Customer Reviews

Ken T. Montclair, CA

I have been taking MMJ recommendations from them for the past two years. And never in two years have they disappointed me with their services. The sta Read More

Vincent T. Highland, CA

I required a medical marijuana card to consume cannabis in my city. A quick Google search helped me find this company. It was really a great place to Read More

Aastha D. San Francisco, CA

I was scared of attempting to get a medical recommendation because I didn't want to have to go wait in an office and been "seen" by other people. I wa Read More

U O. Santa Ana, CA

Dr. Fu made the visit very comfortable for me. I highly recommend this place either through video chat box in person. Read More

Kathleen L. El Cajon, CA

I had a wonderful experience using this company. They're fast and efficient and Adam helped me a ton. Follow up is great. Couldn't be simpler. I'd rec Read More

Corey Robinson Long Beach, CA

Great clinic. Amazing services. And special thanks to the doctor for listening to me patiently. Happy to get my recommendation through them. Read More

Penny Wild Santa Ana, CA

The process of obtaining an mmj recommendation letter online is very easy. I have used such a great service for the first time. It took me not more th Read More

Helen Morrison Anaheim, CA

Seeing a doctor online was an awesome experience. The doctor carefully listened to me and had an open discussion on medical cannabis and my condition. Read More

James J Harper Oakland, CA

Great Service. Got my card pretty easily so no complaints whatsoever. My wife got the recommendation as she suffers from PTSD. Thank you to the doctor Read More

Noah Johnson Stockton, CA

I was feeling scared initially, but the process went regularly and smoothly. I am so justified, despite all the trouble! I wish I had thought about th Read More

Darren Swenson Riverside, CA

Thanks. I'm getting the medical treatment I need. It was super easy. It only takes a few minutes to get evaluated. The doctor's are very understanding Read More

Alondra Salazar Fresno, CA

I've had a great experience with Online Medical Card and have never had any issues checking into dispensaries. The diagnosing doctor was very easy to Read More

Pat Maloney San Jose, CA

The service was great. The doctor was totally informative and professional. My phone was messed up and my phone is the only complaint I have. Thank yo Read More

Ulysess Morningstar San Diego, CA

Thank you Dr. Fu for making the visit comfortable for me. I appreciate the attention you gave me and the recommendations. I really feel I was cared fo Read More

bn Lambert Chula Vista, CA

Thanks to Dr.Fu for the time and service provided to me.. Came to his clinic helpless with the anxiety issues but now i can see the results in myself Read More

Elise Anzures Sacramento, CA

Very quick as easy. Only thing is that the medical card that comes in the mail is printed very blurry. Read More

Bonnie Davis Irvine, CA

Came here the last two years and service was great. The doctor is knowledgable. Disappointed with the staff in my last visit, but I can imagine that t Read More

Chris Rosenau Fremont, CA

Great service! Spoke to the doctor over the phone got my letter of recommendation right away. Then, within a couple days received my medical card. Th Read More

Ahsan Rajpoot Santa Clara, CA

Amazing Dr and Staff the right to get mmj card in no time. Read More

Courtney Herod Roseville, CA

Adam helped me out as if I was his islets friend not great customer service but all around GREAT customer experience. Would recomend for sure! Read More

Michael Shon Stockton, CA

Excellent experience! Read More

Christina Perkins Irvine, CA

Fast response time for appointment. The doctor was kind and helpful. Read More

Max Gibson Santa Clarita, CA

Very quick and efficient. Read More

Cynthia More San Bernardino, CA

It was so much faster and easier than I thought. I received my recommendation a few minutes after ending my face-to-face doctor visit on webcam (which Read More

James Long Fremont, CA

I completed the process on my phone from my home. It was easy convenient, and affordable. The doctor was very professional and made me feel comfortabl Read More

Angelea Postier Chula Vista, CA

Amazing Read More

Madison Losito Santa Ana, ca

Fast and easy- great customer support and team of staff and doctors! Read More

Brandon Andino Pomona, CA

Helping people daily Read More

Irene Gorman Torrance, CA

Very simple and straightforward! This service helped me greatly, would recommend to a friend for sure. Read More

Sophia Lopez Pasadena, CA

Great and efficient service. Read More

Floyd Shulze Salinas, CA

Excellent service. Fast easy and guaranteed. I was emailed my letter of recommendation within 5 minutes of my online exam being complete and I receive Read More

raymond Teague Lancaster, CA

Great and easy experience. I will be referring friends to this business. Read More

