Learn About the Marijuana
Plant Anatomy

Cannabis plants can be male, female or both i.e. hermaphrodite. For growers, gender matters a lot, because only a female marijuana plant produces flowers, and is high in THC.

Female Marijuana Plant

Most growers prefer growing only female weed plants. This is because female plants grown in the absence of male marijuana plants produce large, highly potent buds. That means, what we smoke is the fruit of the lady cannabis.

Main components of female marijuana plants are-

The calyx- The female calyx looks like a teardrop, which constitutes to the bud.
It has long hair, which is used as a distinguishing factor among the weed plants.

Pistils- It’s the combination of ovule and stigma, which look like an
antenna and help in pollinating the plant. Usually, the first pistils are
small hairs on the branches joining the main branch. These are white, whispy in color.

Flower- Female flowers are rich in THC, which make them perfect for smoking.
Unlike male cannabis plants, female plants utilize their
energy in producing flowers.

In the flowering stage, flowers grow as heavy,
crystal-like buds, and change color.

The cola- The cola is an important part of the cannabis plant that has buds.
It’s comprised of a stem, branches, leaves, and flowers.

Male Marijuana Plant

Male cannabis plants don’t produce buds. They are distinguished by their grape-like balls, which show up 1-2 weeks after the flowering stage. If you continue growing male marijuana plants, the pollen sacks will burst and spread everywhere.

As the plant grows, the pollen sacks turn into grape-like bunches.

Male weed plants pollinate the female plants, making them produce seeds without focusing on producing flowers. As a result, most growers consider removing male plants from the garden, allowing female cannabis plants to grow large, seedless buds called sensimilla.

Making your own cannabis seeds-

Grow male cannabis plants – These plants can be grown in an isolated space in basic conditions.

Collect pollens – Within a week, you can collect the pollens. They are easily spread in the air, thus make sure fans are turned off before collecting them.

Pollinate buds – Get the females to be pollinated. The pollens must attach the flowering hairs. The best time to pollinate buds is the week 3-5.

Deactivate stray pollens – Water can be helpful in deactivating stray pollens after 3 hours of pollination.

Collect seeds – In 2-6 weeks, seeds become ready and should be dried when harvesting. Due to the seeds, female buds become swollen.

Difference Between Male and Female Weed Plants

Female cannabis plants produce high potency buds that can be used for recreational and medical purposes – while male plants pollinate female ones to produce seeds.

Female weed plants’ flowers are bigger in size – while male plants’ flowers are smaller.

Male weed plants have larger leaves – while female cannabis plants have smaller leaves

Female plants are distinguished by their hair-like pistiles – while male marijuana plants have little round balls in their nodes.

Female plants look healthy and have many branches – while male plants are tall and have a few branches.

How to Know the Gender of a Weed Plant?

Regular seeds produce both male and female marijuana plants in the ratio of about 1:1.
However, female plants can turn into hermaphrodite means becomes both genders, thus can self-pollinate themselves,
under various conditions such as stress, fear of survival, etc.

By knowing the sex of the plants, you can organize them accordingly—female plants for producing heavy buds and male plants for producing seeds.

It’s important to determine the sex of the plant as soon as possible to prevent male plants from pollinating female weed plants.

Cannabis plants possess X-chromosomes and Y-chromosomes with male weed plants containing XY chromosomes and female ones XX chromosomes.

Cannabis pre-flowers can help you reveal the gender of the plant in the vegetative stage. In male plants, pre-flowers are grown 3-4 weeks from germination while in female weed plants, they are grown in 4-6 weeks. If sprout comes from top or bottom, it’s a female while side sprouts are generally males.

Female marijuana plants have complex branches while male plants are less filled out and taller.

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