.

Where can you get CBD products?

Onlinedmedicalcard works with the highest quality CBD brands in the industry to get you direct access to products that are 100% tried and tested. We now have an online store dedicated to a wide range of CBD products including topicals, suppositories, skin patches, oils, tinctures and more.

Log on to… to start shopping today!

Do comment below if you have any questions. Subscribe to our channel for regular news and latest trends in the cannabis industry.

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How Cannabis Boosts Appetite

Feeding your stomach with some extra pie after getting the munchies is a common side-effect of marijuana. However, for medical patients who are facing an appetite problem, it is a boon. Medical studies have also confirmed that Medical Marijuana helps build your appetite.

In this video we will highlight how cannabis boosts your appetite.

But before that we will make an attempt to explain what exactly happens in your body when you consume cannabis and how it increases your hunger level?

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors – CB1 and CB2. CB2 regulates cell proliferation, immunity and inflammation, whereas CB1 controls memory, pain, and appetite. These receptors are found in different areas of your body. Once you consume cannabis, the THC and other cannabinoids bind with the CB1 receptors, these in return stimulate your appetite. Moreover, cannabis increases your sensitivity to smell and flavor, there by tricking your brain to think it is starving.

Using Cannabis to increase appetite is not a new thing. In 2700 BC, Chinese people would drink Cannabis tea to feel hungry. Similar records have been found in India too.

Cannabis also acts as an appetite stimulant among cancer and AIDS patients. Similarly, Cannabis acts to calm gastrointestinal problems and nausea. If you are someone who needs a medical cannabis recommendation to gain an appetite, visit

It is a telemedicine service started by our esteemed doctors to ease your life, and give you quick medical recommendations. Once you have received your medical card you can buy your Cannabis from any licensed dispensary.

Once approved, you will get your Medical Cannabis Card through an email, and its signed hard copy within 1-3 business days via post. You can reach us anytime as we work 24/7.

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How Can Medical Cannabis help manage Parkinson’s Disease

How can Medical Cannabis help Manage Parkinson’s Disease

Ever wondered the ‘biology’ of how Toni Kroos took the stunning last-minute free kick against Sweden in the World cup 2018 or how you scratch an itch on your back? There’s a region deep down in your brain called “substantia nigra”. Cells of this region produce a chemical named dopamine which carries a message from the brain to nerve cell that controls body movement – everything from walking and talking to even smiling.

So, when you want to kick a ball or feel like scratching your back, dopamine relays it to nerve cells, and they make it happen!

When someone’s caught by Parkinson’s disease, cells of the substantia nigra begin to die, and dopamine levels start to fall down. As a result, the brain can’t shoot messages to the nerve cells properly which causes noticeably slow movement or loss of control of the body at some point.

As there is no replacing of dead dopamine-producing cells, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. Scientists are constantly searching for new ways that can help people fight PD symptoms and improve the overall quality of life. Cannabis is considered one possible alternative treatment in this case.

The latest report from American Academy of Neurology (AAN) supported the use of cannabis for a neurological disorder. Along with AAN report, few other studies showed that use of cannabis seemed to improve certain Parkinson’s disease symptoms like

• Pain relief • Better quality of sleep • Reduced tremors • More ease in movement • Improved overall mood

Another study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine reported that after 6 months of cannabis use, more than 18% of patients surveyed had either discontinued or reduced their use of opioid pain medications.

A study in 2014 revealed that 22 participants with PD saw improvement in tremors, sleep, and pain within 30 minutes of intake of cannabis.

Though cannabis can come with some minor side effects, people are increasingly choosing it because of the side effects linked to typical Parkinson’s medications. Some medications for Parkinson’s disease can lead to:

• Constipation • Diarrhea • Ankle swelling • Memory problems • Nausea • Blotching of the skin • Insomnia • Involuntary movements

The bottom line is, a person diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease shouldn’t consider cannabis as a replacement for dopaminergic and other recognized therapies for PD. Much is yet to be discovered about the effect of cannabis in treating Parkinson’s, although many patients have already reported improvements in PD symptoms by using medical cannabis.

So, if you’re considering cannabis, visit, where you can discuss the probable benefits and risks of cannabis with the doctor online through telemedicine platform and get a medical cannabis recommendation to possess cannabis legally.

Want to know more about medical cannabis and its benefits do write to us in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below.

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How Are Lighting Solutions Changing The Future Of Cannabis Cultivation?

How are Lighting Solutions Changing The Future of Cannabis Cultivation?