Darcie Renault Elk Grove, CA

Easy, quick, very polite! Read More

Maria De Luna Garden Grove, CA

The process helps people that need it.. it makes it easier to be open about pain and not wanting pharmaceuticals that get you hooked. Read More

Avery Bocksnick Oceanside, CA

I think its great I was just confused on if we get an emailed version of the recommendation or not. Read More

Leslee Mickshaw Huntington Beach, CA

The process was easier than I had thought it would be. I felt like the Dr. I spoke with was caring and asked me lots of questions. I received my medi Read More

Sean Prager Moreno Valley, CA

Great Read More

Sara Carbonari Oxnard, CA

Thank you for a fast affordable option Read More

Tommy Lam Fontana, CA

great service and fast Read More

Penny Laster Modesto, CA

Service was fast. People are friendly.I felt comfortable talking to them Read More

Marissa Folts Sunnyvale, CA

It was good Read More

David Pingitore Pomona, CA

The service is great. The people on the phone were very nice to talk to. Read More

Fernando Gonzalez Escondido, CA

Great and quick service highly recommend using this device above others Read More

Anita Romero-Dawson Torrance, CA

The online form is a little confusing as to how to enter your medical information but after you get it figured out it goes pretty quick. The online ch Read More

Tyhesha Daniels Pasadena, CA

I had a wonderful experience. Thank you. Read More

Taylor Hearns Orange, CA

I just want my cannabis card Read More

Serena Smith Fullerton, CA

I loved the easy process !! Read More

Santo Davi Roseville, CA

Quick Read More

Victor Sullivan Visalia, CA

Awesome and convenient! Read More

Anthony Garcia Gomez Concord, CA

Great source fast and easy Read More

Lauren Edwards Thousand Oaks, CA

Very easy and quick process no trouble what so ever. Read More

Caleb Nieder Santa Clara, CA

Quick and easy to use I got approved saw a doctor and got my med card in under 10 minutes 👌 Read More

Matthew Garnica Simi Valley, CA

Great Read More

Samuel Lainer Victorville, CA

It was quick and easy, except I paid 79 for the pdf and the wallet ID, while my friend paid 49 for the same thing. Also, I’ve been waiting for about Read More

Eric Villa Berkeley, CA

10/10 would do again Read More

kathleen minor Vallejo, CA

Easy to work with. Timely and affordable service Read More

Ashley Ben El Monte, CA

Awesome doctor and fast service and affordable prices Read More

Dick Woods Fairfield, CA

A most excellent process with a solid result. Conveniently located and ran efficiently I recommend this service to any and all who find themselves in Read More

Jhover Hannigan Victorville, CA

Fast and easy Read More

Jennifer Stamberger Carlsbad, CA

I was confident with the dr. I had an eVisit with. My medical history, and what meds I was taking were addressed and respected, a real dr. I think I Read More

Ronnie Harbin Temecula, CA

Great experience. You cant beat getting your card online would be so easy. From start to finish it took maybe 10 minutes. Never have to go to a walk i Read More

Leslie Becker Roseville, CA

Fast and affordable! Read More

Bjorn Rojas Simi Valley, CA

I signed up and got to use my medical card the same day. It has been life changing. Thank you Read More

Matthew Low Vallejo, CA

Amazing and easy Read More

Tami Patterson Visalia, CA

Friendly, and easy. Read More

Jack Sanchez Costa Mesa, CA

Easy and quick Read More

Anthony Harris Harris Corona, CA

Very nice service Read More


Thank you Read More

Ben Jenkins Downey, CA

It was easy and affordable and the doctor made it easy to complete all of the steps. Read More

Alicia Leffmann Antioch, CA

Quick easy and efficient Read More

Jade Riley Fontana, CA

so easy and so quick, i would have liked to have been able to speak with the doctor longer but really i got every Read More

Alvin Lam Fremont, CA

Fast and easy Read More

Barbara Lanz-Mateo San Bernardino, CA

Quick, thorough and easy. Read More

Jason Lopez Modesto, CA

Fast and easy. How ever I haven’t revived my card in the mail and it’s been about almost two weeks Read More

