A 420 Doctors Guide To Taking A Tolerance Break - July 30, 2020

Cannabis use has not known to have too many side effects. But what it does have is the ability to lower its effects on you, popularly referred to as the “tolerance”.


Tolerance refers to the amount of marijuana you need to consume before feeling the desired effects. Medical marijuana do patients often see that with prolonged use of cannabis you need to up the dosage to feel the same effects that they otherwise were able to achieve without much trouble or product.


So, what does one do in such a case? 


The easy answer to this question is a “tolerance break”.  Now as a medical marijuana user this might seem like a next to impossible endeavor to undertake. But it is not. To help you we have advice from a leading 420 doctor. Let’s dive into the world of cannabis tolerance.

Why Does This Happen?

There are multiple theories as to why people develop a tolerance to cannabis.


One theory is that it is the most common yet complex interaction that takes place between the liver and the herb. The liver is where cannabis compounds are broken down and sent into the gut. Over a while, your liver gets accustomed to the compound and starts releasing more enzymes to help remove it thus forcing you to up your dosage of cannabis.


The other is that cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors in the brain continue to decrease with continued cannabis use. This is why you need to take a higher dosage of THC to get the required effects. This one is more probable. In scientific terms, tolerance is referred to as downregulation. A study showed that people who chronically use cannabis usually show signs of deregulation in the brain, specifically the cortical regions of the brain. This study also further highlighted that tolerance wears off pretty fast once you start to abstain from cannabis.


Additionally, factors like dosages, BMI, and frequency of use too, play a role in how tolerance is developed. Regardless of all factors, there are no two people who experience this the same way.


420 doctors often define the cycle of needing more cannabis to achieve the desired effects as a dependency, not an addiction. This means that there is a way to manage it without the added issues that come along with leaving something like opioids.

Why Do You Need A Break?

Now, as a medical user the prospect of leaving cannabis is not the most tempting. But there are some very valid reasons why 420 doctors are constantly advising you to give yourself a tolerance break.


Apart from lowering the amount of cannabis you need to get high, there are various other reasons a break might be a good option.


  • For people looking for or about to join a new job a tolerance break is important to flush their system as it is still the employers choice to employ someone using cannabis
  • Any legal issues i.e. court order and probation are a good reason to take a break.
  • To save money
  • Just to get a little more from their consumption of marijuana


More than anything else, what tolerance break will be able to do is give clarity and a new outlook on how you approach marijuana. Cannabis, like any other form of medication, needs to approach with a moderation mindset. That is the only way one can truly enjoy the plant at its maximum capacity. A tolerance break is the only way that the effects of pain relief, euphoria, creativity, and general wellness come back at the same effectiveness level that you began with or even better in some cases.


Tips From A 420 Doctor For a Successful Break

Now that we have told you why you need to take a tolerance break in the first place. Let’s move onto how you can make the most of it.   As 420 doctors, we have seen people try and not be successful with the break. There are of course some cases in which it becomes next to impossible to take a tolerance break. For that, we have alternatives that you can use.


First, we will have a look at how you make complete abstinence easier and then move onto the alternative methods you can use instead of a  tolerance break.


Know It Will Not Be Easy

In theory, it sounds like the simplest declaration- I will not use cannabis. In reality, however, even though cannabis is not a substance that causes addiction, anything that you use every day is going to be hard to leave overnight. It is usually the first couple of weeks that are tough but then it does get better if you hold on.


Don’t Keep Cannabis Around

What you need is full out of sight, out of mind approach to tolerance. Keeping absolutely any around makes the whole process doomed from the beginning. Once you feel the urge to smoke, you will go straight for the emergency stash and then it is completely downhill from there. The worst part? Once you use cannabis you are bound to feel guilty and that is not a feeling that goes well with a high.


Find A New Hobby

Now that you are not going to be smoking or consuming cannabis, you will have some more time on your hands. The best way to get rid of a habit is to pick up a better one. But you aren’t giving up cannabis, just avoiding it for a while. So, complete a course or two online in the time that you would usually spend with cannabis.


Pick A Date

You are more likely to follow through if you give yourself a timeline. So, set a date and then stick to it. Yes, the days preceding it will be tough but when you do have some cannabis you will feel the effects that you have never felt before.


Alternative Methods( If A Break Is Not On The Cards)

As a 420 doctor, I would like to point out that a cannabis tolerance break is not a possibility for everyone. People who have chronic pain and inflammation often look to cannabis to get through their day to day activities.  So, if total abstinence is not an option you can always look at one of the below-given methods to give a try :

When it comes to tolerance we usually refer to THC but CBD with practically no psychoactive side-effects is a safer bet to use. Cannabidiol or CBD has numerous applications. One of the leading ones is anti-inflammation and anti-anxiety. A study even went as far as to illustrate that CBD can help limit at what rate THC binds to CB1 receptors.


So, you can try a CBD heavy strain to manage the withdrawal symptoms. Low CBD strains like Harlequin and Medical mass have been developed with this particular function in mind.



There is a twofold reason behind exercise. One is that it helps your general wellbeing, the second is that THC is stored in fat cells.  Less buildup will thus lead to a better high in the end. So, just regular exercise can go a long way in helping keep tolerance down.


Use Less

This one is probably one that you have heard before, but the best thing you can do to ensure that your tolerance does not skyrocket is to keep your consumption down and keep switching between the strains.


Try Vaping Over Smoking

Tolerance can be managed with the help of vaping instead of the usual smoking. Vaping has a higher bioavailability than smoking, thus it improves the effectiveness of the strain. More THC reaches your bloodstream without the smoke.


Finally, the decision to go on a break solely rests on your hand, and in most cases, it all also comes down to your willpower. Hopefully, the points given above will help you make a smooth transition to a lower transition. If you have any questions regarding tolerance breaks we would advise you to contact a 420 doctor.

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