Gone are the days when cannabis cultivation was just about managing light schedules manually. Large-scale cultivators are relying on modern technologies more than ever before to improve cannabis production.

Thanks to the legalization of cannabis in many states across the US, cannabis growers are making an effort to increase the yield by innovating new lighting systems.

Here are top 3 lighting solutions which will revolutionize the future of cannabis growing in 2019.

• Full Spectrum Light

Every strain has a specific lighting requirement. So, it becomes a time-consuming process to find the ideal light source every time and becomes even hectic if you are growing different types of strains.

To fix this situation, industry specialists have realized that instead of using just one spectrum of light, the plants need full-spectrum lights.

Various companies are coming up with pre-set light recipes which will allow cultivators to focus more on adjustments rather than thinking what will work and what will not. These little adjustments will allow growing dense cannabis cultivation or biomass.

To quote an example-

Gus van der Feltz, Global Director of City Farming at Philip Lighting states that by making a simple light adjustment during the harvest time increased the yield by more than 20%.

Along with this, he developed a much juicier as well as flavorful bud.

• Fohse LED Lighting Systems

Usually, cultivators go for LED systems to save energy cost. But, they quickly grow out of this option as it results in less yields due to lack of power.

Realizing the fact that power is an essential factor why people are drifting from LED solutions for cannabis growing, James Bradley and his associates at GB Sciences specifically designed LED systems for cannabis growing.

This new technology has been named Fohse LED Lighting Systems. The company has started its first model, A3i, which is scheduled to hit markets in the first quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, its other model, F1V Vegetative Fixture is still in its production phases.

• Organic Light Emitting Diodes or OLEDs

Cannabis cultivation has moved more towards LED focussed approach since the last decade. They are very popular among cannabis cultivators

So, why there is a need to shift from LEDs to OLEDs? It’s because OLED technology in many ways is better than the usual LED lighting systems.


OLED technology will only require an inch of the total space yet they provide the same light intensity as the earlier LED systems. Hence, cultivators can increase the amount of cannabis cultivation. Plus, they produce little or no heat which will significantly reduce the use of costly HVAC systems. Also, energy savings is a bonus point for this amazing technology.

As these new lighting technologies hit the market, chances are high that it will tremendously change the way cannabis is grown. The marijuana industry is undergoing phenomenal changes in growing facilities as well as technologies, and so it is likely that these innovations would be a hit in the coming year.

Are you looking forward to trying out these cool lighting systems for your next grow? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. #cannabis #cannabiscultivation Subscribe to our channel for the latest trends and updates in the cannabis industry.

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Eating Cannabis vs. Smoking Cannabis: Which is Healthier for You?

Cannabis is being used to treat patients suffering from cancer, so it makes no sense to smoke cannabis and risk inhaling harmful toxins, when you can consume it in a tastier and healthier manner.

Cannabis Medibles come in all forms and products, from oils and butters to cook with to gummies, sweets and confectionary items being sold at dispensaries, you are truly spoiled for choice.

So why smoke cannabis when the healthier way is so much sweeter!

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Don’t Fly or Travel with Your Cannabis till You Watch This

Today We are Introducing you How to Fly with Cannabis in the State of California ?

Cannabis may be legal is California, but that does not allow you to carry it with you on your next flight home. At least, not if you’re a recreational cannabis user. Medical marijuana patients with a medical cannabis recommendation can legally carry up to 8 ounces of dried marijuana in Californian airports.

Watch the complete video to find out why you must have a medical marijuana card if you want to carry cannabis on your next flight.

If you are a cannabis user in California, chances are you’ve probably asked yourself, “Is flying with cannabis legal?” In the US, medical marijuana is legal in 29 states, while recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and the District of Columbia. Speaking of California alone, rules for traveling with cannabis are constantly changing. For instance, the recent regulations released by the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control have prohibited the use of an aircraft, watercraft, drone, rail or unmanned vehicle to transport cannabis. Additionally, conflicts between state and federal marijuana laws are causing confusion among Californians. To help you get acquainted with the law, we’ve prepared this video explaining basic rules regarding travel with cannabis.

TSA guidelines for recreational marijuana users: According to Homeland Security’s Transit Security Administration, flying with cannabis is strictly illegal. So, if you’re a recreational user, you probably have to leave marijuana at home. Failure to do so can result in serious repercussions. In case the TSA does find cannabis in your bags, you may either get a verbal warning, a fine or even arrested. Are Californian medical marijuana users allowed to travel with cannabis? Yes, According to United Patients Group, MMJ users can fly domestically with medical marijuana when leaving certain California airports as long as they carry at most 8 ounces of dried marijuana.