Sarah Churng Santa Clarita, CA

So convenient. Read More

Ramon Lopez Stockton, CA

Very helpfull and kind people, quickly process. Read More

Taylor Sherman Anaheim, CA

Super easy! Read More

Sterling Phillips Santa Ana, CA

Great easy experience Read More

Jonathan Castro Irvine, CA

Amazing fast and easy. Read More

Edgar Williams San Jose, CA

Very helpful with all my questions Read More

Patrick Angelo Oasin Fresno, CA

Easy and affordable. Read More

Gabriel Fernandez Sacramento, CA

Great service Read More

Chris Pinckney Long Beach, CA

Why have t I got my card in the mail? Read More

Teri Benoit San Francisco, CA

Professional and efficient, just as the website stated. Very pleased with my experience, nice Dr. Read More

Rick Dorris Los Angeles, CA

Satisfied with everything Read More

Carlos Villegas San Diego, CA

Easy, Fast, Efficient I was ready to go same day and no hassles! Read More

Nick Spanos Oxnard, CA

Easy experience. Thanks. Read More

Jon Mulvey Moreno Valley, CA

1. Filled out the online form. 2. Spoke to a doctor. 3. Got my rec and card in less then an hour. 5 stars ⭐️ Read More

Anthony Cordoza Huntington Beach, CA

Very quick and easy, straight to the point. Perfect. Read More

Donna Cheng Glendale, CA

Dr. Fu was great and I received my digital MMC recommendation instantly and the ID card will arrive in my mail :-) Read More

Terri Davis Santa Rosa, CA

It was fast, easy, and felt comfortable. Dr. was very nice and understanding. Read More

Milan Patel Richmond, CA

very good! Read More

Justin Moreno Daly City, CA

It was super easy you can really do it in 10 min Read More

Roberto Tellez Inglewood, CA

Perfect just need that tracking code! Read More

Ciara Jessen Clovis, CA

Dr. was quick and understanding, got my temp card email the next day. Read More

Chanel Martinez West Covina, CA

Very fast Very easy and the staff is so nice and helpful! Recommend to anyone! Read More

Callie Huston Santa Maria, CA

Easy, professional, fast Read More

corbin stern Jurupa Valley, CA

Quick and simple Read More

Michael Kausch Norwalk, CA

Takes only minutes to be seen by someone who can help you out. Get a pdf that day! Great for delivery services! Read More

Sally Stafford San Mateo, CA

The system is quick and easy. The hours are convenient. The price is not too expensive. I'm pleased. Read More

Robert Finelli Burbank, CA

Quick, responsive and the dr. Really helped me out! And all from my home. Read More

Josephine Farrell El Cajon, CA

Awesome service. Quick and easy:) Thank you Read More

Mike Wong Rialto, CA

The doctor was very friendly and helpful. Asked me just a few questions about my medical needs and reasons for requesting a recommendation & cannabis Read More

Serafim Drosinis Vista, CA

Great job Read More

Lacy Johnson Vacaville, CA

Definitely recommend Read More

Eric Czerwonka Compton, CA

I am very pleased with the professional and easiness of the site... Thank you for all the help.. Read More

Kimberly Cilker Mission Viejo, CA

Quick, simple, stress relieving Read More

Michael Stein Glendale , CA

Most helpful! the information on how CBD and TH work together and recommendations of what to dose were fantastic, Read More

Travis Keith: Borden Bord Pomona , CA

Nice and easy going web page! Fast and Professional Read More

Ladaska Pierce Hayward , CA

I completed my appointment with MD, but I have not received my card as of yet. Can someone assist me with finding out what the delay is. My current ca Read More

Teri Cleary Visalia , CA

Thumbs up WOW! What a difference from Florida. The ease of seeing a physician, minimal cost that doesn’t give you sticker shock and I didn’t wait Read More

Moana Deacon Costa Mesa , CA

Fast and easy! Very professional Read More

Jefrey Tyler Clovis , CA

Super quick, very easy, was able to get my certificate immediately and get medicine the same day. Read More

Adam Reaume Norwalk , CA

Best experience Read More

Connie Carder San Marcos, CA

Wonderful experience! The Dr. was very nice and efficient. Read More

Amanda Beeman Jurupa Valley , CA

easy, super affordable and convenient. Read More

Cade Maltone South Gate, CA

This was the best service I have gotten via phone call. Thank you for the amazing service! Read More

