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Jojo’s Act- California Assembly in Favor of Medical Marijuana Use in Schools

Medical cannabis has been known to help with various medical conditions in children. These days full-spectrum products target pain and other chronic symptoms with any psychoactive effects. The Jojo’s Act will allow parents to medicate their children with medical cannabis in their school’s now. Read along to find out how this helps thousands of children across California.

All You Need to Learn About the Seattle HempFest 2018

If you love cannabis and free speech events, then the Seattle HempFest is the right place for you. This event laid its roots back in 1991 and has been growing ever since. If you are in Washington then head over to the Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle. Read along to know everything that there is to about the Seattle HempFest ‘18.

10 Best CBD Products for This Friendship’s Day

These days CBD is not only used for treating various ailments, but it has also entered the beauty industry. CBD products can be the perfect gift for your friends who use cannabis products. Read along to learn about the best CBD products that you can gift to your friends this friendship’s day.

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