Both Oakland and San Francisco airports are medical marijuana friendly, requiring patients to simply make a prior declaration about carrying marijuana. Tips for medical marijuana users to travel safely with cannabis:

• While travelling with cannabis, it would be better to call the particular airport (for both inbound and outbound flights) and ask their current policy. • Secondly, always take marijuana, edibles, or other related items as carry-on baggage and not in checked luggage. • Keep in mind that the TSA may call the local police to verify your eligibility for medical marijuana, so make sure to carry your medical recommendation along with you.

Can I fly out of California with medical marijuana? Flying out of a medical marijuana friendly airport poses no risks, whereas landing in a state that has not legalized medical marijuana is illegal. Furthermore, carrying cannabis internationally is completely illegal. Travelers who are compliant with California’s marijuana laws should be aware that laws for possession and transportation can differ greatly. Recreational users can possess only one ounce of marijuana, while medical users can possess eight times this quantity. And that’s not all. Medical marijuana users can also receive tax savings up to 25%, a higher grow limit and better access to marijuana dispensaries. For more information on the benefits of a medical card and to buy one, visit our website,

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CBD: A Natural Alternative For Seizures And Epilepsy

“ The US Health Regulators have approved its first cannabis-based drug, EPIDIOLEX, for two rare forms of Epilepsy”

EPIDIOLEX is a prescription drug of highly purified marijuana- derived Cannabidiol (CBD) for seizures associated with Lennox- Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome in patients two years of age and older.


Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder that affects people of all ages. It is a chronic disorder with unprovoked seizures.

Seizure is the abnormal discharging of brain’s nerve cells which affects the motor and sensory functions.

What are the main risk factors associated with Epilepsy?

• Hereditary/ Associated Genetic Factors • Head Trauma • Brain Conditions • Prenatal Injury • Developmental Disorders • Infectious Diseases


CBD is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant.

CBD shows natural protection against the action of THC on CB1 receptors, thus helps in muting the psychoactive effects of THC.


Potent properties of CBD that help in alleviating symptoms of Epilepsy and Seizures include:

• Anticonvulsant • Anti-inflammatory • Antioxidant

MODE OF ACTION CBD downregulates the enzymes associated with the induction of epilepsy by binding to both the transient potential Vanilloid 1 TRPV1 and 5HT1-2A receptors, thus inhibit their action. This inhibition reduces the overall neuronal excitability which helps in reducing symptoms associated with seizures.


• CBD shows around 84% improvement of seizures. • It has been reported to reduce approximately 60% seizure episodes. • CBD protects the hippocampal region in the brain from explosive electrical firing. • Almost 36.5% reduction has been seen in motor seizures.

Why wait for any miracle to help you deal with this condition when you can have an incredible molecule known as CBD. `

Just apply to our online portal, Online Medical Card, and get your medical recommendation instantly without any hassle.

For more information, write to us in the comment section.

Don’t forget to subscribe our channel.

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4 Different Ways to Control Cannabis Odor

Are you planning on growing cannabis at home? You sure don’t want those neighbors and relatives sniffing your plants when they come over! Controlling the pungent scent of marijuana plants can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. If you’ll grow one or two plants, it’s easy to get away with masking the smell. However, if you’re considering a large grow, you’ll need to ensure the unique, aromatic odors don’t leak out of the growing area. Let’s take a look at some of the methods and, also, tips for growing your secret garden and—actually—keeping it secret.

1. Air Purifiers (or Air Filters)

Air purifiers may seem the very first thing any beginner grower would think of as a lot them are well-known for being helpful in reducing smells, which is done through a filter. But if you’re seeking a highly effective, stronger way of removing the powerful smell of your marijuana plants, these are not the perfect choice.

2. Carbon Filter/Scrubber

Carbon filters or scrubbers are widely used by professional marijuana growers. They’re excellent in neutralizing any odors that pass through by drawing the smells out of the air. They work by using activated carbon which chemically absorbs smells from the air that is pushed through the filter. A good carbon filter will guarantee no smell would leak out through the window and into your neighborhood.

All you need to do is to set a carbon filter in your exhaust system. As the air in the room passes through the carbon filter and out the room, the air is deodorized and is smell-free. Besides being highly effective, Carbon filters are simple to maintain and are long-lasting.