Donnie Armstrong Inglewood , CA

Everything went smoothly and fast already receive my letter in the mail. Read More

shaun perry Los Angeles, CA

Very professional and easy to get along with! Thank you! Read More

Visa Dountg San Francisco, CA

Convenient, fast response, doctor was great! Read More

Nathaniel Valentine Burbank , CA

Best in the bizz ...thanks doc Read More

Visa Dountg Long Beach, CA

Convenient, fast response, doctor was great! Read More

Mariana Green Santa Ana, CA

Quick and easy. Read More

Jazmine Harding Bakersfield, CA

Very nice, understanding and straight to the point! Read More

Benjamin Leff Irvine, CA

Outstanding and convenient process from start to finish. The doctor was very caring and sympathetic to my concerns. Read More

Brian Green Huntington Beach, CA

Very quick and easy to use! Read More

Rocio Ortiz Daly City , CA

Amazing!! Definitely would recommend and fast as well! Read More

James Britsch Santa Clarita, CA

Quick and direct questions in the interview. Read More

Walter Siegel Rialto , CA

Efficient and affordable. Medical workup/discussion was appropriate. Read More

Tosh Horne Oxnard, CA

Fast easy and the doctors are helpful Read More

Martha Chavez Long Beach, CA

Easy fast and convenient! Doctors really do take you into consideration and great service. Read More

Damon Peterson Fremont, CA

I am preparing to go on a trip and wanted to bring my animal for emotional support. This was quick and easy. I was able to get this done with plenty o Read More

James Staples Mission Viejo , CA

should arrive tomarrow- but so far everything better than expected!!! Read More

Scott Tobinsky Oakland, CA

Great service Read More

Luis Dunn Carson , CA

Awesome service! Read More

Andrew Larochelle Fresno, CA

quick easy and informative Read More

Julianna Campbell Santa Rosa, CA

Very quickly got to speak with the doctor after signing up. He was friendly and I got an email immediately with my certificate. My card came in the ma Read More

Randy Fenley Redding , CA

It was very convenient and I definitely recommend them. Read More

Eugene Estep Oceanside, CA

Great doctors, great price, great experience. Thank you. Read More

Terrance Kerti Hawthorne , CA

Quick and easy! Read More

Benicia Grace Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Super easy and simple to use! Read More

David Mendes Indio , CA

Quick and easy. First time patient. Read More

Rebekah Borthick Redwood City , CA

Super easy and very professional Read More

Kimberley Geer Elk Grove, CA

This was one of the best way to get a fast on line referral. It was fast easy and I have my license Read More

Roger Provencio Hayward, CA

Super easy and affordable! Read More

debbie gilbertson Hemet , CA

speedy, efficient,, and instantly in my email box!! Read More

Ennis Chauhan Corona, CA

I was a bit skeptical at first, but everything went smooth and efficiently. So worth it! I wish I had known about this a looooooong time ago. So much Read More

John Cordova Salinas, CA

Amazing and helpful. Also very comfortable, just like being in a room with the doctor over the webcam Read More

Odos Redfern Buena Park , CA

Really easy to do Read More

Joseph Derringer Pomona, CA

It was about as fast and painless as it could possibly be. It would have been 5⭐️ But they sent to my home address after I requested they ship to Read More

Gwyn Thek Pleasanton , CA

Quick and easy Read More

DeEtta Rader Pasadena, CA

Quick, simple, and affordable. Thanks! Read More

Christine Sorrels Palmdale, CA

Very fast professional service. With a licensed medical doctor and video chat. Question does your service also provide medical IDs and or tags and ves Read More

John Reggiardo Whittier , CA

Easy process, really enjoyed the flow of the user experience. Would reccomend to a friend. Read More

Jennifer Dunn Escondido, CA

Professional. Got my ESA ID Card and certification letter quickly. Wished I had certified for MMJ Medical card as well. Thank you! Read More

annalisa padilla Lake Forest , CA

everything was fast and easy Read More

Rochelle Arinella Visalia, CA

No problem at all very pleased Read More

Hannah Perez Pleasanton , CA

Amazing experience! Super quick and easy, envelope with card and rec comes within a few business days and you receive a rec letter digital copy immedi Read More

Mark Supa Fullerton, CA

Thank you. Read More

Cheyenne Powell Torrance, CA

Really fast! Amazing! Read More

Adrian Godfrey Merced , CA

Very good Read More

shawn hibbs Redwood City , CA

Amazing experience wonderful staff and doctors! I would recommend them to anyone! Read More

James Redman Orange, CA

Was so simple and the Dr contacted me right away and everything was sorted out Read More

