Smoking marijuana has been around since ancient times. With the advancement in science and technology, bud enthusiasts all over the world have been introducing much more creative and healthier ways to smoke kef. Here are a few suggestions.


E–cigarettes or vape sticks/pens are slowly gaining preference over the good old smoking pipes and papers. Up until recently vaporizers were very expensive and bulky in size. They are much more affordable and handheld these days. It’s an easier way to smoke bud with less tar and odor. You can also opt for concentrates like oil, wax or dabs. The vaporizer simply heats up the bud to temperatures where the cannabinoids turn into vapor but do not get burned away. You do not need any tobacco or light to aid your process. The volcano vaporizer and G-pen are different products available in this line.


The people who have been smoking their bud in pipes swear it is by far the best method to consume weed. They are available in many bright colors and patterns are easily available for 5-10$. These are quick and easy to use; just pop in a little nug, light it up and you are good to go!


Bongs have transmogrified the way people have been smoking weed. These devils have transcended through age and cultural barriers. An air tight tube is filled with water; when the smoke is passed through this water it cools down the smoke before it is inhaled. Bongs are available in every possible shape and size. A must try for all!


You can always spike up your regular hookah tobacco with some skunk. The smoke undergoes the same process as that in a bong, but combined with the effect of the tobacco, flavor and molasses these might not be so effective.
Nonetheless, hookahs are a great option for parties and social gatherings, and you can easily hide the weed odor amongst your favorite smoking flavor.


Bubblers hybridize classic bongs and smoking pipes in a compact size. Bubs come very handy as they can give you the action of a bong, without having to carry an actual big bong everywhere with you. These have been known for their portability and accessibility.



Joints have been like the Beyoncé of the marijuana paraphernalia. It was one of the first methods in which bud came to be used. You can easily find one at every nook and cranny so you are bound to try one sooner or later. You simply start by making a filter and placing in between a rolling paper; add your preferred bud and a little tobacco if you want to. Roll it up like a cigarette and you are good to go!


Akin to joints these are rolled with cigar papers instead of rolling papers. Phillies, Swisher Sweets and White owls are some of the brands to choose from. Wiz Khalifa and many other celebrities have popularly endorsed this ‘old school’ style of smoking weed. Blunts are a powerful option as they hold more weed in comparison to the smaller and thinner joints.