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With a population of 329,427 people, Santa Ana is the second most populous city in the Orange County, California and 57th most populous city in the United States. Forbes has ranked it the fourth-safest city over 250,000 residents in the United States. Oddly enough, the city is termed as “Clown house” referring to multiple families living in one home.

An abode for young generation:

The City has 31% population under the age of 18, thus making it one of the youngest cities in the entire United States. The Santa Ana Army base was constructed during world war II, to impart arms training to recruited soldiers. Santa Ana is home to the Dr Howe-Waffle house, named after the owner who was one of the first female doctors in the state of California.


The Santa Ana has a hot semi-arid climate. It has hot, dry summers and mild winters with moderate rainfall. The area perfect for Spring visits. In July it goes up to 82 degrees in July and around 45 degrees in January.


The city is located in Southern California adjacent to the Santa Ana River. It lends its name to the Santa Ana Freeway, which runs through the city. Founded in the year 1869 the city is the part of the Greater Los Angeles area and is the second largest metropolitan area in the United States with almost 18 million residents in 2010.

Shocking but true:

Santa Ana’s immigrant population is so high that more than 80% of the city’s inhabitants do not speak English in their households.
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medical marijuana card

Marijuana Laws in Santa Ana:

Santa Ana is the only city in Orange county, which allows retail sales and commercial production, which will be restricted to indoor operations at 20 licensed facilities. Rest the laws for recreational use will be governed by 2018 Californian cannabis regulations, allowing individuals who are 21 years of age or older  to start buying recreational cannabis.

On November 4, 2014. Voters in Santa Ana approved Measure BB aka the City Establishment of Medical Marijuana Collectives and Cooperatives.

For information on California Proposition 64 and its impact on users in Santa Ana, make sure to visit this website.
In July, 2017, MedMen created quite a buzz among marijuana enthusiasts across the nation and credited as revolutionizing the way marijuana is bought and sold.

How to get your MMJ card in the city?

Getting a medical marijuana card in Santa Ana is just 10 minutes and a click of a button away.  Don’t let high taxes disrupt your medical cannabis use. In just $59, you can get a MMJ evaluation and save up to 25% tax on your cannabis use.

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Where can you get medical marijuana in the city?

Get a MMJ recommendation in 3 easy steps and start buying from Santa Ana’s medical cannabis dispensaries:

  1. Fill out the application form on our website and answer basic questions about your health and medical conditions. Choose from our 2 medical marijuana evaluation options available, the $59 medical evaluation and $79 medical evaluation plus cannabis ID card.
  2. Receive a video chat conducted by our licensed MMJ physicians. Our doctors are standing by seven days a week to answer any questions you might have about medical marijuana.
  3. You get your 420 evaluation on your email address within minutes, while the hard copy will be mailed to you within three business days.

To help you find the nearest dispensaries around you, we have provided a compiled list of dispensaries by Yelp, Weedmaps, Leafly.

And of course, you can  also visit the list of medical marijuana dispensaries prepared by OnlineMedicalCard as well.

Things to do in Santa Ana:

1. Visit the Discovery Cube Orange County:

With over a 100 science exhibits, the Discovery Cube has something to offer to everybody. If you are travelling with your family, your children are going to absolutely love this. Some of the most popular attractions here are designed to captivate your interest namely, the Air & Space zone, Dynamic Earth, the Quake Zone and last but not the least, the Rocket Lab.

2. Absorb some history and culture at the Bowers’ Museum

One stop at the historical Bower’s museum is a dream come true for history buffs. The museum boasts of accommodating some of the rarest and the most valuable artifacts around the world.

3. Santiago Creek

A tributary of Santa Ana river, the Santiago creek offers a place for solitude and rejuvenation to the visiting tourists. With its breathtaking scenery and sights, this place is perfect for nature lovers and thrill seekers alike.

4. California State University Fullerton Grand Central Art Centre

A heaven for the art freaks out there, this is the perfect place to stimulate the artist inside you and give you the inspiration you’ve always craved. But you don’t have to be an artist to witness the center’s splendour. As the saying goes, a little of imagination goes a long way. This place should be on top on your travelling list nonetheless.


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