Ernie Ruiz Buena Park , CA

5 stars the Dr was very helpful Read More

Iris De la rosa Simi Valley, CA

So easy amazing Dr. Read More

Michael Lee Livermore , CA

Easy and fast Read More

Branden Miller-Hippauf Berkeley, CA

Super easy. Read More

Simran Thakur Indio , CA

Very Nice people, very smooth, and if you think you would benefit, try it. Read More

Michelle Landis Citrus Heights , CA

Great fast and easy experience Read More

kahari williams Menifee , CA

great service Read More

Roger Lux Chino , CA

Very helpful and affordable. Thank you Read More

Jonas Luke David Hawthorne , CA

Service was amazing. The doctor was very polite and considerate. He did a great job of making me feel comfortable and thoroughly explaining everything Read More

Kathryn ManticosSpizzirri Hesperia , CA

I have had a very helpful, positive, and prompt response from this organization to continue my use of tinctures to alleviate the painful and debilitat Read More

rodolf Ankyanhari Santa Barbara , CA

It was the easiest and even enjoyable experience specially that u don't have to make an appointment and drive there, but online u can get ur e-note in Read More

Damien Dickens San Leandro , CA

Fast and easy evaluation, would like there to be a visual for ETA till PDF or a part after appointment and approved that says " : PDF Still Pending" J Read More

Jennifer Cervantes Tracy , CA

Very good service and fast! Read More

Keith Baty South Gate , CA

Great doctors, great people answering the phone Read More

Andrya Neuenswander Westminster , CA

Easy and quick, highly recommend it Read More

Sheryl Shephard Chino , CA

The doctor was so pleasant and understanding. He made this such an easy process. Read More

Jordan Borrilez Whittier , CA

It was very fast and easy. Appreciate it. Read More

Teresa Adler Menifee , CA

Very efficient and extremely supportive. Read More

Pamela Catoner Alhambra , CA

Very convenient! Worth every dime! Read More

John Kiernan Hemet , CA

Easy to use, professional prompt Read More

Tyler Cones Visalia , CA

Nice quick friendly service Read More

Krystyna Reed-Kramer Concord , CA

Very helpful and incredibly kind and quick! Read More

DaQuan Walker Simi Valley , CA

Nice helped me out a lot thanks Read More

Carissa Brooks Berkeley , CA

Great site, they actually take their work seriously. It took only a week to get my card in the mail. I'm glad i choose them Read More

Kim Schmidt Camarillo , CA

Great service Read More

Carlos Zapeta Pittsburg, CA

Satisfied 100% Read More

Lindy Morgan Lynwood, CA

So simple and easy! Saved tons of time not going to an office! Read More

John Duffy Walnut Creek , CA

Very professional. The interview with the doctor was very complete and very professional. Very easy and inexpensive. Read More

Cheyenne Balderrama Milpitas, CA

Loved my experience! Was an easy and simple process to renew my medical card. The doctor I had was very sweet and helped me in my dosing schedule to m Read More

Heidi Curto Napa, CA

Easy and fast Read More

bridget garcia Lakewood, CA

Really great costomer service thank you so much greatt jobb !!!!soo helpfull Read More

Andrew Rivera Chino Hills , CA

Quick service Read More

Christopher Debo Lake Forest , CA

Easy experience and cost effective. Had my card in minutes. Read More

Christine Sutton Chino, CA

Easy, fast and professional. I would just like a receipt Please Read More

Maria Gonzalez Santa Barbara, CA

Very time convenient, as far as user friendly in regards to the process. Read More

Greg Shaver Redding, CA

Thorough with lots of questions. Everything went smoothly and amicably. Quick response. Read More

Winston Aucutt Burbank, CA

Awesome customer service! I will definitely recommend them! Read More

Kristin Gnecco Rialto, CA

It was fast efficient and took my medical needs into account Read More

Lynda Millett Jurupa Valley, CA

Had dreaded doing this for a long time, but it was very easy after all and I wonder why I waited at all. Read More

Yolanda Johnson Clovis, CA

Fast, easy process. I had copies of my medical records on hand. Read More

Sonja Gatlin Pasadena, CA

I received an Emotional Support Animal letter for my dog. I needed one for him to stay in my home with me. The landlord accepted our documentation. Al Read More

Pamela Simmons Concord, CA

Easy and simple. Dr was spot on and I felt comfortable during the whole process. I would definitely recommend! Thank you! Read More

kiyana fatehi Thousand Oaks, CA

gets the job done! Read More

Jessica Liskey Elk Grove, CA

Loved that I was able to talk to someone face to face quickly! Thank you for the fast service! Read More

