For long-lasting relief, try Time Release Transdermal CBD Patches

Transdermal CBD Patches.

Manna CBD patches store CBD inside a reservoir which is non-permeable from one side with an adhesive on the other side.

Once applied on the skin, CBD gets transferred to the skin via diffusion which eventually gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Some of the advantages of CBD patches include:

1. Time-Release Medication Dosage- There are no issues of sudden crashes or overdosing as the CBD dose gets absorbed into the bloodstream at a controlled rate.

This is because the concentration of cannabinoid is high in the patch & low in our bloodstream at first. Therefore, CBD keeps diffusing into the blood over a period of 12 hours which helps in maintaining a constant drug concentration.

Plus, you also know precisely the amount of dosage that you are taking in.

2. Bioavailability- Another benefit of using these patches is that this delivery method directly bypasses any type of metabolism process. This ensures up to 70% of CBD bioavailability.

3. Easy to Use- All you need is to peel and apply the patch on your skin.

4. Discreet Usage- You can hide it easily without showing any signs of cannabis use.

5. Latex and Allergen Free

How can you benefit the most from these Transdermal CBD patches?

Use these patches for long-lasting relief. You will be effectively taking a consistent dose of CBD all day long. If you don’t like the flavor of traditional oils, and you don’t like to smoke, this is a great alternative.

The patches are very easy to use. It’s a great way to get CBD in your system for an entire day without having to take it over and over.

The effects are strong and can be felt pretty quickly.

Additionally, these patches are very effective at providing localized pain relief for symptoms like:

– Muscle Spasms
– Sports Injuries
– Fibromyalgia
– Neuropathic Pain

If you want the effects of CBD to last longer, or if you just love CBD as much as we do,

Then, Transdermal CBD patches should definitely be an option you should seriously consider.

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