A Comparative Analysis of the Best Medical Cannabis Card Services in California (Leafwell, NuggMD, Veriheal, Happy MD & Online Medical Card) - May 19, 2022

The rising popularity of cannabis has transformed the landscape of medicine in the US by offering a relaxing route to better health. Plus, with the emergence of telemedicine, finding an effective treatment is easier than ever. Most people find the idea of online clinics attractive because it’s highly convenient and cuts the hassle of visiting a physical clinic. All you need is a good internet connection to be able to have a virtual meeting with the doctor. Honestly, that’s not a big task but finding a clinic that offers an exciting array of services can be tough, especially with so many players in the market.

Well, I’ve made the job easier for you by doing a comparative analysis of top online 420 clinics like NuggMD, Veriheal, HappyMD, Leafwell, and Online Medical Card. I tested each of their services on various parameters and here’s how they fared out.


Online Medical Card is the most affordable option on the list, charging $39.99 for 1 year MMJ recommendations. NuggMD has advertised the price as $39, but I was surprised to find out that they have some hidden charges as well that increase the final cart value. So, the actual price is more than what’s advertised.

Leafwell has a $49 fee and Veriheal charges a whopping $199 for 2 years which makes it the most expensive online clinic. My main concern with Leafwell is that they’ve not mentioned the pricing details clearly on their website. I really had to dig in and find out how much the cannabis recommendation costs. HappyMD is pretty similar. In fact, it’s hard to figure out how much their MMJ card costs. I could find three price variations for the same service: $30.99, $39.99, and $50. Honestly, I’ve got no idea which one is the true price.


All clinics claim to follow a 3-step process which involves filling up an online form, interacting with a doctor via video call, and getting access to an MMJ card. Well, that’s not entirely true, especially for some clinics. If I talk about NuggMD, they did not connect me with a certified cannabis doctor. There was no video call available and they were ready to give an MMJ recommendation without proper evaluation. All you need to do is pay and you’ll get your card regardless of whether you have a qualifying medical condition or not.

Online Medical Card, Veriheal, HappyMD, and Leafwell have the process exactly as they’ve advertised. So, no problems there.

Presence of a Physical Clinic

Except Leafwell and HappyMD, all clinics have a verifiable physical address. Having a physical address counts as a token of proof that a clinic is real with actual certified doctors. Just to be sure, I visited Online Medical Card’s physical clinic in Santa Ana, and I wasn’t disappointed. Their staff is really friendly and my interaction with doctors was pretty satisfying. I was particularly impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities available at their clinic which smoothens everything and makes getting a medical marijuana card fairly easy for patients.

Offers and Freebies

Out of all the clinics only Online Medical Card is offering something exciting for patients. You get two packs of CBD gummies free with their $69.99 MMJ recommendation bundle which honestly is a great catch. I particularly like it because I won’t have to rush to a dispensary straight after getting my card. That’s something highly convenient and cost-effective at the same time.


The presence of HIPAA compliance and certified doctors show that a clinic is focused on providing quality care to patients. HIPAA compliance ensures that your personal credentials are kept entirely safe and not shared with any third party. From my experience with NuggMD, I highly doubt that they have HIPAA compliance even though they’ve advertised about it. The same goes for their team of doctors. They did not allow me to interact with one, so it’s a bit shady. Similarly, I have my doubts about HappyMD because the nature of their website at times raises serious questions on whether they’re real or not. So, I was not really confident enough to take a risk in sharing my details with them.

Only Veriheal and Online Medical Card have a verifiable HIPAA compliant platform. In fact, Online Medical Card takes things up a notch by being an Authorize.net verified merchant and offering a buysafe guarantee. This shows that they’re actually invested in making customer satisfaction a top priority, which is highly impressive. They’re affordable, reliable, and legit.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an overall package in terms of quality of service, expertise, certifications, and affordability, Online Medical Card is your best bet. They’ve got everything covered and most importantly have genuine cannabis doctors.

Online Medical Card Team