Margie Harrison Salinas, CA

It was seamless and only took me 15 minutes. But i was disappointed about one thing though. When i initially accessed the website, it said new patient Read More

Milton Contreras Lancaster, CA

Best online by far !!!! Don’t waste your time on the others. Read More

Lucas Sarcona Moreno Valley, CA

Quick, friendly staff and very affordable. Read More

Leonard Carter Long Beach, CA

It was quick and easy Read More

David Carter San Francisco, CA

Staff is very professional, and caring. They answered any that I had, and made the process easy. Read More

Jason Epps Fremont, CA

Fastest way to get your medical card and recommendation ever! I even referred a friend already 🙂 Read More

Mario Barrios Oxnard, CA

Was very quick and easy and im glad i made the decision to use this Read More

LaDonna Lopez Glendale, CA

Quick and hassle free Read More

Noel Lemons San Jose, CA

Affordable and easy to use service. Read More

Jesse Papach Bakersfield, CA

Fast, easy, and thorough. Read More

Timothy Follrath Los Angeles, CA

It was an easy and helpful experience. Read More

Jessica Anderly Fresno, CA

Fantastic customer service and knowledge doctors Read More

Amy Faulds Anaheim, CA

Nice people and easy process. Loved it! Read More

Francisco Rodriguez Chula Vista, CA

The service I got from you guys was fast an very helpful. Thank you guys I’ll recommend to anyone . Read More

David Cannedy Santa Clarita, CA

Super fast, super easy. 10/10 would use again. Read More

Tommy Bain Stockton, CA

Great Read More

Dana Heredia Victorville, CA

Wonderful, efficient service! Read More

Angel Naranjo Vallejo, CA

Easy and quick. Read More

Thomas Lee Downey, CA

Super fast on a Saturday even! Read More

Daniel Basham Richmond, CA

Process was excellent.. Read More

Mike Mcdaniel Temecula, CA

Easy and fast” Read More

Quincy Oliver Richmond, CA

Amazing, and quick. Helped me when I had limited time. Read More

Jasmine Hamidi Clovis, CA

Very fast and easy Read More

Jamie Rogers Daly City, CA

Easy, private and non judgmental. Process was quick. Read More

Denise Maggard Santa Maria, CA

Fantastic service! Easy and affordable Read More

Ana Espinoza Rialto, CA

Recommend Read More

Carolina Galindo Compton, CA

It was a quick and incredibly easy and painless way to receive my mmj card. I urgently needed my recommendation card to start a new position at a disp Read More

Leonard Otley Redding, CA

Very easy and professional. Read More

Cynthia meilicke Pleasanton, CA

I have already referred two friends who are experiencing similar sleep issues which I have found CBD tincture to be effective. Read More

Margaret Abernethy Chino Hills, CA

Easy and professional Read More

Glenn Lockner Napa, CA

It was very easy and quick.I will recommend all of my friends Read More

Matt Mason Folsom, CA

Quick and easy experience Read More

Nicholas White Pittsburg, CA

excellent. prompt. Read More

Salvador Garcia Lynwood, CA

It was an easy and painless process to get the medical card from you guys. Thank you for your services! Read More

Randall Rawson Walnut Creek, CA

Very helpful as I am not tech savvy. Will use again. Read More

Trace Martin Carson, CA

Great! Easy and fast Read More


Professional & my doctor was so caring.I will renew again under his care. Thank You. Read More

Chad Bufler Richmond, CA

I would recommend this to everyone. Easy affordable and friendly. Read More

Kessi Koompin Downey, CA

Super easy ! Read More

Tommy Macke Fairfield, CA

Awesome and quick, great service, tommy☺☺😎 Read More

Kevin Gillette Costa Mesa, CA

It was efficient effective and I’d highly recommend this service Read More

james grimm Berkeley, CA

I have been using a walk in medical Doctor for 6 years. This was my first experience for at home Doctor, great experience I would and did Redounded it Read More


Great! Read More

Gregorio Iniguez III Roseville, CA

Excellent.. Read More

Brook Ruiz Escondido, CA

Quick and easy. Read More

Sarah Hopp Pomona, CA

Good experience, quick, to the point and very helpful Read More

Schuyler Hoffman Lancaster, CA

Very good, and comfortable... Read More

Amanda Palecek Elk Grove, CA

quick and easy! Read More

Valerie edwards Vacaville, CA

Very easy Read More

Lorrie Cenimo Menifee, CA

This site was very easy to use and everyone was very helpful to me. Read More

Joseph Ruffino Livermore, CA

Easy to set up doctor was very helpful and nice Read More

Alan Crawford Redwood City, CA

Absolutely easy, thank goodness since taking my son in public can be extremely stressful. I had my papers within three days. The only thing I would su Read More