In order to install the right carbon filter you need to:

1) Identify the diameter of your exhaust, 2) match up the airflow (CFM) rating between fan and carbon filter, 3) and finally, install the fan and filter into the exhaust system.

3. Odor Neutralizers

Odor Neutralizers bind with smell molecules, neutralizing their smell. They don’t “scrub” the smells from the air like carbon filters. One of the recommended Odor Neutralizer brands is Ona Products. After testing, Ona Gel in the original scent seems to be the most effective for covering up marijuana smells. With a couple of these, you are able to cover up almost all smells if you have a few plants in a closet or tent.

Please note that placing such products in your grow room or tent reduce or alter the flavor of buds over time since they work so well in neutralizing any odors. So they should be outside of the growing area.

Depending on the size of Ona product you buy, humidity, and temperature of your grow room, it could last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Just make sure you don’t use it inside the grow room.

4. Ozone Generator Apart from ozone being bad for your health and environment, it’s actually not effective in eliminating marijuana odor. Some people claim it is as effective as carbon filters, but even if it is so, with its health and environmental risks, its disadvantages outweigh the advantages and with the availability of stronger, safer alternatives, we don’t recommend using it.

So, if you want to grow cannabis at home, it is probably a good idea to start growing now, before the supply diminishes (if you aren’t already).

In California adults are only allowed to use or carry up to an ounce of cannabis. Growing for personal use is also limited to six plants. There are no caps for medical cardholders: you’re allowed to use and grow as much as needed within 100 square feet. Even opt for a grower’s license in California if you need more.

If you want to start growing in California, make sure to get your Medical Recommendation from the CA licensed Physician.

Fortunately, this process can be completed online in minutes. Visit OnlineMedicalCard.Com and talk to a doctor online now. Have more questions about growing marijuana in California? Post them below.

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6 States that Welcome Out-Of-State Medical Marijuana Cards

If you are on a vacation or work trip in the other state you might be worried, “Will I get my MMJ card there?” The concern is valid as not all accept out -of -state cards.

But do not get disappointed, there are a couple of States, which welcome non-resident medical marijuana users.

Let’s look at these states and get familiar with their laws.

The four states, New Hampshire, Arizona, Michigan and Rhode Island, allow visitors to legally buy and consume cannabis within the limit and restrict the use of concentrates, topical, edibles and tinctures.

New Hampshire: If you are a visitor at New Hampshire you can possess and consume cannabis. You can have 2 oz of MMJ but only for ten days.

Arizona: At Arizona, you can possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis for fourteen days, but you cannot buy it from the local state-licensed dispensaries. But, if you are a registered cannabis patient, you can freely enjoy the beauty of Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World without sequestering your cannabis intake.

Michigan: As a visitor at Michigan, you can possess 2.5 oz and use cannabis, but if you are driving with it, make sure you have kept the herb in a case in a locked trunk.

Rhode Island: A visiting patient can use and possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis, but cannot buy the same from dispensaries in the state.

The other two States have full reciprocity and allow visitors to buy cannabis at licensed dispensaries, especially patients who are suffering from a debilitating disease. But, do not forget to go through the laws before taking your flight.

Nevada: Nevada welcomes MMJ card holders to purchase, possess and even consume cannabis on their land. If you are a first time visitor, you would have to sign an affidavit which shows that you are a valid cannabis patient. If you are in the Silver State for more than 30 days, you can shop at the dispensary of your choice, which makes Nevada the perfect destination for cannabis users. However, you are allowed to possess 1 ounce of cannabis, 3.5 grams of cannabis concentrates and 2 and 1/2 ounce of cannabis flower.

Hawai: At Hawai, you can carry less than 4 ounces of MMJ for 15 days and 8 ounces for about 30 days, and get relief from pain, nausea or diseases like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and cancer.

We hope you have got required information to plan your travel with your Medical Marijuana.

For more details visit

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California Permits Statewide Cannabis Delivery Operation

Here is some good news for cannabis users and sellers living in California!

Many more citizens of California can now order cannabis over the phone or internet and get it delivered at their doorstep.

On 7th December 2018, The Bureau of Cannabis Control approved of statewide cannabis delivery operations across California. With this approval, delivery companies now will be able to deliver cannabis across the entire state, even in areas that have banned cannabis locally.

Unfortunately, the California League of Cities and a couple of Law Enforcement Agencies have strongly opposed this rule. They argue that cannabis deliveries in banned areas will loosen control of the Local Government and may give rise to criminal incidents. An online petition campaign has been launched against the rule to form public opinion.

