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Complete Guide on Bubble Hash: Types of Bubble Hash, What To Use and How To Make It - February 05, 2020

People have been using bubble hash since time immemorial. It is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrates which presumably was found in the 1980s. Before different modern concentrates started to crop up in the cannabis market, bubble hash was the only purest form of concentrate known to people. However, bubble hash was not so popular back then and it is only in the past few years that it started gaining popularity. So, in this post, we will talk about what is bubble hash, how you can make it, what are the different ways of consumption, and tips to make good-quality bubble hash. Let’s begin.

First and foremost, let’s see what is Bubble Hash?

In simple words, bubble hash is a cannabis concentrate extracted with the help of ice water. If we look at its composition, millions of trichome glands participate in its formation and it is quite similar to brown sugar. Interestingly, bubble hash is often mistaken for traditional hash due to the stark resemblance they both possess. So, if you see the pressed form of bubble hash don’t mistake it for the traditional hash. In addition to this, it is vital to note that bubble hash is no longer the most powerful concentrate. There are several other concentrates like wax and shatter with 90% THC levels. But if you are looking for something packed with terpenes, bubble hash is your answer. After all, terpenes are best known for enhancing the effects of cannabis. Now, there are two reasons behind its naming scheme. The first reason is pretty obvious because the concentrate forms bubbles when heated. Second, the process of sieving requires bubble bags. In other words, you have to use bubble bags to separate the rest of the plant material from the trichomes. I am sure you are aware of trichomes, crystal-like particles that indicate your plant is ready for harvest. So, in totality, we can say that bubble hash is a solventless concentrate with 60 percent THC content.

Types of bubble hash

Bud processed and trim processed bubble hash

High-quality bubble hash is usually extracted from the cannabis buds. But the trim processed bubble hash is generally of the lowest quality. However, it is not necessary that cannabis buds will produce the finest form of bubble hash. In fact, the process of extraction will define its purity. So, for starters bud extraction will work quite effectively.

Micron screen size processed bubble hash

The most significant factor that determines the quality of bubble hash is the material used for extraction. This is where the role of micron sizes comes in. The bigger the size of the screen the more contaminants will mix with the concentrate. So, if you are sifting bubble hash through small screen sizes it will result in pure resin glands. Whereas, bubble hash produced through large screens is usually dark in color due to the presence of all the other components besides resin glands. I hope by now you are familiar with bubble hash and its types. Further, let’s see how the formation of bubble hash takes place and what are a few things you need to keep in mind while making it.

How to make bubble hash?

Before we start you have to make sure that you remove the trichomes from the cannabis plant without damaging them. Trichomes are glands growing on the leaves, flowers, and stems of the cannabis plant. Although you will find a large concentration of trichomes in the flowery region. But if you are a newcomer to the world of cannabis. Here’s how you can identify a trichome. You have to look for tiny round-headed structures loaded with phytocannabinoids (CBD, THC), terpenes, flavonoids, and other 100+ components of the cannabis plant Having said that, let us look at the material required for making bubble hash. So, you will need high-quality cannabis flowers, plenty of ice water, and meshed micron bags. The role of ice water and mesh bags is to filter the extracts of the cannabis plant. Although if you are serious about making good quality bubble hash, you need to purchase an eight-bag bubble bag kit. This kit consists of eight different types of bags ranging from 25 microns to 220 microns. All the sizes will work effectively but the sizes between 70 microns to 90 microns are considered best. So, if you have the right-sized bubble bag grab all the other materials and let us dive straight into the process of bubble hash making.

Step 1

Place the marijuana flowers in ice-cold water and merge the flowers completely so that the trichomes can freeze.

Step 2

Complete this step carefully because this is the part where you separate the trichomes from the flowers and the rest of the cannabis plant. Professional bubble hash makers use reverse osmosis (RO) water or freezing ice washer to break the trichomes from the cannabis plant.

