Ultimate Guide to Buying CBD Online - Where to Shop for CBD Oil

Ultimate Guide to Buying CBD Online – Where to Shop for CBD Oil

So, you’ve finally gathered some courage to buy some CBD products… maybe because you don’t agree with prescription meds or because you can’t find enough relief from your medication.

Either way, you still decide to try out some CBD products. The online market can easily confuse a new patient looking to try CBD for managing their medical condition.

Oils, concentrates, edibles, capsules, patches, topicals, suppositories and what not.

Who knew there could be so many different products and ways to consume CBD?

Here is a detailed guide to understanding which CBD products and administration methods can help you with your medical condition. Not only that, but we will be also recommending .

How does CBD help?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It docks on to the binding site of a protein and thus has the ability to modulate a receptor’s behavior.

CBD helps with pain by inhibiting neuronal transmission in pain pathways. It is also similar to atypical antipsychotic drugs preventing human psychosis.

More studies and researches are now authenticating the anxiolytic, antiproliferative and pro-apoptotic effects of CBD

Getting the maximum amount of CBD in your body?

If you are looking at CBD products, bioavailability matters. The effectiveness of a product depends on the amount of CBD it can absorb in your bloodstream.

– The most effective method is inhalation by vaping or smoking and offers around 35% bioavailability. Rectal absorption follows as our rectal membranes are highly absorbent and effectively distribute and transport CBD around the body.

– Next, comes the sublingual method where you put CBD oil under your tongue and it directly gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

– Finally, the oral administration method only comes with a bioavailability of around 6% CBD passing through the body.

Speed of Action

You also need to consider how fast acting you want your medicine to be. Not to forget how long you want these effects to last.

– Vaporizing allows you to feel the effects of CBD almost instantly, as it is first absorbed directly into the bloodstream instead of going into the brain or fat cells. CBD oils are thus a good way to quickly and effectively combat anxiety issues.

– Another way you can get your CBD medicine to work quickly is by taking it sublingually. This is more suitable for patients who don’t like vaping or taking pills.

Just put 1-2 drops of oil under your tongue and wait for 30 seconds before swallowing. A healthy supply of capillaries allows CBD to enter the bloodstream immediately, providing relief almost immediately.

– Rectal suppositories can take anywhere up to 20 mins to take effect and can be effective for almost 8 hours depending on your CBD tolerance level. A great option if you are looking for long-term pain relief.

– You can also orally consume CBD in the form of capsules or edibles. This is the slowest mode of action and can take anywhere between 30 mins-2 hours to take effect. But looking on the plus side this method is effective for the longest period of time and can last for 6-10 hours.

So…Here’s the Catch

If your medical condition requires immediate relief then it’s best to try a CBD oil with a vaporizer or take it sublingually. Try our Mango flavored Oil with 300mg CBD to get immediate relief from stress, pain and anxiety disorders.

Patients looking for pain and inflammation relief can use transdermal patches and suppositories for long-lasting effects. Get instant relief with CBD patches that last 12 hours or more, now available at $60 for a pack of 4.

Check out our online store and browse through a wide selection of CBD products that are 100% tried, tested and recommended by our mmj doctors.

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