How to Save Money & Find the Best Deals on Cannabis

How to Save Money & Find the Best Deals on Cannabis

When medical marijuana dispensaries first emerged out in California, most of the Californians were not very picky. After all, they’re all serving cannabis, right?

But now, with the emergence of an array of medical marijuana dispensaries, it is only essential to weigh out your options and get the finest quality medical cannabis, at the best price.

In this video, we are going to discuss some amazing ways through which Californians can get jaw dropping deals & discounts on cannabis.

1. Find dispensaries around you

We suggest users to use sites like Weedmaps aka the yelp for cannabis, LeafBuyer or Pot Locater. And if you’re lucky enough to find dispensaries with delivery option, the cannabis might come to your house as well.

2. Start comparing deals and discounts available online

Sites such as WeedMaps allow users to find dispensaries, deals, discounts or as WeedMaps like to call it “Understand cannabis in California.” Another great online tools are, and WikiLeaf. Though keep in mind, not all dispensaries will list their prices online.

3. Look for “Deals of the day”

You can even find some best deals during holidays wherein retail stores and dispensaries announce special offers like pre-holiday deals, cyber Monday, deals for veterans, medical patients and so on.

4. Look for offers during the holiday season

Getting more for less aka buying cannabis at a discounted price is an ideal way to get in the right Holiday spirit, won’t you agree? Like any business, dispensaries too gear up with specials for the holidays. Thanksgiving, 4/20 and Christmas, to name a few.

5. Freebies

Some California medical cannabis dispensaries offer one-time discounts for first time customer prescriptions. Such ideas will multiply in cities and states where only medical marijuana is legal because fewer sources will be competing for a narrower market.

We hope this video would have helped you in finding the best medical cannabis deals in California.

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