However, BCC has mentioned explicitly that Proposition 64 – the law that legalized cannabis in California in 2016 – allows for statewide deliveries. They had to use explicit language after a few law enforcement officials publicly said that licensed delivery drivers could be arrested if they were seen delivering cannabis in restricted areas.

On the other side, statewide marijuana supporters have welcomed the new rule by saying that this would be highly beneficial for patients living in cannabis-banned areas.

There are a lot of people in California who depend on cannabis for managing their medical condition. Living in a big state, patients often have to drive for hours to get to the nearest dispensary. 420 home-deliveries will definitely make their life easier.

While some of the counties which specifically ban cannabis deliveries such as San Diego County, Merced, Orange County, Newark, Dublin, and many more are still silent on the issue of deliveries.

On the other hand, a few jurisdictions, such as the City of Oakland, Los Angeles, Hayword, Livermore, Riverside have embraced not only cannabis delivery within their jurisdiction but permitted cannabis delivery businesses to establish locations within their jurisdiction consistent with State law.

Amidst appreciation and opposition, this long debated issue now lies on the file of Office of Administrative Law. If they don’t object, the rule will become law after 30 days of the legislation passed.

Legalizing cannabis deliveries officially across the state will make it more accessible to patients across the state. 2019 is definitely looking like another big year for the cannabis industry.

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10 Reasons You Need to Try CBD Products Today

10 irresistible reasons you just have to try out CBD products right away!

CBD products aren’t psychoactive

CBD gives you many medical benefits without the psychoactive “high” that THC products do

CBD is now legal in all 50 states

CBD products are legal all over the nation, though specific laws may vary state by state.

It interacts with the Endocannabinoid System

Unlike other medicines, CBD works with a body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates the mood and overall well being.

Relief from pain and inflammation

Cannabinoids in CBD suppress neuropathic pain & inflammation by targeting a3 glycine receptors.

Reduces anxiety

CBD reduces many anxiety-related disorders that include obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and mild to moderate depression.

It produces Antipsychotic effects

CBD provides for a mechanistically different and less side-effect prone treatment for psychotic disorders. Studies link these effects to be directly associated with the increase of Anandamide levels in the body.

Relief from Nausea

CBD induces anti-nausea and anti-emetic effect by reacting with serotonin receptors.

Treats Epileptic Seizures

Studies have shown that CBD improves seizure content along with benefits to sleep and behavior with little to no side-effects.

Reduces the incidence of Diabetes

2006 also found that CBD treatment reduces the chances of diabetes among non-obese diabetic mice by 56 percent.

Treats Arthritis

CBD blocks osteoarthritis pain and also prevents the later development of pain and nerve damage.

There are many health benefits of CBD, and scientific studies are also now reinforcing what was once anecdotal evidence for the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of ailments and maladies.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to know what’s latest in the cannabis industry!

Looking for a secure online store to buy some CBD products?

Log on to the and try out some of our amazing CBD products for chronic symptom management and relief.

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5 Easy Ways You Can Benefit from CBD Now

Cannabinoids (such as THC, CBD, and CBN) are the active chemical compounds found in cannabis that give it its recreational and therapeutic effects. But what is it about CBD that makes it widely researched and used in managing and treating numerous diseases? Let’s take a closer look at this incredible compound.

What is CBD and How Does It Work in Our Bodies?

CBD can come from hemp plants as well as marijuana and, unlike THC, it is non-psychoactive. For better understanding of how CBD works, let’s talk a bit about the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a network of neurons responsible for maintaining homeostasis (balance) in our bodies and brains ultimately helping in numerous physiological processes such as pain sensation, sleep regulation, appetite, mood, and memory.

Our bodies produce natural cannabinoids similar to those found in cannabis, such as anandamide and 2-AG, and has two types of cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2.

CBD indirectly affects our cannabinoid receptors, regulating cell activity and restoring the balance caused by the shortage of endocannabinoids like anandamide and 2-AG in a more organic way.

Some of the Benefits of CBD:

Pain Relief –

One of the most widespread uses of CBD is for pain management due to its proved efficiency and the minimal side effects compared to pharmaceuticals. Patients using CBD for chronic pain caused by diseases such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, migraines, back pain, and arthritis claim it has been life-changing. CBD for controlling pain can be used topically in the form of creams and lotions or it can be ingested orally through sprays or tinctures.