Step 3

After removing the trichomes take the bubble bag and use another bucket to separate the trichomes. But make sure you place the bags in ascending order. Like the 25-micron bag should be placed on the top followed by 45-micron, 70-micron and so on.

Step 4

Pour ice-cold water and the mixture of the flowers on the bags. Make sure you take your time while performing this exercise and then wait for at least 15 minutes.

Step 5

Flush the first bag with ice-cold water again and watch out for any leftover trichomes. Next, shake each bag turn wise and allow the bags to drain completely. Also, remember that you are using different sizes of mesh which means that you will acquire different qualities of hash.

Step 6

The next step is to place the concentrated hash on drying sheets. Spread them evenly and make sure you use a non-stick surface.

Step 7

The last step is to roll the dried hash into a round shape. You can either roll a joint or simply spread the hash onto a sheet. So, if you choose to roll a joint, heat it from the outside. But if you don’t heat it the joint will fall apart because the hash burns slower than the rest of the parts of a joint.

Things you should keep in mind before making bubble hash

Let’s face it, bubble hash is expensive. The amount of energy and the time required to form the bubble hash adds to the cost of the final product. This is why sometimes it is best to produce your own bubble hash. But before you start making bubble hash, you need to make sure that the process involves concentration and agility. So, here are some things you have to keep in mind.

Ice cold water will give you outstanding results

You cannot make bubble hash without ice-cold water. Plus, you have to remember the lesser the temperature of water, the easier it will be to separate the trichomes from the cannabis plant. Ice cold water will freeze the entire plant forcing the trichomes to break from the flowers. But make sure that the temperature of the room is also cold and use a properly insulated bubble hash washer.

The quality of water is also a contributing factor

Here are two things that you have to take into consideration. One, purified water does not contain fluoride and chlorine. Two, tap water has chemicals and the same can get mixed with the hash upon usage. Although it is hard to identify the quality of water at once. So, make sure you buy reverse osmosis (RO) filter to avoid the bad taste in the hashish.

Use high-quality cannabis strains

If you make your bubble hash out of low-quality strains, the product will also below-grade. This is why you have to use a strain that is rich in terpenes and resin. In addition to this, also make sure that you never use stale flowers because then your hash will appear rotten too.

Get a Freeze Dryer

Although investing in a freeze dryer means that you have to spend a lot of money, yet it is a vital investment for individuals making bubble hash for commercial purposes. The main purpose of a freeze dryer is to quicken the process of drying without compromising the quality of the trichomes. Not only this but also a freeze dryer will take only 24 hours to dry the trichomes. Whereas the traditional method can take up to weeks. But if you cannot afford a freeze dryer. Here’s what you should do. Instead of drying the trichomes on plastic-made or metal made materials, use desiccant type material. This way your hash will never catch moisture and dry quickly.

Take note of the color and aroma

The final product is golden yellow in color but it transforms into a slightly darker shade if kept under warm temperatures. Not only this but it can also become sticky. So, you have to make sure that the final hash is stored in a freezer and an air-tight container. If you do not store the hash in a cool and dry place it will turn into a black-colored looking substance which is definitely not a good sign. Also, the hash should be able to retain its aroma as soon as possible. The original scent it had in the beginning also indicates that your hash is of high quality. So, take note of these two things after you are through with the process of bubble hash making.

The final thought

It is often said that bubble hash is safe to use because the extraction method is devoid of chemicals. However, it is important to note that experts hold a different view. Some of the marijuana experts believe that extraction with butane is as safe as the one with ice-cold water. Because in both the extraction methods the solvent evaporates and the final product is solvent-free. Not only this but also you have to keep in mind that extraction with water as a solvent is an arduous process. It consumes a lot of energy, time and money at the same time. So, if you decide to make Bubble hash take this factor into consideration and also don’t forget to keep all the points in mind mentioned in this blog. Now, go ahead and make a high-quality bubble hash so that you are rewarded with a high-THC product at the end of the process.

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