Noelle Vitolo Newport Beach, CA

Such an easy experience. Was so quick and efficient Read More

Rose Gibson Alhambra, CA

The process was very convenient with my very busy schedule and easy to understand. Doctor visit was very good. Read More

Harlyn Clarke Lake Forest, CA

Easy,fast,affordable and professional. Read More

David Young Alameda, CA

Fast and easy Read More

Tom Sugg San Ramon, CA

So easy and so polite Read More

Marja Tippin Palo Alto, CA

Fast easy and convenient Read More

Chris Camargo Santa Cruz, CA

The service was fast and easy. Read More

Mark Norris Brentwood, CA

Excellent in every way. I have recommended it to several friends already. Read More

Vanessa Loza National City, CA

Very professional, convenient, and fast!! Read More

Adrian Marino Gutierrez Monterey Park, CA

Very simple process, literally takes no more than 5 minutes. Read More

Helen Berry La Mesa, CA

Very quick and easy, and my doctor responded right away! The FaceTime appointment was comfortable and familiar. Great way to renew my medical card! Read More

Thomas Putzel Cathedral City, CA

Quick and easy renewal! Would recommend to everyone! Read More

Axil Kollist Palm Desert, CA

Quick and simple loved it Read More

Sandra Washburn Escondido, CA

Great service Read More

Macy Loe Orange, CA

Thank you! Read More

Erik Radcliffe Fullerton, CA

Although a few bucks more than some other doctors, I was able to do this at midnight without ever leaving my home. Pretty cool. Be careful though, you Read More

Aja Cox Victorville, CA

Easy, quick and saves a lot of time and stress. Thank you! Read More

Ellron Yancey Vallejo, CA

Quick and fast service Read More

Teri Kirkpatrick Fairfield, CA

Fast and easy. Read More

Laura Coyle Carlsbad, CA

great, easy! Read More

Earl Stalkfleet Temecula, CA

Very easy and great staff. Read More

Desiree Fernandez Costa Mesa, CA

Quick processing and super easy Read More

Timothy Aceves Antioch, CA

You guys rock - never change Read More

jaime Estrada Fresno, CA

very good , reccomend to all out there in need. feel much better and safer now that i have my recommendation Read More

Julia Farnham San Diego, CA

This is the fastest and easiest to get your medical card. They doctor is very nice and understanding. I will continue to use them in the future. Read More

Brad Labonte San Francisco, CA

Friendly professional and quick Read More

Myra Garcia Anaheim, CA

Quick and easy!!!! Read More

Tiffany Floren Ontario, CA

prompt and efficient Read More

Gerri Yarter Oceanside, CA

Wonderful experience! Read More

Danielle Wilcott Salinas, CA

Very straightforward & easy to use, thank you! Read More

Richard Ponce Pomona, CA

Excellent Service Read More

James Bates Santa Clara, CA

People Make the difference Read More

Lisa Bradford Vacaville, CA

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana California permit from Online Medical Card was easy, quick & painless. I would recommend them. Read More

David McLean Redding, CA

So far I have no complaints. Read More

Herbert Genelly III Whittier, CA

Fast, easy and courteous process. Highly professional and knowledgeable medical staff. Read More

Heidrun Held Lake Forest, CA

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I have Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer and thanks to your services, I can manage my terrible symptoms. I'm very grateful to have been introduced to your indust Read More

Kimberly Barber Fairfield, CA

Fast! No Nonsense, straight to the point. Card arrived in 2 days. Read More

Jeffrey Gilmour Temecula, CA

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I was looking to get a MMJ card online, checked many websites and found this site with best reviews. Once I signed up, the experience was awesome, I a Read More

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The process was very easy for me. Submit your information along with a copy of government identification, schedule an online meeting with the doctor w Read More

David Turrey Rialto, CA

The site was problem free, the interface simple to use the process was easy and painless. Read More

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Angela Perkins Very fast service , CA

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Exceeded my expectations. Read More

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The doctor was kind enough to call me even though he was leaving the office! I will recommend to anyone looking for a card. Read More

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Was Extreme fast and safe Read More

