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7 Things You Need to Know About Autoflowering Seeds: A Must Read Guide - August 20, 2019

Apart from the high THC amounts, the introduction of autoflowering cannabis seeds is another great thing concerning the genetics from modern cannabis. In early 1995, the first suggestions about these autoflowering seeds popped. Around 2005, Lowryder became the first commercial autoflowering strain to hit the market.

There are a lot of cannabis based products in the market and there has been an increasing demand of autoflowering seeds throughout the world. Products like CBD vape oil, Hemp-derived CBD capsules, cannabis edibles, 500mg CBD gummies, etc have been so popular among people and are available at any marijuana dispensaries like CBDOmetry. The growth of these products in the markets have been somehow possible because of the increased amount of available autoflowering seeds.

Therefore, autoflowering seeds are a new type of cannabis which has been in the market for some years. However, they have taken the market by storm because of the ease of growth and the fact that they do well all year round than other strains.

Weed smokers do not benefit much from this kind of cannabis because of fewer THC counts. Nonetheless, they can still get other strains with high THC amounts from Ontario cannabis in Canada via online dispensaries.

Below is a discussion of the seven things that help you know better autoflowering seeds. What do you need? Just a few minutes of your time, and you will have the right information.

What are Autoflowering Seeds?

First of all, you need to understand what autoflowering seeds are. As the name hints, they are seeds that produce plants which flower automatically, with no change in the light cycle. Distinct from other conventional cannabis plants, autoflowering plants depends on age and not light to flower.

A variety of cannabis called ruderalis is responsible for creating the autoflowering strains. Ruderalis grows in the wild, especially in the colder parts of the world like China and Russia. Thus, ruderalis does not depend on light to flower as indica and sativa need light.

Plant Autoflowering Seeds Early and Late

The better way to make sure that your seeds grow well is by planting them early during the growing season as well as in the last months. It will depend on your climate in the country/place you live.

If you cannot grow them early or late, then you can grow your indoor autoflowering seeds inside. Controlling both the light and heat enables you to cultivate plants throughout the year.

Don’t feed them too much

Autoflowering cannabis plants are small, and they do not spend more time in their vegetative phase. Thus, avoid feeding autoflowering seeds/plants as much as one needs to feed other large strains like sativas and indicas.

Breeding Autos

It is easy to create an authentic autoflowering seed from any two true breeding auto parent plants. However, breeding a new autoflowering strain can be a bit complicated when you try to create a hybrid with another strain that is not autoflowering.

For Maximum Yield, Maximize your Resources Right from the Beginning

Autoflowering life cycle is short. It is vital to optimize the resources for a better harvest. Plagues or any nutritional problem may damage the growth of autoflowers. To avoid this, plan everything and buy quality autoflowering seeds.

Many retailers sell autoflowering seeds online. Therefore, it is wise for you to research better on the reputation of the company. It allows you to purchase quality seeds that are well-dried.

Other planning strategies include; learning how best to make compost, starting with the ideal soil, tracking the plants’ progress, balancing the pH of the water, avoiding over and under-watering, and trimming.

Such preparations ensure that everything is right from the time of seed germination to harvest. In the end, you will get a great harvest.

Benefits of Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds have a small structure and can only average about 19 – 23 inches high. Therefore, you can grow them in small and compatible spaces. They take a short period to grow as they grow faster and you can harvest within 8-9 weeks.

With proper planning, you may get several harvests in a season. Another great advantage of autoflowering is the fact you do not need to adjust the light to encourage flowering.

Cons of Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds originate from ruderalis; thus their buds have fewer THC counts than the amounts found in photoperiodic strains. People looking for a potent weed should not use the autoflowering type instead, they can buy weed online.

Though autoflowering plants do not depend on light to flower, they need more light during their flowering stage for maximum photosynthesis and better bud growth. Therefore, it may lead to the high cost of electricity.

They are short in size, making them grow even in small or tight spaces. However, this shortness means that you will harvest fewer rewards.


Due to the legalization of cannabis in many countries like Canada and the US, many individuals will access cannabis seeds online, including autoflowering seeds. They can grow the cannabis sativa plant in their homes and enjoy their benefits whenever they harvest.

Autoflowering seeds are easy to plant. Both new and veteran in the industry can grow the plant. Soon, there will be many products on the shelves with CBD as more people get to learn about CBD and use such products.

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