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4 Different Ways to Control Cannabis Odor

Are you planning on growing cannabis at home? You sure don’t want those neighbors and relatives sniffing your plants when they come over! Controlling the pungent scent of marijuana plants can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. If you’ll grow one or two plants, it’s easy to get away with masking the smell. However, if you’re considering a large grow, you’ll need to ensure the unique, aromatic odors don’t leak out of the growing area. Let’s take a look at some of the methods and, also, tips for growing your secret garden and—actually—keeping it secret.

1. Air Purifiers (or Air Filters)

Air purifiers may seem the very first thing any beginner grower would think of as a lot them are well-known for being helpful in reducing smells, which is done through a filter. But if you’re seeking a highly effective, stronger way of removing the powerful smell of your marijuana plants, these are not the perfect choice.

2. Carbon Filter/Scrubber

Carbon filters or scrubbers are widely used by professional marijuana growers. They’re excellent in neutralizing any odors that pass through by drawing the smells out of the air. They work by using activated carbon which chemically absorbs smells from the air that is pushed through the filter. A good carbon filter will guarantee no smell would leak out through the window and into your neighborhood.

All you need to do is to set a carbon filter in your exhaust system. As the air in the room passes through the carbon filter and out the room, the air is deodorized and is smell-free. Besides being highly effective, Carbon filters are simple to maintain and are long-lasting.

In order to install the right carbon filter you need to:

1) Identify the diameter of your exhaust,
2) match up the airflow (CFM) rating between fan and carbon filter,
3) and finally, install the fan and filter into the exhaust system.

3. Odor Neutralizers

Odor Neutralizers bind with smell molecules, neutralizing their smell. They don’t “scrub” the smells from the air like carbon filters. One of the recommended Odor Neutralizer brands is Ona Products. After testing, Ona Gel in the original scent seems to be the most effective for covering up marijuana smells. With a couple of these, you are able to cover up almost all smells if you have a few plants in a closet or tent.

Please note that placing such products in your grow room or tent reduce or alter the flavor of buds over time since they work so well in neutralizing any odors. So they should be outside of the growing area.

Depending on the size of Ona product you buy, humidity, and temperature of your grow room, it could last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Just make sure you don’t use it inside the grow room.

4. Ozone Generator

Apart from ozone being bad for your health and environment, it’s actually not effective in eliminating marijuana odor. Some people claim it is as effective as carbon filters, but even if it is so, with its health and environmental risks, its disadvantages outweigh the advantages and with the availability of stronger, safer alternatives, we don’t recommend using it.

So, if you want to grow cannabis at home, it is probably a good idea to start growing now, before the supply diminishes (if you aren’t already).

In California adults are only allowed to use or carry up to an ounce of cannabis. Growing for personal use is also limited to six plants. There are no caps for medical cardholders: you’re allowed to use and grow as much as needed within 100 square feet. Even opt for a grower’s license in California if you need more.

If you want to start growing in California, make sure to get your Medical Recommendation from the CA licensed Physician.

Fortunately, this process can be completed online in minutes.
Visit OnlineMedicalCard.Com and talk to a doctor online now.
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