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Jason Kendall is one of your patients who referred me to get my MMJ card, and to my surprise i really had a wonderful experience, hassle free procedur Read More

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I don't remember her name, but the girl in the clinic that helped me to get a MMJ card was amazing, and I'll definitely be coming back next time for Read More

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jacquelynn103 Fresno, CA

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c.xaroshi Irvine, CA

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rashadfisk48 Modesto, CA

First time no hassles He's such a great doctor, explained everything so well. He made me feel so comfortable and her staff was very nice as well. Read More

Mars S. Corona, CA

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willquan Salinas, CA

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BAliens Escondido, CA

My wait wasn't long at all, about 30 minutes. The physician was very nice and pleasant. He explained everything and took good care of me. I don't reme Read More

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Very helpful and professional medical clinic that offers a wide array of services. The patients keep rolling in and they get extremely busy but the Read More

Searedpeacock Fairfield, CA

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Bryan A. Antioch, CA

I've been coming for years, always love the energy and the staff is professional and allows you to feel good about needing help. Read More

Len K. Clovis, CA

Living with pain is not living and after setting up my appointment, my doctor saw me, evaluated my case and is helping me to end my pain. A very quick Read More

Ericcompton Norwalk, CA

AMAZING! They can always get me in on short notice if I am sick. Dr. Fu has an amazing bed-side manner and is very thorough. I recommend him to everyo Read More

Michael F. Salinas, CA

Fast friendly service. Read More

Nicole J. Fairfield, CA

Their services was very professional and very knowledgeable. There was no waiting and I am just so satisfied with the services. Read More

Audria.Obryan3 Carlsbad, CA

Friendly and nice, Totally recommend! Thank you guys! Read More

bradley89 Torrance, CA

Good service Doctor was also very friendly and professional and took care of me! I can't be thankful enough but I will definitely come back! Read More

Maryanna Moffat Stockton , CA

Very sweet doctor. Asked me informative questions and was able to recommend me what I needed. It was quick and easy and I'd recommend him to anyone. Read More

nathanielpettry Irvine , CA

Quick service Quick and great service. Dr. was awesome. Would definitely come back for my renewal!!! Read More

Roseanne San Bernardino , CA

my experience was totally excellent Doctor is super nice, very personable and just really takes time to do talk about all the necessary details. I'm Read More

gail_paik Fremont , CA

Great doctor, took care of all my issues and always helpful, Highly recommended. Read More

Grace S. Modesto , CA

I was referred by a friend. Convenient, friendly, and knowledgeable! Read More

shawnee-49 Elk Grove , CA

It's fast, clean, and efficient. Excellent facility to get care! Highly recommend this facility. Read More

Jonathan235 Glendale , CA

Really nice The doctor was really nice, informative and answered all my questions in a manner in which I could understand. Read More

Donna-White Hayward , CA

The doctor was informative! I don't think I've ever experienced this kind of service!! Read More

Thao L. Fullerton , CA

they are absolutely impressing me on professionalism and service . I am definitely returning here and highly recommended them to everyone i know. Read More

RebeccaPatricia Oxnard, CA

Excellent doctor. Excellent doctor. He was very knowledgeable and was able to recommend the correct treatment. For satisfied. Read More

BarbourBooker Visalia , CA

Good information I received good information from the doctor . My experience was awesome! Read More

Joshua C. Victorville, CA

Easy to work with and very friendly. No hassle...would highly recommend for new patients!!! Read More

LisaCAnderson245 Vallejo , CA

very professional. Highly recommend the facility and Dr. Read More

Xxzemog89xx Carlsbad, CA

5star Only spot I go to for my Recs, thanks for your help I'll see you soon!!! Read More

Mak A. Costa Mesa, CA

I recommend it to all my friends, Highly recommend! Read More

Jonathan H. Downey, CA

If you are really looking to get your medical rec, this is the place . Cheers! Read More

Ivan-lucic Murrieta, CA

best out of best a friend of mine shown me their website and their online services which was a ray of hope for me when I was out of options and here Read More

Jason.Brown1992 Inglewood, CA

life savers and life changers. so much easier than going in. first time doing this online and it turned out better than expected. Read More

Tony-Miller007 Santa Maria, CA

I was out of hope and at that moment my neighbor shown me their website and I never had to show up, and here I am, healthy and happy. Read More

Peter F. Rialto, CA

Super quick to be seen, got my card here. Thanks Read More

Richard C. Ross Vista, CA

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Joshuamichael San Mateo, CA

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