Anxiety and Panic Relief –

Several recent studies have shown that CBD in low doses can reduce the symptoms of social anxiety and help patients with panic disorder as it works on certain parts of the brain, such as the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex, which trigger fear, panic, and anxiety.

Has Anti-seizure Properties –

In addition to a host of unwanted side effects, around 30% of Americans diagnosed with epilepsy do not respond to pharmaceutical drugs. CBD offers these patients a quick, effective alternative with little to no side effects since it contains anti-convulsive properties.

Treats Depression –

Since CBD restores the balance of the endocannabinoid system, it essentially regulates and improves mood. CBD activates neurotransmitters responsible for producing serotonin, regulates mood, sleep, and appetite which all contribute to the treatment of depression.

Although, you can buy CBD from any store. But, with MMJ card you save on taxes as Sales and Use Tax is exempted for MMJ card users. MMJ card can be obtained online from Online Medical Card, which is an online platform where you can get a speedy medical recommendation by a licensed cannabis doctor without any hassle.

To know more visit us at and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button.

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5 Amazing Ways Cannabis Helps Alzheimer’s Patients

Remember the tearjerker Romance Movie “The Notebook”? It tells the love story of Noah and Allie in long flashbacks. The couple is old, and Allie suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, so Noah reads their life story to her, in an attempt to bring her memories back.

The process of memorizing is critical to human life as we collect experiences in everything we do and we use them in our daily life, as an imitation game.

Unfortunately, a large number of people suffer from memory diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer is the most common type of dementia and has no cure so far, aggravating continuously until death.

The disease causes the victim to lose memories and gradually prevents him or her from performing daily activities without help. Around five million Americans are suffering from it, and it kills about one out of three seniors, which makes it the sixth leading cause of death.

One of the key factors in Alzheimer’s disease is the existence of beta-amyloid proteins in the patient. Though there are a good number of traditional medicines such as Donepezil and Tacrine, researches have shown that cannabis can outperform all of them in preventing or delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s and slow the disease’s progression. The psychoactive compound in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), slows beta-amyloid production and thereby the disease itself when applied in the right dose.

A report published in Molecular Pharmaceutics in 2006 theorized that cannabinoids might be shedding the amyloid plaque from affected neurons. It concluded: “Compared to currently approved drugs prescribed for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, THC is a considerably superior inhibitor of [amyloid beta] aggregation.” This finding was supported by 2013, 2014 and 2016 study gradually conducted the Roskamp Institute, University of Florida and the Salk Institute.

A 2006 study revealed that THC stimulated appetite and reduced nighttime agitation, providing relief for Alzheimer’s patients.

Another study from the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease reported that cannabis extract does reduce the negative symptoms of Alzheimer, including:

• Anxiety • Depression • Aggression • Insomnia • Hallucinations

Based on the researches done so far, it seems clear that both THC and CBD exerts positive effects on Alzheimer’s patients.

Finally, Alzheimer is a qualifying illness for a medical cannabis license in California State, and patients can restraint the development of harmful beta-amyloid proteins in their body using medical cannabis.

If you are someone who needs a medical cannabis recommendation for Alzheimer’s disease, visit

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How CBD Can Help with Your Back Pain

Back pain is something that can affect your life in several ways. It may cause job-related disability, increase your missed-work days, and make it harder for you to go about simple daily tasks.

Back pain is a common condition. Approximately 50% of all working Americans agree to have these symptoms each year.

This may last from a few days to weeks, months, and even more.

Although there are many medical treatments available, CBD is the most effective option. It is a non-psychoactive component of marijuana that can help relieve pain and promote wellness.

Here’s how CBD helps relieve pain and inflammation

The endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in digestion, mood and other factors that contribute to health and wellbeing in our body.

It produces natural cannabinoids for optimal health. And, CBD works to enhance the body’s healing process by increasing these cannabinoids.

There have been a number of researches and studies that show how CBD suppresses inflammatory and chronic pain.

A 2012 study published in the National Medicine of Health concluded that CBD potentiates α3 glycine receptors thus providing treatment for chronic pain and other conditions involving GlyR dysfunction.

CBD is also helpful in reducing the spasm and relaxing muscles.

According to a study conducted on mice models to compare the relaxation effects of CBD and THC, the mice that were given both CBD and THC showed a rapid onset of muscle relaxation than THC alone.

CBD is extracted from flowers of the hemp plant and is available in a variety of forms—oils, sprays, tinctures, lotions, edibles, skin patches, etc.

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So, what’re you waiting for? Try some CBD products, and start living a healthier life today.

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