Global Greenz to Celebrate 420 Event with Atwater Community

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Mark your Calendars for Buddy’s Musical 420 Bash

The state-registered dispensary is organizing a 420 event for a community on April 20 in Atwater.

Global Greenz takes pride in being a minority-owned and women-led business. A part of their mission is to break the stigma of cannabis use in not just communities, but throughout the globe. They also believe in keeping their staff educated with up-to-date procedures and product information. They want to educate their consumers and patients as well to ensure they have the best possible experience.

They are committed to providing customers with high-quality products which are not very expensive. They want all to have hassle-free access to products they need.

Music Festival Of Sorts

Cannabis Day is going to be a mini music festival of sorts. Live music will be played for music lovers to make the event more enjoyable.

What is There For Everyone?

There is something for all visitors. From live music to free goodies and more. Nobody is going to experience a dull moment at the festival as the organizers have arranged the event in a way that everyone feels at home there.

Besides music, they are also offering free goodies, early check-in discounts, and sales in the store to make Marijuana Day more fun.

global greenz event Source: Global Greenz Dispensary

“We are looking to have a bigger turnout this time than last year along with more vendors within and outside the cannabis community. We appreciate you for considering us for your 420 holidays and we look forward to creating something special this year,” said their Organizing Manager.

The manager added that consumption of products will be allowed on site and there will be three large canopies that will take care of the privacy of people coming through.

Any questions in regards to the event or what may be needed to get things rolling, please feel free to reach out to Pierce Cornejo at [email protected] or Call/Text (209)270-4231

Info You Can Use

Who Can Come? When Where
Adults who are 21+ only, or 18+ with a valid CA doctor’s recommendation. Valid CA ID only. April 20 at 1 PM to 7 PM 370 Airpark Rd, Atwater, CA 95301

For more information about this event, visit Global Greenz’s website
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